Prepositions after "apologetic"

"apologetic about" or "apologetic for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases apologetic about is used

I am not apologetic about that.

He was being apologetic about it.

They were not apologetic about it.

I think a lot of Americans are more than a bit apologetic about their language.

Instead of being apologetic about it he just gave me a blank look and drove off.

I want to emphasise that schools should not be apologetic about giving homework.

For what it's worth, the Sky F1 presenters were just as apologetic about the language as the Speed guys were.

I assure you David was fully aware I had been unhappy with his conduct and was frequently apologetic about it.

And I was going to use it as a tool to get what I wanted in life and I was not going to be apologetic about it.

Achebe has consistently proved himself of strong repute, straight forward, truthful and un apologetic about it.

In 29% of cases apologetic for is used

Hanna looks truly apologetic for lying.

However, I am not being apologetic for JJ.

Never ever be apologetic for chasing payment.

This story is an amazing apologetic for and attestation to the Christian view of God.

Some Tamils have to stop being apologetic for being Tamils especially the poor tamils.

Also, I did once say that to me art and the saints are the greatest apologetic for our faith.

In a way, it's nice that these guys were so apologetic for their careless talk, but it's important to remember.

Augustine's City of God thus became an apologetic for the Christian world against the backdrop of a pagan society.

The vile man then approaches Veena and acts like he was very apologetic for Indu's (mis) deeds before walking away.

I felt he went above and beyond, and the flight crew and staff were equally as patient and apologetic for the delay.

In 11% of cases apologetic to is used

I swung from apologetic to indigent.

Never be sorry and apologetic to them.

The storekeepers went from being apologetic to racist.

He is very disappointed in himself and feels very apologetic to the other members.

You become more apologetic to those who engage in terror with each terrorist attack.

However, I am apologetic to you to disagree to your last sentence which I consider as a hasty conclusion.

However, another method I am interested in serves as an apologetic to believers (rather than simply unbelievers).

I felt apologetic to the investment target when we could not get all investor participants onside for a solid company.

He told me how he had had depression for about 6 months and he was very apologetic to me for not understanding before.

We had a brief conversation and without going into too much detail, both appeared apologetic to the fans for the defeat.

In 5% of cases apologetic in is used

She wasn't even apologetic in any way.

He's also coming off as very apologetic in his tone to POTUS.

Potato chips, and I don't think there is any reason to act apologetic in any way.

He was softspoken and apologetic in manner and took up as little room as possible.

He was soft-spoken and apologetic in manner and took up as little room as possible.

It was an innocent question asked and an essay that was almost apologetic in its tone.

In my experience, people working in areas that are deemed less practical are more sheepish, often apologetic in their replies.

Honestly, this makes the book unique since it is a story, not a biblical defense or apologetic in the normal sense of these terms.

I may sound almost apologetic in this review but the fact is I don't want the writer to be looked at in a negative way with this book.

I sense that you're being somewhat timid and apologetic in the way you are approaching people, so they are immediately writing you off.

In 3% of cases apologetic at is used

He started off overly apologetic at stepping in at.

They were apologetic at the price difference, but hardly seemed worth mentioning.

I feel almost apologetic at times but then I tell myself to shut up and get on with it.

From these vibes I get the feeling you were not apologetic at all to this kid or his family, which probably hurt the chances of recovery.

We didn't go back to move rooms as it wasn't a major problem in the end but the hotel and reception were helpful and apologetic at the time.

The closest I can remember Jobs being apologetic at an intro was when he said that they thought there might be room for a third platform (the iPad).

In 2% of cases apologetic of is used

Never be defensive or apologetic of the changes.

Almost be apologetic of their success or talent.

We are no more hesitant or apologetic of being a citizen of this country.

He has therefore repeatedly refused to be apologetic of his role in the Gujarat riots of 2002.

Simon Macharia, a 30 year old father of two, has worked at Dandora dumpsite for 10 years and is not apologetic of taking up an otherwise ridiculed occupation.

In 2% of cases apologetic on is used

I feel very sad that government has become very apologetic on the issue of yatris.

He was not even apologetic on behalf of Cosmo or Summit that they did not foresee such a problem.

He gives his full throttled speeches on his anti-USA views, but when it comes to the Taliban he is almost apologetic on their behalf.

Naidu wants them not to be apologetic on Hindutva related issues but keeping such issues away from the agenda of governance is ridiculous.

Thus, so long the new leadership of the BJP carries the NDA agenda, its claim to remain unapologetic on Hindutva agenda of the party is an over simplification of the situation.

In 2% of cases apologetic towards is used

They are apologetic towards religious extremist.

IU's label, LOEN Entertainment also said that the singer was apologetic towards Eunhyuk for the mistake.

In the contemporary understanding of law, views apologetic towards the positive law in force have prevailed.

All I feel is apologetic towards my Chinese friends, who if they were less close, would probably think I was showing off.

I do not agree with PTI's policy of being apologetic towards Taliban and terrorist and what they have in mind as a solution will never work.

He looks very remorseful and is very apologetic towards the mom, and that (imho) has nothing to do with the drama being made or being successful.

In 1% of cases apologetic after is used

She kept thinking he would change as he would be very apologetic after each incident.

She was really apologetic after that and gave me a discount that I should have spend more money to get.

McHale ran away when he saw the Gardai approaching; he was arrested after a chase and while he was in a drunken state, he was very apologetic after his arrest.

In 1% of cases apologetic from is used

Bringing in Dempsey with a few hours to go almost seemed apologetic from the chairman.

But, I keeping waiting to hear any kind of rational rebuttal or apologetic from self-professed gay intellectuals against the material you present in your articles.

In 1% of cases apologetic over is used

What's interesting about Giuliani is that he isn't acting apologetic over his positions on the Second Amendment and abortion.

In 1% of cases apologetic toward is used

He felt apologetic toward the Wheelers and toward his old friends.

In 1% of cases apologetic with is used

Khairul, however, was apologetic with regard to his poor performance.

So while you may be missing 3D, Blur Gallery and Lighting Effect features on Windows XP if you run CS6, Adobe perhaps is being over apologetic with the news.

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