Prepositions after "annoyed"

"annoyed with" or "annoyed at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases annoyed with is used

Pretty annoyed with the cashier.

My wife was very annoyed with the army.

I am really annoyed with my neighbours.

Im so disappointed and annoyed with the fact that they seem they do nt care at all.

Arsenal are annoyed with the FA because they hit the player with a 20,000 club fine.

I got so annoyed with the ' It's only West Ham they can't fill Upton Park ' argument.

This is because many job seekers get annoyed with the jam-packed, full of activity, and baffling series of events.

Her leg twinged painfully as she walked, and she found herself feeling annoyed with the horse that had kicked her.

If you keep it up, your hosts will become more and more annoyed with you and they'll eventually just throw you out.

I also think this kid is the reason so many people are annoyed with the ending - I think it's brilliant regardless.

In 33% of cases annoyed at is used

Millie is quite annoyed at this.

I am very annoyed at this point.

She was annoyed at the imposition.

I am more just annoyed at the never-ending threat that at ANY MINUTE I could upchuck.

I was pretty annoyed at the amount of people who couldn't ride their bike in the wet.

I am well aware many people become annoyed at the practice of telephone cold calling.

She asked her that when he gets annoyed at basketball today to make sure the boys don't let him back into the game.

If it is, I'd still annoyed at the media because they systematically ignore the death of women in abortion clinics.

Luke was also annoyed at the fact that he had to stay up all night watching the fire without a jacket and medication.

Sometimes I get annoyed at the time, but afterwards I think it doesn't matter, I didn't want them to come much anyway.

In 15% of cases annoyed by is used

He looked annoyed by my whispering.

I hope she's not too annoyed by it.

Annoyed by the cheering of the crowd.

Though I am quite annoyed by the downgrade, I liken Apple's Maps more to iMovie ' 08.

I live in Seattle and get so annoyed by many people's uncritical allegiance to Obama.

Don't get me wrong- i too am annoyed by how anti-science the Republicans have become.

Maybe he'll like this wristwatch, or maybe he'll take it off again once everybody gets annoyed by its loud ticking.

For our first our family and friends were so annoyed by this and we got lots of yellow and mint green at my shower.

I came to the conclusion that strangers are not going to give you business and friends or family get annoyed by you.

I was frustrated with my feet coming off and annoyed by any slight deviation from perfect foot position on the pedal.

In 9% of cases annoyed about is used

I was quite annoyed about that.

I'd fairly annoyed about number 4.

It's something to be annoyed about.

I'll miss him as he's a great actor and I'd irrationally annoyed about continuity.

Became present and dropped how much I was annoyed about walking a few extra blocks.

What I am saying is that you are doing or saying something that I am annoyed about.

I was very annoyed about the affair, as you can appreciate, so I wrote about it without mentioning the specifics.

As this article shows, it is not only the binmen who are annoyed about wages but carers and catering workers too.

My kids were flipping through the catalogue the other day and I think they were actually annoyed about the picture.

In 1% of cases annoyed of is used

Bobby seemed annoyed of his parties excuses.

I'd really annoyed of having to install Windows just for games.


Ryan Assal felt annoyed of having to face the bad reception from the Egyptian government.

Annoyed of his mother in the evening, he decided to climb a tree and isolate himself there.

Sure, I also absolutely are annoyed of people who text all the time, but that note is JUST as rude.

Sam? Ehi, boss, now I'd a G-Force member too! I'd flattered! Joe keeps quiet, but he's extremely annoyed of how things are going.

Perhaps, they are angry and annoyed of you might be because you have overcome them in matters of goodness, knowledge, behavior or property.

I was a bit annoyed of Yasir Shah not being included in the SL ODI series as he can be a future prospect for legspin and he is handy with the bat.

I live in regional VIC so Im a little annoyed of being delayed with having my service connected when I first signed up on 27/11/10! I've been with MNF for.

In 1% of cases annoyed over is used

I am not one of those people who got annoyed over the update.

I'd finding it funny people are getting so annoyed over the British Isles.

If you get so annoyed over a video game demo being late you need to get a life.

If the husband gets annoyed over some of her mistake and rebukes her, she should not feel it bad.

If something like this happened to me here in the USA I might have become rather annoyed over this.

She is still very annoyed over the fact that she was put into respite but I am glad she was there and not at home.

But she's become annoyed over the years about the extreme social views and the rape/abortion debate has sent her over the edge.

Parvati Devi informed Skanda that, he being himself the sweetest of the sweet fruits to them, there was no reason for him to get annoyed over an ordinary fruit.

Annoyed over something Luther has done, manipulative sociopath Alice Morgan grabs his estranged wife Zoe as she's leaving her office and holds an icepick to her ear.

Annoyed over repeated denial of attention towards the demand, the JD(U) had launched a signature campaign in 2010 and had set a target to collect one crore signatures.

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