Prepositions after "appeal"

appeal to, for, against, by or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases appeal to is used

That really, really appeals to me.

Drawings appeal to the visual learner.

He would appeal to the House of Lords.

The idea appealed to Larkin because it was so daring and he set about organising it.

The pattern of creation and Fall is appealed to in such places as 1 Timothy 2:11-15.

He tried to appeal to the king of might Find more similar lyrics on http: //mp3lyrics.

Thompson was the last candidate left in the field who really appealed to conservatives, and he left after Florida.

Mr Someah Addae, Headmaster of the school appealed to the government to support the facility with a standby power.

So why not have both systems? That should appeal to everyone! loosers thank goodness all you guys complaining about.

We found this second-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo on the Stockholm wharves and it appealed to our weird tastes.

In 6% of cases appeal for is used

Don't recall you appealing for her.

Appeal for a bat-pad but turned down and rightly so.

In the same way, morbier is appealing for it's ashiness.

The clean lines and simple boxes/blister packs are appealing for a Western audience.

You should of course update it frequently to retain the freshness and appeal for your fans.

It is rather odd to appeal for compassion here when this is one pillar of Buddhist philosophy.

There would be wise to be something on this subject site from one such sellers who'll appeal for you to any with the shoppers.

Unless your idea of a favourable decision is appealing for a JT handball/penalty when he clearly never attempted to play the ball.

A similar fate befell the thousands of individual letters appealing for the reinstatement of PPSMI sent from all over the country.

Plan is appealing for $5 million to fund our urgent work with children and their communities affected by the West Africa Food Crisis.

In 5% of cases appeal against is used

Appeal against inadequacy of sentence 417A.

This despite him winning a previous appeal against an assessment.

Appeals You have the right to appeal against any of these notices.

Nebraska's state senator Ernie Chambers, who said he might appeal against the ruling.

He appealed against the Revenue Commissioners to the Appeal Commissioners and won his case.

Airaghi appealed against his conviction but the original verdict was upheld on April 4, 1991.

Appealing against the decision of the court again and again increase the processing time as well as the corruption of judiciary.

Loose forward Adam Thomson was not considered for the Wales Test, after the IRB announced it was appealing against the length of the.

At the moment Big money developers can appeal and appeal and appeal against decisions against them which the council will inevitably bend to because it can't afford the court fees.

According to the spokesperson of the Public Prosecution Authority, Alain Mukurarinda, the prosecution also appealed against the ' lenient ' sentence handed to Ingabire's four co- accused.

In 1% of cases appeal by is used

This can be appealed by contacting The Dimension's Edge, Inc.

Various books have been written in ways that kids find appealing by using humour, illustrations and wit.

In the UK Social Services prevent applications for leave of the court to appeal by placing the children with foster/adoptees or adoptive parents very quickly.

Daniels has made the tank visually appealing by adding elements such as jungle Val, a plant that thrives in water, pieces of driftwood and other knickknacks.

England lost a review when DRS upheld Oxenford's rejection of an lbw appeal by Swann against Sangakkara, but Swann got his man with a sharply-turning delivery that was edged through to Matt Prior.

In 1% of cases appeal from is used

No appeal from certain summary convictions 414.

Arrest of accused in appeal from acquittal 427.

Appeal from, and revision of, orders under section 514 489 515.

Appeal from sentence of Magistrate of the second or third class 397 407.

Appeal from order rejecting application for restoration of attached property 405.

Clause 8 (8) states that any such decision of a Court can not be appealed from.

Appeal from order requiring security for keeping the peace or for good behaviour 406.

In 1% of cases appeal in is used

Bhuyan had appealed in Supreme Court.

The cast they choose is not even appealing in looks acting is the second part.

All bodies in his comics are abject and penetratable -- and virtually no appealing in the usual sense.

President Obama threw his support behind Question 6, a move likely to appeal in the heavily Democratic state.

Trying to make 3 separate areas all busy and appealing in a smallish city like Gloucester is quite a large task.

Otherwise according to him, the Act should be removed to pave the way for contravention for any further appeal in court.

All bodies in his comics are abject and penetratable -- and virtually no bodies are sexualized or appealing in the usual sense.

Therefore, it should appeal in equal measure to those who are convinced of anthropogenic global warming and those who remain sceptical.

If it doesn't appeal in an upper level lit course, where, exactly, does the avant garde have a chance of connecting to human beings? Grad level workshops? Maybe my students aren't intelligent enough.

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