Prepositions after "alone"

"alone in" or "alone with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases alone in is used

I was left alone in the prison.

Available alone in Mubrilliantd.

But then, I'd not alone in this.

There is no reason to believe that Wau is alone in the matter of financial shenanigans.

The next time you are alone in the Lab, you will be able to get on to Vidic's computer.

My Mother was either too afraid to leave my Dad, or too afraid to be alone in the world.

Since the job requires all the League members, they have no choice but to leave Static and Gear alone in the station.

I was a sad gut wrenching time but those moments alone in the middle of the night with someone who is dying are gold.

Given that Martine is probably a wild tortoise, I think he will be happiest over there rather than alone in my garden.

It's so nice to know we are not alone in the black hole of knitting that sucks the sanity out of some of our projects.

In 19% of cases alone with is used

They are alone with the website.

You will be alone with the gods.

I am alone with the Stanley Cup.

Unfortunately, he can't be left alone with the Pope to truly talk out their problems.

But if you're in Raid Finder, you are quite possibly alone with a bunch of strangers.

In the end we are all alone with the choice WE make, and have to life with ourselves.

The situation becomes most difficult when either Shalev or his wife are alone with the animals and a siren goes off.

But when you're trying for some time alone with a new partner, privacy and timing will probably seem more important.

We agree to visit il's and he promises to support me in not allowing Dd1 and DC to be alone with mil no matter what.

While his back was turned, and Boyle was pretending to examine the bookstand, he was left alone with the coffee cup.

In 8% of cases alone for is used

Leave him alone for a few days.

I have left it alone for a month.

Simply leave it alone for a week.

By six, you're in the night city, and in backstreets you can be alone for a long time.

When the shift ends I will have two minutes alone for me to start my climb unmolested.

Therefore he preferred to leave them alone for the sake of unity among his companions.

He needs to be left alone for a few years to develop his English team free of the poison the media will heap on him.

The McCanns -- well, if they'd leave the kiddies alone for that long, what wouldn't they do? They might do anything.

The creeps were always present, and yet when I was a kid, we got to venture out into the night alone for a few hours.

It is my hope and expectation that Igbo people on NL leave this topic alone for it to remain scanty and then whither.

In 5% of cases alone on is used

The UK is hardly alone on this.

We are not alone on this planet.

Romney is alone on the stage now.

But Uncle Quentin isn't really alone on the island? someone is watching his every move.

The sun had gone down and I was alone on the sand with just my book to keep my company.

Rowines - posted on 01/24/2009 19 40 Ginger you are not alone on this as you can see l.

This receiver might be completely alone on the field, a split-second away from crossing the line to a cheering crowd.

I'd pretty sure I'd alone on the spoiler thing, though, so I always try to mark on reviews if I've included a spoiler.

Kolarov's all alone on the overlap, but Dzeko's back-heel - yeah, I know - is horribly misjudged, straight to Arbeloa.

I was alone on the large bus that inched its way up the mountain side and around the many breathtaking hair-pin turns.

In 4% of cases alone at is used

I was never alone at the Sahara.

So T, F and P were alone at home.

Itachi had been alone at the time.

If this happens when he's left alone at home, it could be a sign of boredom or anxiety.

Her infant orphaned son, now six years of age, was left alone at the side of her grave.

I was both relieved and delighted with your decision to leave well alone at this stage.

The day before the wedding, when Brooke was alone at her parents house, Ridge came? to see her off? as he has put it.

I have been in trades which I chase the trends only to have the trend pullback and reverse leaving me alone at the top.

Maybe they were both staying at the sighting location (Melba says she's alone at the time of her sighting ), but if so.

In 1% of cases alone after is used

The kids are alone after school.

Please leave us alone after this long.

We never felt left alone after moving in.

Legend has it that 20,000 saints are buried here, so I was not to be alone after all.

I was walking around in stockholm alone after a concert at 2 am listening to this tune.

There was no relationship between mother's education and unsupervised time alone after school.

Blake's last 30 metres, usually being the most impressive, was all alone after 60 metres and crossed the line in 9.

Used: 2007 (when Pepper's home alone after being kidnapped by Mary) Availability: Available from iTunes and Amazon.

We were alone after the run and we had been talking so much that everyone had gone home, so he walked me to my car.

Me -- I think it's perfectly fine if two willing adults are introduced like this and if they are left alone after that.

