Prepositions after "alright"

"alright for" or "alright with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases alright for is used

It's alright for you Catholics.

My point, -- -It's alright for Mr.

It was quite alright for a fast food joint.

Oh but they aren't professionals are they? working for free is alright for the poor.

But it is alright for others to gamble with their money and lose them in the billions.

I'd pretty alright for local shopping, but I wish everyone had access to good fabrics.

Is this bed really alright for baby to sleep in? Cayli trying to touch the baby, but we just got to stop her, not.

This is usually alright for a Label instance as there is often no need to reference a Label after it is constructed.

Nor is it clear to anyone why it is alright for big foreign traders to invest in Ghana but not small foreign traders.

Democracy may be alright for developed states but can not be applied to Hong Kong because it is still a developing state.

In 29% of cases alright with is used

I hope that's alright with you.

Maybe that's alright with Royce.

I presume that's alright with you.

Am I REQUIRED to use Surname B? I am actually alright with using my biological name.

He's accepted the fact that Rodolfo and Bella are together and it's alright with him.

If it's alright with you, I'd like to tell you about the full experience of my haircut.

Just recently I told him I was gay and he was completely alright with it, we're actually a little bit closer now.

If you're alright with giving them away as a promotional tool fine but don't expect to make your money back on them.

If it is alright with korua (you 2) I would like to come down and see the progress of your Extention to your office.

As long as your body is able to get the nutrients it needs from the supplement you take, you will be alright with it.

In 13% of cases alright in is used

They'll be alright in the future, Mr.

Everything will be alright in the end.

The Conan thing was alright in the end.

Today my thoughts go to your family and hope they are alright in their hour of grief.

A The Jazz are alright in basketball, but they can't compare with the Boston Celtics.

It's alright in the end, because we all understand that his cause was suitably noble.

Lesbians are alright in most men's books, but this ' one of the boys ' phenomenon is what I want to focus on today.

I do know that Allen is pretty freaked out, I just have this calm that everything is going to be alright in the end.

So if you think it will be alright in the end because you'll stay friends, it won't happen so burst that bubble right now.

Everything will be alright in the end, we are washed in the blood of the lamb, we are blessed, and above all God is on our side.

In 5% of cases alright by is used

I told him it was alright by me.

It should be alright by next week.

Living with the level of trust we have here is alright by me.

Keeping one's grin right above that line in between misery and ecstasy is alright by me.

Plus, any game that appeals to the coveted hot-non-gaming-girl audience is alright by me.

Fast walking, I reached Pavilion in about 10 minutes or so, which is pretty alright by me.

I am a follower of Jesus, and in this moment, God uses me as I am; and if that seems good to Him it should be alright by me.

I want to make sure when I put my daughter in the room by herself she will be okay or my 6 year old will be alright by himself.

Although not before asking if she would be alright by herself; giving him a suspicious look, clearly not wanting to leave her alone with him.

In execution the prose is alright by Howard's standards and it succeeds at striking the mythic tone he was apparently going for this time around.

In 3% of cases alright at is used

I'd actually alright at it so may even buy it.

We have got Russia and Slovakia to play as well, so it's going alright at the moment.

It is perfectly alright at this stage if you are concerned about possible hazards in doing astral projection.

You may want to contact your vet to have your cat checked out to see if it's alright at this time to train a cat.

Building relationships I'd alright at though so I just need to juggle a few more things around and get more organised.

I'd not particularly good at anything, but I'd sort of alright at some things that I really enjoy doing, so I keep doing them.

But he knows that everything will be alright at the end, because it'll all be wonderful in Heaven and our suffering will be behind us.

And I have a sense these days too that even if it's not alright at some level, it will still always be alright at another vital spiritual soul level.

Difficult maths? I have always been alright at maths and did math methods at school but have been out of school for 2 years now and may struggle getting back into it.

Part of me would really like to see how Naughty Dog implemented fog effects and such like, since it's sort of alright at putting together a little bit of visual trickery.

In 3% of cases alright on is used

He looks alright on the side though.

