Prepositions after "aloof"

aloof from, in, to, of or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 73% of cases aloof from is used

Many simply stand aloof from the fray.

They had also kept aloof from the IPKF.

It is hard to remain aloof from that list.

The UNP has made things worse for itself by remaining aloof from the military effort.

India can not put its head in the sand and stay aloof from things happening around it.

You might see our new church as an island, comfortable and aloof from Toronto's cares.

Bhagavan remained aloof from the debate and no one at that time really knew what his own views on the subject were.

The qualities of the material modes in the body will act, but as spirit soul the self is aloof from such activities.

There was also division within the ranks of the work force as unindentured workers kept aloof from the disturbances.

But keep yourself aloof from these for just some minutes at the beginning of the day and spend some time in studies.

In 5% of cases aloof in is used

You accept to beappear aloof in adjustment to survive.

Richard Armitage seems to be aloof in my life of late.

The police officers were professional but almost aloof in their dealings with Sally.

I was definintely gulity of being distrusting and aloof in turn attracting the types that were about chasing.

But the venerable Maha Kassapa remained aloof in that quarrel, as did the other monks like Anuruddha and Ananda.

Otherwise the patrons stay aloof in their comfort, isolated from the turmoil that has surrounded the Quinn Group.

The Second Trait A second, and positive, trait of a good lady is that she remains aloof in the presence of namahram males.

It moved with predictable caution - wobbling at times, as over Libya, appearing firmer in Syria, almost entirely aloof in Bahrain.

So they moved with predictable caution: Wobbled at times, as in Libya, appearing firmer in Syria, and almost entirely aloof in Bahrain.

They have neither time nor inclination to bond with the homemakers who gather every evening in the garden; they remain aloof in the gym.

In 5% of cases aloof to is used

The rest of the world is not completely aloof to what is going on in Nigeria.

To cast him in the best light would picture him as aloof to the divisions in this country.

The social justice! The poverty kept them aloof to all and the status now attracts everyone.

She continued cool and aloof to the staff beneath us, but with everyone else she was charming.

Hence, instead of moving toward economic and social equity, Sri Lanka has been aloof to that goal throughout.

Well, if you really know quite a lot, as you claim then why do you continue to remain aloof to the facts about this man.

This is an enduring reminder to us all of how western civilization remains aloof to the plight of races it has exploited.

SHOW CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS Don't be so wrapped up in your own world that you convey the impression of being cold or aloof to others.

And certainly not for the player who spectators marvel at for his ability to go from aloof to amazing with the stroke of one crushing forehand.

In 3% of cases aloof of is used

One who criticises the Mah? si method is still aloof of the right path.

The church should stand aloof of such things and address more important problems.

It does so while staying aloof of political party loyalties and tribal divisions.

Meanwhile, Dadaji is deeply depressed with the recent on goings + Swamini being aloof of him.

It was their desire to remain aloof of the diocese of Killaloe which was very much under the patronage of the O'Briens.

Embracing the mantra can help an entrepreneur stay aloof of the stress when the outcomes are other than those expected.

Kashmir remained aloof of the British Raj, and was established as an independent state, under Hindu minority rule, a century prior to India's independence and nationhood.

The common perception was that educated people remain aloof of the problems of the country especially pertaining to the foreign affairs, but this was proven wrong by the whole activity.

In 2% of cases aloof for is used

Many people remain aloof for this reason.

Indeed we shall be the laughing stock of the international community if we stayed aloof for such a disaster to occur.

But there is achievement in carrying a satisfying, claimed and adventurous Valentine's Day tailored aloof for her if you plan advanced and do it all one footfall at a time.

In 2% of cases aloof with is used

Don't make the mistake of being condescending or aloof with this person.

Please help me understand why he was so aloof with me when we met with Miss V.

He however, is only interested in casual relationships and continues to remain aloof with his partners.

She was pretty aloof with us for the first month but then slowly but surely she became more lovable with us.

Nonetheless, yeah, I'd say they're aloof with much of Europe but it's what makes them stand out, economic-wise, especially.

Unfortunately I am not as privileged as to be so aloof with my funds or recollection of their whereabouts as the UCI, Lance Armstrong, or his agent.

One hardly finds the Damaso memory alive in Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, the father of Pondong Pinoy, the low-key archbishop of Manila who is painfully aloof with the cameras.

In 1% of cases aloof about is used

He pretends to be aloof about the matter.

Whatever your reasons are, be casual and aloof about what you REALLY want to happen.

My sister is just kind of aloof about the whole thing-but that's totally their choice.

Fending off any sort of criticism, will keep the person aloof about his shortcomings, hampering progress in the long run.

In 1% of cases aloof as is used

Is he grand, awkward or aloof as a consequence of all this success? Answer: none of the above.

It isn't really good in the event that she's very aloof as to what she's carrying this out weekend.

I'd never actually met the headmaster on a one to one basis, so he always seemed remote and aloof as well as being a rather sombre, unapproachable man.

The picture painted of Daniel's vision Vs 9 -- 10 show that God is in control, and far from sitting aloof as an absentee landlord, he is intimately involved in the affairs of human history.

In 1% of cases aloof at is used

On one hand, Aquarius can be quite intellectually and emotionally aloof at times.

Finally, as we know, cats are never the easiest species to work with - we love them, but they can be touchingly aloof at times and certainly seem to show us exactly who's boss.

In 1% of cases aloof by is used

He was regarded as somewhat aloof by the locals.

Its signature curled tail and yodel makes it a unique breed and they are commonly described as aloof by their owners.

Following her defeat, Austria withdrew from Germany and was kept aloof by Magyars (who feared a loss of their power) and its own Germans (who were afraid of Slav dominance).

In 1% of cases aloof like is used

Imagine this, with the feature, you can use the iPhone aloof like use your acclaim card.

I think once they decide you're the one, they do nt ' look back, or act wishy washy or aloof like western women.

This is taking the inferior as root, is it not? Hence the highest renown is without renown, Not wishing to be one among many like jade Nor to be aloof like stone.

He's obviously really comfortable with his feelings - he doesn't try to act aloof like a lot of guys, he's honest about wanting to see me and he says some really sweet things.

In 1% of cases aloof on is used

In a word, its uniqueness -- northern and aloof on the surface,.

Obama will remain aloof on this problem, which isn't good but is manageable.

So was the black horned thing seated aloof on a rock, surveying a distant crowd surrounding a gallows.

In 1% of cases aloof towards is used

Losing their mother at the age of five left their father bitter, unforgiving and aloof towards his daughters.

Doesn't instigate visits to my friend, aloof towards my friend, not ambitious enough, not ambitious for her husband, a bit of a drifter.

In the first few weeks, whilst out and about Tigger had met my friends, neighbours, family and other dogs and was generally fairly aloof towards everyone.

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