Prepositions after "ambitious"

"ambitious in" or "ambitious for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases ambitious in is used

The most ambitious in scope are trade agreements.

We've been ambitious in our aims to say the least.

Others press for more ambitious insurance programs.

I like the way he's very ambitious in whatever he mounts -- the way he has no fear.

Our big goal must be to stand on solid financial ground and be ambitious in sports.

As for upfront, I may be too ambitious in holding out for signing Fernando Llorente.

Frankly, it was a bit of a corny mess that was ambitious in scope but arguably safe from a narrative perspective.

The report is more ambitious in scope than any other state-of-the-nation wealth assessment project ever undertaken.

Cloud Atlas -- Ambitious in ways independent projects tend to be with the sheen of a heavily funded studio landmark.

Is that a contemporary phenomenon? Chateaubriand was as vain and ambitious in the eighteenth century as anyone today.

In 22% of cases ambitious for is used

Very ambitious for a first timer.

Be ambitious for the higher gifts.

We are not ambitious for territory.

It remains unclear what exactly they are ambitious for, other than their own vanity.

However, some feel that this scenario would be too outrageously ambitious for even Obama.

Read more? I tend to be very ambitious for Halloween -- thinking about Halloween that is.

We fell just short of our target and concede that our original goal was too ambitious for our limited resources.

He embarked on an ambitious program (far too ambitious for one junior professor, grumbled some of his colleagues).

I was too liberal and ambitious for the political scene in Tanzania at the time; but times are changing and so am I.

I am ambitious for CSaP's network to grow internationally and make substantial contributions to better public policy.

In 12% of cases ambitious of is used

Q uite ambitious of us to do all that*.

He is not ambitious of the world's rewards.

The Austrian cabinet is the most ambitious of Europe.

Mayo-born former teacher Enda Kenny never stood out as the most ambitious of Dil deputies.

But there's one more company I've missed out, and their plans might be the most ambitious of all.

Probably the most technically ambitious of the stories, it was a good finish to the overall film.

And they that humble themselves shall be exalted; and those who are most fit for government, are least ambitious of it.

Henry, ambitious of the crown of Normandy, invaded that country in 1105, and took Caen, Bayeux, and several other places.

But on a more serious note, Blankley suggests that a Gingrich presidency would be the most ambitious of any in recent memory.

EPA/Mark But the most important and ambitious of these initiatives is occurring not in developing countries, but in Australia.

In 10% of cases ambitious with is used

Sonia is ambitious with great aspirations.

I was indeed very ambitious with my packing.

Some of us are less ambitious with our dreams.

Without even thinking he said ' I think you are very ambitious with this image '.

Somebody said I was being a touch ambitious with my timescale, but I like aggressive goals.

I got overly ambitious with taking on a new job and still expecting to build businesses on the side.

Like most parents there, they were middle-class, progressive, well-traveled and rather ambitious with their kids.

He said that ' governments should be more ambitious with clear renewable energy targets for 2030, financing and planning.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 At HackEire 2011, as I've previously mentioned, I was pretty ambitious with the network design.

None of us will ever really suffer want or for a roof over our heads if we are ambitious with a decent practical education.

In 8% of cases ambitious about is used

There was nothing to be ambitious about.

And yes, I was ambitious about that, I won't deny it.

But be careful not to sound overly ambitious about your plans.

They feel very ambitious about what ebooks can achieve for booksellers in New Zealand.

It's hard to become ambitious about fostering when every cat you take gets horribly ill.

And if we are serious about the task we must be ambitious about the energy access project.

You've been ambitious about adding new content with the addition of Beast Mode and the embellishments to Horde 2.

Many people are truly ambitious about pursuing their dreams of being overnight success stories in the world of finance.

The organisations include Maxwell-Gillott SEN solicitors, Ambitious About Autism and child protection charity ECPAT UK.

However the surprise success of the film has made her all the more ambitious about nurturing it further as a franchise.

In 3% of cases ambitious at is used

You're ambitious at the moment.

It seemed so ambitious at the time.

It seemed quite ambitious at the time.

Is a new meet record too ambitious at this time? Last season, he clocked a personal best of 9.

The ultimate European dream, becoming a federal republic, is maybe too ambitious at the moment.

The worst I have ever felt was when I wasn't highly ambitious at work (because I hated my job).

The design team also has similar principles and looks for something that is challenging and ambitious at the same time.

Having kids really interrupted my career but I have concluded that until they are older I'd not going to be too ambitious at work.

The study also shows that most of the Millennium Cohort children, who were all born in 2000 or 2001, were very ambitious at age 7.

Reading your CV, as a relatively young man who is ambitious at 28 but unable to stand (nor with the experience anyway) I am impressed with your status and success.

In 3% of cases ambitious on is used

Things were a bit more ambitious on the Franklin side of the aisle.

I've left various agencies behind because they obviously weren't ambitious on my behalf.

Now we need to be similarly ambitious on non-bank financing to help tackle the finance gap.

