Prepositions after "american"

american in, with, for, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases american in is used

I think it's the American in me.

Now I'd thinking An American in Par.

And it isn't even American in origin.

American independence destroyed the mercantile system anddiscredited the old regime.

But when American lives or American interests are at stake, we need to be responsible.

About a minute of relieved, Scottish-accented ranting, then he switches back to American in the space of a glance.

In my work -- in whatever form it takes -- I am very much grappling with what it means to be American in this way.

A new era in military partnerships between Australia and the United States of American in the South Pacific region.

Moxy is tapas in spirit, energy, style of dining and service, but American in execution, products, and inspiration.

In 15% of cases american with is used

I am American with an Irish Passport.

FYI, I am an American with German decent.

Obama is an American with African descent.

I am speaking as a non-Christian American with an education in the social sciences.

I am an Irish American with Irish ancestors on both my mother's and father's sides.

I live in the States (American with Nigerian Heritage) and yes I support this video.

Amanda I'd an American with a student visa in Germany but want to do a semester abroad in France come September.

She had a boyfriend, a big American with a shaved head who looked just like the pictures Miguel had seen of Noah.

For instance: -- Barack Obama is an African American with, apparently, only selective concern for civil liberties.

But administration has gone the other way and we are now going all American with counties, senators and governors.

In 9% of cases american for is used

Dick, less so -- he was too American for me.

I commend Scientific American for running this article.

But sure that the way his chose for American foreign policy is.

If you do have to book on American for fall travel, build in lots of time for delay.

It was through them the Canon met a very famous American for the first time in 1903.

Im also really happy with winning the Moates Cup as best American for the second year.

Of this group, it was one of six vehicles consigned to Shelby American for promotional use by their field managers.

I moved to a suburb of Buenos Aires three months ago and am the only American for miles, or should I say kilometers.

Oh, and I would like to perform in countries of passion such as Spain and those in South American for our world tour.

The WSJ also has vested interests -- its American for starters and then you have to look at the stance of its owners.

In 6% of cases american by is used

Which is 30 k American by the way.

AUDRE MILLS, an American by birth.

She is a Nigerian but American by birth.

President Obama has set a goal of creating a digital record for every American by 2014.

An American by birth, he had early experience as an educator at the George Junior Republic.

And Hull, Canadian by birth, but American by choice, was pretty decent around the net himself.

Also it would be mandatory for whomever is selected that he or she would have to prove they are American by Birth.

Thanks Lorna I have always told my children that I'd an American by nationality, My parents are both Americans by birth.

Is your cousin Singaporean? What does he have to say about udub other than getting into his major? He is American by nationality.

They believe that they are American by nationality and Jews by religion, just as other Americans are Protestant, Catholic or Muslim.

In 6% of cases american on is used

American on the Rise Nine Passions.

I'd glad to see The American on your list.

Cameron insulted EVERY American on the planet.

Kennedy pledged to put an American on the moon and bring him home again before 1970.

As an American on the West Coast I have to admit I haven't used ' please ' to order.

I paid one fee to American on the first leg, then one fee to United on the return leg.

In many ways the Cuban political class is in far closer touch with the needs of their people than the American on.

And it ultimately would allow US troops to come and free any American on trial in The Hague, hence the unofficial name.

Sharapova has not beaten her since 2004 and she's suffered some humiliating defeats against the American on the big stage.

About 7,700 flights were canceled around North American on Monday due to the storm, the flight-tracking service FlightStats.

In 6% of cases american to is used

My accent exposed me as an American to those around.

I speak as an American to the leaders of my own nation.

I like it because it makes him seem more American to me.

Is that stated clearly enough? CALLER: Well, it just doesn't seem very American to me.

I call on every American to call-out and harass ANY PERSON they know who works for the TSA.

I am bringing a message of goodwill and friendship from American to British settlement houses.

The second deadly mildew is called Downy mildew which was brought over from American to Europe in the 19th century.

You can expect, they tell us, that more sales will transition from the North American to the International segment.

In 1989, the original Ark and podium were stored in Karachi; a Torah scroll case was taken by an American to the US.

A food-allergic reaction sends an American to the emergency room every three minutes, according to a March 2011 study.

In 5% of cases american from is used

Prang, an American from Olympia, Wash.

Douglas? also an American from Wisconsin.

I'd CP, an American from Kapolei, Hawaii.

Amado is Bonairian, of Lebanese ancestry, while Sue is an American from Pennsylvania.