It was alright on the night as they say.

Bradford's numbers look alright on paper.

This wasn't a case of ' it'll be alright on the night '.

The plugin is showing alright on my website(I'd using WP 2.

Practise in front of a mirror till you are alright on your own.

I felt alright on the bike, though my legs were pretty sluggish.

The batter was alright on the fish but was a bit thick on some parts of the fish but overall everyone enjoyed this.

I still feel nervous before speaking publicly, despite knowing that it'll be alright on the night, and I'd ok with that.

Not past it in relation to how I act, I'd alright on the romantic side I think, but I'd not going to get all bloggy about it.

In 3% of cases alright to is used

That's perfectly alright to me.

It is not alright to text during class.

But as of now Sean Paul is alright to me I guess.

How they can think it is alright to gun down a man like that who is carrying out legal work compassionately.

Since Detention Sphere has been seeing less and less play, I think it's alright to main-deck four Oblivion Ring.

I can not tell you how much time I spend with parents assuring them that it is alright to discipline their child.

The new structure looks alright to me -- opinions can differ -- but admittedly, the two don't harmonise well together.

We repeated the fact that the GA had told us it was alright to film, and asked under what law we were being prevented from filming.

At times, a image can modify from some thing that is just alright to one thing that is incredible with just a little bit of tweaking.

In 2% of cases alright about is used

Nowadays, I'd mostly alright about it.

I was alright about that as far as I remember.

There is nothing romantic or alright about such stories.

I think if he feels alright about doing it, he will have a decent winter.

Playing hard doesn't mean to take it in the face and feel alright about it.

I needed at least minimal success and stability to sleep well, to feel alright about myself.

I was feeling alright about tonight's game, until I watched last night's Chelsea-Liverpool goalfest.

Since Roger Moore, I've been alright about the various actors who have played Bond -- except Timothy Dalton.

Why did God not want me? One little girl was quite alright about her brother being buried as she could see his grave from the bus on her way home from school.

I thought mine were going to be low, but they were not! The most important thing is that we each get as much choice as is possible and are left to feel alright about those choices.

In 2% of cases alright after is used

I'd sure things will be alright after that.

My dining companions were alright after all.

She will lose weight but she'll be alright after.

Perhaps things were going to be alright after all.

The same problem occured 2 months back and it was alright after software update.

And I thought that everything would be alright after that then, because he might leave me alone and stuff.

At first, we didn't know what the problem was, thinking that it would be alright after consulting the bonesetter.

In 1% of cases alright as is used

Kajal is alright as the female lead.

There'll be change alright as the dark cloud of the past four years descends into greater darkness.

How can Nigerian universities be excellently ranked wen we live in a mere world of charade-dat everything is alright as regards education.

In 1% of cases alright before is used

We were looking alright before lunch when we suddenly lost two quick wickets.

Even with that, he or she is going to make sure you are alright before leaving your side.

Fitness has been a cause for concern in recent times, with quite a dew including himself, carrying injuries, but Gambhir hoped things would be alright before the World Cup.

As he settled in and became more familiar with his surroundings, he would go to each room and check on everyone to make sure all was alright before going to sleep with Davey in his room.

In 1% of cases alright from is used

I might go and see that Sherlock Holmes film soon maybe? It could be alright from the looks of it.

You could buy a car that looks alright from the pictures, but has major mechanical faults, and often you realize this too late.

I'd not sure I agree with him that you can't make money from developer tooling, Microsoft and JetBrains seem to be doing alright from it! They took turns talking us through the history of THREE.

In 1% of cases alright without is used

Ghana will be alright without him.

That's ok, I'll be alright without one.

I am surprisingly coping alright without contact with W.

But I feel like now I'd actually alright without anybody.

You may be alright without a child but motherhood is an integral part of a woman's life.

It? s being said that Japan is doing alright without nuclear power plants right now, despite before being told that, without nuclear power they are finished.

They seem to be doing alright without me, though! What did you think of Creation's progress throughout the nineties from a small indie label to a multi-million pound business? I was pleased.

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