This is the raw material for something more ambitious on the theme of Mystery and Melancoly.

Land developers have become wealthy, powerful and ambitious on the back of rapid economic growth.

I was going to write separate posts on all three meetings, but I feel ambitious on this momentous.

This may turn out to be too ambitious on my part but some teams covered three legs in today's hour.

I was going to write separate posts on all three meetings, but I feel ambitious on this momentous day.

We had to put more than 35 sets and that was not just very expensive but also quite ambitious on our part to do.

They are ever ambitious on these special occasions to pose themselves in a particular style with attractive Mehndi designs.

In 2% of cases ambitious as is used

He was very very ambitious as a youngster.

The solutions get more ambitious as the list goes on.

JIM MIDDLETON: Noble and ambitious as a goal but a very tight deadline.

This consultation is about being more ambitious as a country, not being less ambitious.

I've been ambitious as to where we could take things, what we could achieve and how we could do that.

There's this idea that if you admit to being ambitious as a woman you're somehow unfeminine, unsexy or macho.

We should acknowledge that politicians are generalists, facilitators, and expecting them to be experts is far too ambitious as well as impractical.

The comparisons weaken Looper for it is neither as neatly tied togther as Inception, nor so grandly (but foolishly) ambitious as The Matrix Trilogy.

As Crack Rock eases out, the chiming riff demands dominance, an all-conquering siren that aims to be as daunting and ambitious as the structures themselves.

In 2% of cases ambitious to is used

That looks pretty ambitious to me.

Pinterest increases my drive and makes me more ambitious to a degree.

Women according to Weldon are ambitious to psychosis by their lemming like.

Its plan to become the greenest city in the world by 2020 might seem ambitious to some.

This is taking ambitious to a whole new level in competing with Steam as a distribution platform.

Stick to a realistic posting schedule If you have limited time, it's far too ambitious to post every day.

We are all ambitious to some degree, but there are those who don't care the number of human corpses they trample on to get to the top.

That timetable seems a bit ambitious to me personally, but I believe he's got the basic right idea about the growth in the demand for online classes.

In a series of fortnightly sessions at Real World, Sade sketched out the material for a new album which, they all felt, was probably their most ambitious to date.

In 1% of cases ambitious after is used

When this was mentioned, Jay Chou said he doesn't know much about it, but when he first heard about it, it seemed pretty good, he is quite ambitious after all.

In 1% of cases ambitious by is used

This is ambitious by any benchmark.

And the government's medium-term projections appear to be ambitious by historical standards too -- 7.

But even that modest goal was seen as too ambitious by those who regarded themselves as ruling the roost, and shot down, with no quarters given.

Last but not least, the time frame for implementation of this plan is ambitious by European standards, as EU leaders hope to kick in bank recapitalizations by the end of 2012.

He might perfectly marry a duke's daughter, but that WOULD be vulgar--would be the absolute necessity and ideal of nine out of ten of the sons of shoemakers made ambitious by riches.

In 1% of cases ambitious from is used

Their plans get even more ambitious from there.

That's what separates the truly ambitious from the vast mediocrity.

Now, this was quite outrageously ambitious from even a Ponzi scheme viewpoint.

Home of the largest urinal in Milwaukee (! ), Leff's only gets more ambitious from there.

As Bobby Jones's quote above says -- it's best that you not get too ambitious from the sand trap.

I think it automatically contributed to my career development rather than being ambitious from the beginning of my career.

The New York Time s rings in with the basic question: was hoping for change too ambitious from a country that can't wait? The most pressing question as Mr.

Ambitious from his youth, Sir Henry Pellatt left his studies at Upper Canada College when he was seventeen to pursue a career in commerce in the family business.

In the other case Richard, a man who is nakedly ambitious from the outset, perpetrates equivalent evils and causes similar human misery but has, at the end of the drama, learned nothing.

In 1% of cases ambitious like is used

What I'd like GM do is something ambitious like Tesla's Supercharger network.

Blood type B individuals tend to be balanced: thoughtful like A's and yet ambitious like O's.

At professional dating sites you can get like-minded people who are equally ambitious like you.

In 1% of cases ambitious without is used

Full of ambitious without vision, a badluck to d people of Abia.

I'll show you that you can be ambitious without compromising your ethics and integrity.

It can be difficult to let people know you're competent and ambitious without seeming arrogant or threatening.

Which is a waste as Jack could have pulled off something more ambitious without recycling the same old stock characters.

You can be ambitious without upsetting people as long as you treat them with respect, and if people are getting upset, it might not.

Lazima tuwe wawazi jamani, that was not a good reason to fire a coach who had brought honour to your club, simply because you were too ambitious without being realistic.

I love it! When I first started doing music, you either had to find a record deal (next to impossible) or remain very local -- now there is no reason not to be ambitious without limits.

This is the big challenge he faces and this is where he will really suffer if he becomes too ambitious without organizational plans and hopes to take on political class at all India level.

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