In 1% of cases alone among is used

In that he was not alone among academics.

Turns out he is not alone among physicists.

Several times I let him go alone among them.

In the morning lost all my Cheka (KGB) officers, and now I am alone among strangers.

Worse than in Washington; because here I was alone among those who did not favour Mr.

The human being will finally be a human being, and will no longer be alone among the many.

For me, it is probably alone among the four in passing the ' why on earth isn't this programmed more often ' benchmark.

Well I have to say Brian that you were not alone among pundits in being surprised by the tide across the nation last night.

Interesting that the UK is alone among 30 countries to have this view! - an Orwellian paradise it is, just with longer queues.

Chief Inspector Morse was alone among the congregation in suspecting continued unrest in the quiet parish of St Frideswide? s.

In 1% of cases alone as is used

It is never left alone as an orphan.

Carolan was not alone as a blind Irish harper.

World War Z should have been left alone as a book.

Sometimes it's the reality of being alone as opposed to the danger of becoming isolated.

I am pleased to know I'd not alone as far as palpitations and gagging are concerned tho '.

I spent many hours alone as a child and would walk to the grave where my brother was buried.

And I was not alone as the applause and standing ovation given to youby the rest of the attendees verify my feelings.

I was always on the fence as well but was alone as a NYC non-Sex in the City type girl until I met my honey when I was 32.

Just checking up on it again! I could only bring it into the office when I was alone as the smell of paint was quit strong.

It would seem that Tom Cruise can't leave anything alone as the actor has plans to remake Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

In 1% of cases alone by is used

You are not alone by any means.

Gandalf is left alone by the sunset.

If left alone by the interventionists.

Integration is natural human behavior, if left alone by politicos who ' divide &; rule '.

Old age homes are strewn with rejected parents who are left to die alone by their progeny.

In the end they were left alone by the warders to fight it out with one knife between them.

Their announcement comes in the wake of three individual recalls this month alone by rival Japanese auto maker Honda.

These days, I see a lot of parents left alone by their children because the new wife did not want to take the burden.

These people came to Hong Kong to be free (relatively, in comparison ), make money, and be left alone by the government.

The first film, Don't Answer to the Door, cen-ters around two chil-dren left at home alone by their busy work-ing mother.

In 1% of cases alone during is used

I wasn't alone during the week.

Do not be alone during Christmas.

Good thing I was alone during that time.

Nor did you question me when I would leave and walk alone during the next few days.

The poor things should be left alone during the rut, not harried from pillar to post.

I was alone during the festival, and nothing has happened like this in my 65 years of life.

Only an infinitely powerful being could accomplish this alone during one divine day Darkness is the absence of light.

What should I do? A: Many animals will leave their young alone during the day while they hunt or rest somewhere else.

She decided not to live with family members - she has four children - as they all work and she would be alone during the day.

In reality, more than a couple of thousand of Shias have been killed in Parachinar and Gilgit-Baltisan alone during this time.

In 1% of cases alone to is used

Too young to be left alone to CIO.

Leaving the Nidd alone to its evil devices.

So leave them alone to the lies they fabricate.

Whatever the case, they don't seem to just want to leave you alone to your own devices.

I don't want to be left alone to my beliefs - maybe I'd wrong and you can convince me so.

B's parents went to bed early, leaving us alone to their computer in my friend's family den.

Can't the two of you just kiss and make up and leave me alone to feeding my children and the families of my employees.

Jonathan, known by the Scoobies for three years is left alone and he hasn't really hurt anyone is left alone to isolation.

For this reason, he favors monarchy because it leaves the individual person alone to his thoughts (Kierkegaard 1992, 621).

So, sometimes if you know the cries is not genuine (can see got tear or not, hee ), just leave them alone to cry for awhile.

In 1% of cases alone without is used

You are alone without any friend.

When he seemed so alone without Zayn.

Don't die all alone Without a friend around.

You'll probably be alone without your family when the holiday season comes around.

One should try to just be alone without excessive stimulation and of course be Awake.

You can't ask to be left alone without assuming some of the risk in being on your own.

Baby, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you cryin? Feelin all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dyin.

My husband recently changed jobs, and we found ourselves home during the week alone without the kids occasionally.

The experts, all former officers, said police had no way of knowing if Haughton was alone without entering the home.

You are alone without backup but for all that i have great confidence in African people but only you can determine this.

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