Prepositions after "applicable"

applicable to, in, for, on or across?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases applicable to is used

British Statutes Applicable to India.

It seems applicable to cases like Reed v.

This can be applicable to Americans as well.

The Gospel applicable to the new world they make into a law applicable to the old.

Corporate actions are generally applicable to both with the exception of dividends.

The Japanese system is not completely applicable to the American system, of course.

Typically applicable to the male of the species, and especially applicable when subject is wearing said garment.

I think the spirit of it applicable to every man concerned in the administration of the finances of the country.

Applicable to new applicants only, that is, those who do not own a Hong Leong Credit Card No, you don't have to.

In 11% of cases applicable in is used

It is applicable in the current context too.

I accept it as applicable in the present case.

The same is applicable in the world of business.

The move is applicable in the entire district except Moodbidri and Bantwal taluks.

This law is as applicable in the current times as it was in the time of Aristotle.

The provision of the last passage of paragraph 1 shall be applicable in this case.

The dimensions applicable in the clusters can be determined on the basis of the relationship of the cube and RT.

When referring to modesty, it does nt only apply to clothing, but it is just as equally applicable in this field.

In 9% of cases applicable for is used

It is applicable for all times.

No age bar is applicable for them.

No fee is applicable for this course.

Is this applicable for the songwriting process too? C: It's fairly collaborative.

The restriction on the number of teams is not applicable for the host university.

My Zone tariff will not be applicable for the customers who will avail this offer.

I wonder if this smart meter ' data hacking ', would be applicable for the Aussie AMI networks too? No it isnt.

As a result the age limit could not be increased and the same will be applicable for the CSS 2012 examinations.

However these miles are not applicable for a boarding pass which is re-printed using the web check-in facility.

This is not applicable for the long term radiation effect of residual fission products which we are discussing.

In 2% of cases applicable on is used

God laws is applicable on earth.

GST is applicable on the business.

Not applicable on Saturday nights.

This discount is applicable on weekdays from October 30, 2012 to February 3, 2013.

Please be reminded also which the Product is possibly not applicable on deal with.

The framework proposed by the authors should, with be applicable on a European scale.

Taking that logic to an absurd extreme, the infield fly would also be applicable on a play at the warning track.

Please note that an increased charge is applicable on the following routes, The Canary Islands, Greece and Cyprus.

Right now we are talking about inline audience but these security settings are only applicable on posts and photos.

Whatever a person spends on vow and atonement is a part of his annual expenditure and khums is not applicable on it.

In 1% of cases applicable across is used

Should be applicable across the strata of society.

But the results might be applicable across the body.

The main points generally applicable across Europe are presented below.

Welcome to Lahore, the laws of our land are applicable across the border as well.

Is this valuation framework applicable across companies and industries? Zabey: It is.

I think the trend is applicable across the income spectrum (provided you control for things like bioregion, etc.

Some manufacturing activities are widely applicable across all sectors while some are applicable to specific sectors.

It is very difficult for a national party, be BJP or Congress, to formulate a common vision applicable across all states.

Our aim is to refine results that are applicable across locations such as studios, theatres, classrooms and village halls.

In 1% of cases applicable at is used

Same principle is applicable at #10.

This theory is applicable at zero and finite temperature.

It is the Science of the Absolute, and is applicable at any age.

It's a very true macro statement that was applicable at the micro level last night.

You may be asked to pay subsistence fee, if applicable at the time of your discharge.

Citizenship* for the legitimation laws that may be applicable at the time of your birth.

There are no indications that QM makes GR inapplicable at intergalactic distances or even just across the street.

Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offence was committed.

Diablo 3 is the most famous on the website parts using pastime, financial firms applicable at different types of mmog.

BUT in case of AEGON Religare Assure plus, NAV guarantee is applicable at any exit, be it Surrender, Death or maturity.

In 1% of cases applicable from is used

This will be applicable from October this year.

This amendment has been made applicable from 01.

The indefinite ban will be applicable from today.

The court had only said the rule would be applicable from May 4, he pointed out.

The annual sick leave provision is generous and is applicable from the first day of service.

In the absence of a specific mention, one can assume that it would be applicable from the date of the Circular.

A minimal increase in the stipend will be applicable from July 2012 which will see stipend increase to about Rs.

GTD's broad appeal is based on the fact that it is applicable from the boardroom to the living room to the class room.

In 1% of cases applicable under is used

The only charges applicable under the FOIA are search and copy charges.

The reduced rates applicable under the treaties are - Canada 15%; USA 12l/2%; U.

Chemigation valve -- This is a device that is more applicable under agricultural setting.

Keep in mind, though, only certain restaurants are applicable under the Disney Dining Plan.

Besides, there is an enabling regulatory mechanism applicable under the NSM and state programmes.

Draw attention to any restrictions and exclusions applicable under the proposed insurance contract or takaful plan.

By this I mean that it is only applicable under certain condition and the condition is the limit of proportionality is not exceeded.

Although the cases do not necessarily involve events managers, their message is universal and still applicable under the civil law today.

Category three Councillors: $10,931 to $26,188 Mayor: up to $83,650 Plus nine per cent superannuation where applicable under the new policy.

A three-man appeal committee ruled the reduction for good behaviour wasn't applicable under the IRB's Regulation 17, restoring the ban to two weeks.

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