One American from Colorado, a Swiss guy, a couple of English ppl and a couple of Kiwis.

It's not that a white man had started killing American from within it's because it was.

Perhaps it is out of place for a Native North American from the United States to speak up about Canada's future.

The author is an American from Missouri, neither her nor her partner are currently working in their trained fields.

You can import the Blu-rays that are not released in North American from Amazon UK starting from Summerslam 2011 onwards.

Ken, I flew back from Houston 2 weeks ago, behind me was an American from San Antonio and a city of Calgary civic planner.

In 3% of cases american as is used

This fits in the American as the European space budget.

I am asking all Americans to only buy American as of one year from today.

I've made it a point to avoid airlines like United, Delta, American as well as British Airlines.

Life magazine is credited, above all other agencies, of creating the image of the American as a hero.

English literature student, keeps track of South American as well as European football, but is not Tim Vickery.

I say this because when I have been in Canada, I have never heard a Canadian refer to an American as a ' foreigner '.

American as apple pie, the phrase and concept, entered our lexicon in the late and cosmopolitan throes of the Jazz Age.

He views it as a part of the American Dream accessible to any American as well as one to which many of that nation? s romantics allude.

Doll leaders in which this essential merchandise results from the event trend of most American as well as American device economic climate.

In 3% of cases american at is used

Thank you for The American at # 8.

Immigrants will keep the average age of the American at 35 in 2050.

And the pace was Western, even American at times, or at least it seemed.

It seems both very un-American and very American at the same time, which is also sad.

I was shocked by his decision, but I do recall how it felt to be an American at that time.

The French hate that an outsider, and an American at that, beat them so badly at their own race.

It owned 40 percent of the Rome Daily American at a time when communists were threatening to win the Italian elections.

Jaja jk guys most you guys that are American at this forum are pretty cool and know football a whole LOT better than most.

He distributed the ball well, broke up Jamaican attacks and also sparked American attacks with his passing out of the back.

So it's really the starting part of the American century but there was not even the concept of being an American at the time.

In 3% of cases american of is used

Sugar, that is VERY American of him.

My boss was American of Greek origin.

I just wish more American of Nubian Decent.

In that sense he was the most American of us all.

And surely, it includes American of Chinese origin.

Chicago was, after all, that most American of cities.

Yet it is the most uniquely American of all our cuisine.

How very American of you to summarily discount 60 million of your fellow countrymen.

I took a trip to New Hampshire to participate in the most autumnal and American of all activities -- cider making.

It's so warm and festive here in the house on this most American of holidays here in the middle American heartland.

In 2% of cases american without is used

I think you can not be an American without reading it and Aristotle's Politics.

Kill me all you want but I will NEVER give up my rights as any American without dying first.

Also, the average American without health insurance makes more money than the average American.

Obama will have the power to detain indefinitely any American without probable cause or evidence.

I am so delighted to be able to reply that I'd American without appending a caveat and an apology.

It is easy to understand why the American without a college degree will never get back into a job.

Do you supposed they were trying to say you had an accent? I could tell you were not American without the Canadian reference.

Any American without that capacity probably shouldn't be encouraged to take an interest in the election or cast a vote anyway.

While vulture capitalism is not illegal, it should be as its takes money from the pocketbook or every American without our consent.

It ought to be possible, in short, for every American to enjoy the privileges of being American without regard to his race or his color.

In 2% of cases american about is used

Now, there's something very American about that.

There was something hauntingly American about the scene.

Just ask any American about Madnoff- he only rip-off 50 billion USD.

At the same time, there is something uniquely American about these wonderful purses.

There is something so American about the idea of the open road; windows down and classic rock blaring.

If you ask any American about Ferrari they know about them, they gawk at them when going down the road.

What's really American about this site, though, and the key to its massive popularity, is the safety of it all.

Also I complained to American about the new login allowing use of your email address instead of your FF number.

There is nothing more American about the American Dream than the right to vote and to have a voice in our government.

I am hopeful there are more who are ready to fight rather that switch because there is nothing American about Agenda 21.

In 1% of cases american like is used

Wrong answer for an American like me.

I will avoid investment in anything American like a plague.

To an American like myself, the country has a certain density to it that's endlessly intriguing.

For a McDonald's All American like Marvin, such a request would have been a legitimate cause to rebel.

G West acadian driftwood from an American like you I can understand why you'd like that solution: 2 parties - easy peasey.

