Prepositions after "anticipate"

"anticipate by" or "anticipate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases anticipate by is used

Although the third fight didn't feature any Malaysians, it was eagerly anticipated by the knowledgeable crowd.

The main result anticipated by the end of the project is more than 20% decrease in cases of violence in schools.

The final film on the dying craft of barrel-making serves as a postscript to the otherwise bright future anticipated by Irish industry.

Unfortunately, they didn't play one of their most recently released rock songs, ' Come on ' which was highly anticipated by concert goers.

No trouble is anticipated by the officials of the Government, in spite of the fact that they had short notice to prepare their educational campaign.

Although their arrival had not been anticipated by Fifth Air Force, these flights, like those of the 2nd, found comparatively good communications and control.

In science this is anticipated by the construction of the Global Grid (and nationally in the UK, the eScience project) where instant access to trusted information and services is possible.

In 18% of cases anticipate in is used

A list of future changes you anticipate in your life that could affect what you may need in your home.

Kissinger whether a long guerrilla war was anticipated in the then Portuguese colonial possession, Gen.

Here are some thoughts: Whatever you anticipate in terms of the time you will spend on your programme, double it.

It is anticipated in the next few years, NFC will penetrate our daily lives as multiple industries come with a consolidated approach to infrastructure.

For example, it shows that the density of cosmic rays is higher than anticipated in the outer regions of the galaxy and beyond the central galactic plane.

Also, I wonder how you can not see that the advent of internet etc was not anticipated in the apartheid bill and how you would deal with the preying of paedophiles eg.

Initial groundworks have commenced for construction and Phase 1, the West circuit, is scheduled for completion in 2012, with full construction and operation anticipated in 2013.

In 12% of cases anticipate for is used

A loving family always anticipating for your arrival.

The use of anticipate for expect is now so widespread that it's pointless to rail against it.

This is one terminus that could not be neglected by concert-goers and those anticipating for an atmospheric place to chill out.

It will be next Monday, 29 October, when the Mountain View give to know what has been anticipating for weeks to know: Android 4.

In 11% of cases anticipate at is used

The volumes of water anticipated at full export production are 281,000 million litres per year.

The subsidy regime has also led to challenges that were not anticipated at the time of introducing it.

In 8% of cases anticipate from is used

Therefore, magic is anticipated from Ojala's right foot.

No delay, it is true, was anticipated from hostile action, and in any case precautions against such interruptions had been taken.

The actress looked resplendent in a Manish Malhotra sari - just the sneak peak all her fans down south were anticipating from their Mrs Hawa Hawai.

In 5% of cases anticipate on is used

But your abettor is accomplished bigger to anticipate on his anxiety at times like these, and is added acceptable to abode acrimonious apropos of the appraisers than you are.

The Bride Theft resurrection I anticipated on Nisan 21 may yet be forthcoming in May on the last day of another Pesach, delayed according to legitimate reasons according to biblical precident.

In 4% of cases anticipate to is used

From 2004 in order to 2014, the trade is anticipating to.

In the major Euro countries, growth is anticipated to stroll in 2012.

The effects of these factors are anticipated to fade away, however, growth is projected to moderate at 1.

When operational in 2020, the data traffic within the telescope is anticipated to equal the world's internet traffic at that time.

With the expectation of uncertainties weighing on economic activities across all regions in 2013, the world economy is anticipated to grow moderately for the year.

In 2% of cases anticipate after is used

Provides information about the queue and all its entries as anticipated after the shutdown.

In 1% of cases anticipate apart is used

In Oklahoma, there is another season to anticipate apart from the usual four: the twister season.

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