Prepositions after "alter"

"alter by" or "alter in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases alter by is used

Hydrocarbons can be altered by the addition of other chemicals, such as halogens.

Each had their life forever altered by injury and, in the process, redefined the term ' success.

Whether the current government's policies will be greatly altered by a new leadership is an open question.

Alterations by United Kingdom Parliament Provisions altered by the United Kingdom Parliament otherwise than by direct amendment (e.

Another question looming over the long-serving hosts is whether they can continue to compete on a playing field so altered by technology.

This situation is generally regulated by TURBULENCE, which is WHAT Humanity is slowly altering by its produced alteration of the Planetary Land Surface.

I confess that I was intrigued by the potential of a study seeking to lay bare how crime and policing itself may be altered by the fact of being televised.

A meteorite that fell in Morocco last year may contain evidence that the Martian surface was once altered by water, acidic water that is unlike most water on Earth.

And in view of provisions in both legislations which have just been cited above, his Lordship's decision in that ruling can not be disturbed or altered by this court.

In 25% of cases alter in is used

The volume of distribution (V d) may be altered in children.

When you die, the world won't have been altered in any way by you.

I think this is what Self is struggling to alter in the way he plays.

Therefore the what happened in the books had to be altered in order to work in the films.

And there was Steve, standing proudly at the alter in his Naval uniform, weighing maybe 160 lbs.

Even if the conditions of service could be altered, they have to be altered in accordance with law.

Nothing in this section shall be interpreted as altering in any way the obligations of recipients under subpart D.

But the soccer has continued to be at an identical weight to a rugbyball, 14-16 ounce, thus it was last altered in 1937.

The Goblin is also the one to (spoiler) kill Gwen Stacy, in a scene that was altered in the first film to allow Mary Jane to live.

Our modern climate regime alternating between glacial (90-100k years) and interglacial (10-20k years) will not be altered in any way by man.

In 5% of cases alter within is used

It can now only be altered within Australia.

A little alter within the design may well create a planet of big difference in how the gown appears on you.

In 5% of cases alter to is used

They needed their seating capacities altered to better fit classroom utilization needs as identified through our Curriculum and Timetable staff and Facilities Management, Space Management staff.

In 5% of cases alter for is used

She does not edit for accuracy, She does not alter for correctness, She translates and posts.

Patricks Cathedral and kneeled at the alter for Communion and then spit it out onto the floor and then threw condoms all over.

Having success with tourists, the trails were altered for ease of use: rock and wooden stairs and signs for directions everywhere.

Including but not limited to Massive flooding of coastal regions, and altering for the worse (it's always for the worse) of the ocean currents.

Each volunteer spent 30 seconds looking at an image of the same 20-year-old woman but with the colour of her top altered for each group to red, blue, green or white.

In 5% of cases alter of is used

Most saw this as a reaffirmation of the Olympic Spirit, rather than the risk of worshipping at the alter of Mammon.

Thousands upon thousands of pounds are burnt on the alters of the frame-rate-gods with almost no measurable benefit other than bragging rights and a monstrous electricity bill.

In 4% of cases alter with is used

Military operations would be dramatically altered with almost unlimited access to space.

In 4% of cases alter from is used

It will not stop or alter from this course.

They never alter from their philosophy, even when they fall behind.

Everything described in the book probably happened, and in some cases the names are only slightly altered from the people who once lived there.

In 4% of cases alter on is used

Articles could be altered on Google Blog and not modify work software.

Content might be altered on Msn Applications and not having to adjust the office program.

Passive: With a passive boost the design is altered on the wireless device to boost the devices signal without using additional power (watts).

In 2% of cases alter into is used

The original symbol -- with the triple head of the serpent -- became altered into a rod with a knob, and the two lower heads were separated, thus disfiguring somewhat the original meaning.

In 2% of cases alter through is used

A study conducted by Keep America Beautiful (KAB) indicated that littering behaviors can be altered through comprehensive educational programs.

In 1% of cases alter without is used

Text may not be altered without permission.

In 1% of cases alter upon is used

Furthermore they appreciated the very fact each animal or vehicle is loaded with numerous images which are altering upon click.

In 1% of cases alter regarding is used

Sessions bring space protects, CPAP, wight lost modifications in, also alters regarding regenerating methods.

In 1% of cases alter during is used

Furthermore, it can be recycled again and again without loss of its inherent properties since its atomic structure is not altered during melting.

In 1% of cases alter between is used

Despite appearances, the Panthers Offense came into this game with the desire to vary their personnel groupings, altering between 11, 12, and 21 personnel equally.

In 1% of cases alter because is used

Today we must also honour all those who lives have been forever altered because of the things they've experienced in war - so many with serious post-traumatic stress.

Their lives are now seriously altered because of this, it will be very difficult for them? if even at all possible for them? to ever return to Canada on a temporary workers permit.

In 1% of cases alter at is used

These roles can be altered at runtime without loss of data or resetting of redo logs.

His tomb is elaborately decorated with brass figures and heraldic emblems, occupying a place of great honor in the middle of the high alter at St.

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