Every time an American like Terry Jones says or does something stupid, like burning a Quran, it harms our relationships with Islamic countries.

When Canadians like them and an American like you show up and start asking questions, he will perceive you not as a truth-seeker, but as an assailant.

In 1% of cases american vs is used

For a discussion of American vs.

It is not, an either/or matter, of American vs.

I have so many experiences to write comparing American vs.

Your thoughts on being an American vs an Indian or other citizen ring true.

Becker (1986) measured US consumers ' perceptions of the price/quality relationship of American vs.

Differences in Pronunciation Some words that are pronounced differently in American vs British English are controversy, leisure, schedule etc.

American vs British accent Prior to the Revolutionary War and American independence from the British in 1776, American and British accents were similar.

Washington DC was burned to the ground and our future was very uncertain We fought a war Brother against Brother, American vs American, War, and survived and thrived.

If anything, just the fact of a rare/peculiar name being off-putting is the only real point you could make here, and that's more to do with your close-mindedness, than a American vs.

In 1% of cases american through is used

We are the party of health care the right of every American through.

Is there any way they can become American through their grandparents? A: Yes.

China National already owns 20% of Pan American through its stake in Bridas Corp.

The Japanese wife of a former American GI, Shoko has become American through assimilation.

Andy brought small-town humor and life into the homes of every American through their television screens.

Comments Andy brought small-town humor and life into the homes of every American through their television screens.

Don't expect the drop in mortgage-bond yields to help out the everyday Joe American through lower rates, but banks and REITS should expect a big payday.

So starting November 1, 2012, every AAdvantage(R) member can earn double elite qualifying miles and points for travel on American through the end of the year.

In 1% of cases american rather is used

I mention this in case you want the sentence to sound American rather than British.

We remain in the same situation, except the empire is now American rather than British.

I like this list, but it seems rather geared towards exploring the differences between American rather than global dialects.

Unless we view it as such, we would not understand why our attention should be more riveted to American rather than Chinese events.

I believe that would instill some sense of pride in being an American rather than what will eventually lead to separation movements a la Quebec.

Mr Awad is referring - presumably in his conveniently interchangeable capacity as an American rather than a Muslim - to recent US activity in Iraq.

Australi's defence costs are exacerbated by the problems and our insistence on buying American rather than what can be purchased at reasonable cost.

Souster also demonstrated the First Statement preference for American rather than English models, and therefore the first influences on Souster are American.

And it would be better for me to marry an American rather than a Filipino because at least he can not take my properties in the Philippines away from me if we split.

It was American rather than British seapower that defeated Japan, and aircraft-carriers rather than battleships which were the decisive elements in the Pacific naval conflict.

In 1% of cases american out is used

Department of Transportation (USDOT ), as well as North American Out of Service criteria.

I can not imagine that he wants to put an American out of work -- given his campaign rhetoric -- but since Mr.

Companies lobbying for the foreign worker ease access into the United States workforce putting more and more American out of work.

Report abuse eiriamach Nov 10, 2012, 04:19 PM EST Probably it is a scam, though I wouldn't try to talk any American out of spending money on it.

He could claim plausibly that he, with his stimulus and actions to save the car industry pulled American out of the recession, and they've continued to grow ever since.

Government, because it seems that those Harvard and Yale-educuated senators and House members don't know what to do to create a sound and practical plan to get American out of debt, in the long run.

In 1% of cases american into is used

Germany declares war on the USA, bringing American into the war in Europe.

Politics are so corrupt that we can't even get an American into the White House.

NASA's most important job was to send an American into space and return him safely to Earth.

Robert Downey Junior pulled off what may have been a stunning transformation from an American into a British person.

Any hint of contradiction will throw the American into disarray so instead tell them where you got the earrings or tie.

However, it is not as simple as this and slavery, while a major issue, was not the only issue that pushed American into the? Great American Tragedy?

Where you proud of America for voting President Bush in for more years to the White House in 2004 in helping jolt his war on terror agenda, which has brought American into record national debt.

In 1% of cases american after is used

He is South American after all and them lot do love to go down easily.

There were the usual excuses from the American after his latest blow-out.

Menachem: Is it American after all? Shimon: That's still not clear, Menachem.

I can not believe that someone is proud to be an American after what happened to Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Keep your eyes open while American after American is cut down, gutted by German machine guns, and slaughtered like lambs to save another continent.

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