Prepositions after "answerable"

"answerable to" or "answerable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases answerable to is used

He was answerable to the governor.

It is not answerable to the government.

All are answerable to the Supreme above.

The power that be, should be answerable to the voters!! Cheers and Maju Singapore.

He is not answerable to the Ministry of Exchequer, which is UK's finance ministry.

As you know 49% of the shares are traded and we are answerable to the shareholders.

The Office of the Public Defender is a commission of Parliament and, therefore, is answerable to the legislature.

Even government and government officials must obey the law and are answerable to the law if they fail to obey it.

In short, I want a President who will have some amount of executive power but still answerable to the parliament.

They perform functions of political leadership and control for specified periods and are answerable to the people.

In 17% of cases answerable for is used

You're answerable for your bit.

You then become answerable for.

I am answerable for my own deeds.

The release manager was answerable for every minute of test environment downtime.

Firstly, to make the rulers accountable and answerable for their actions and policies.

The Taoiseach is answerable for Government policy as he is the States Chief Policy Maker.

They shall not be sent back, except to their own tribes and they shall not be answerable for their past crimes.

That means, he is no longer answerable for the content of the report irrespective of how inaccurate the content.

To have any sort of reasonable ' democracy ' those people need to be at least a bit answerable for what they do.

They owe it to the families of all those who surrendered to provide access or be answerable for their loved ones.

In 3% of cases answerable in is used

What Marx did was to pose them in a way which made them answerable in practice.

Firstly I will make every NTP manager in the conference answerable in a meeting.

All adult Muslims are legal persons and are answerable in accordance with the Shariah.

Google should be answerable in such instances, if not held as accountable in such cases.

These research questions need to be practical and answerable in two days data collection.

These are different means towards making the executive branch more accountable and answerable in its use of power.

Thiviya, I think those who are clearly supporters of the defunct LTTE must be answerable in the face of such charges.

Future Questions Although many fascinating questions are raised by these findings, we briefly mention two that seem answerable in the near future.

It is in (the) public interest that for acts performed by the State, either in its legislative or executive capacity, it should not be answerable in torts.

In 1% of cases answerable by is used

Metaphysical questions were only answerable by metaphysics and theology.

The questions were answerable by essay and were mostly personal lang naman.

Many are only answerable by trial and error in particular contexts, identical.

And the first part should be immediately answerable by any interaction designer.

The trick is that your brain can quickly decide if question is answerable by one of a few powerful gene.

Avoid asking questions answerable by yes or no because you will not be able to build the rapport with this one.

The result is that many historical questions are unanswerable or equally answerable by more than one hypothesis.

You don't have to be religious to think that moral questions might not be answerable by observation and experimentation.

The criticisms were strong, but fortunately were readily answerable by editorial changes, inclusion of some additional data, etc.

These are mostly answerable by this type of handbook Directory list of persons or orgnizations in alphabetical or classified arrangement.

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