Prepositions after "almighty"

"almighty for" or "almighty in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases almighty for is used

Thank God almighty for this move.

I pray to Almighty for his long life.

I am grateful to the Almighty for: 1.

I thank the Almighty for the talent to please the eyes of those who watched me bat.

Glory be to God and i thank Almighty for revealing a lot of secrets for my marriage.

Lets us be grateful to God Almighty for his mercies and protections over our live's.

The entire family sits at the table during dinner and offer prayer to the Lord Almighty for his continuous grace.

I thank you for showing me how to pray to God for success, and I thank God the Almighty for answering my prayers.

Calvary Greetings I would like to thank almighty for using brother Elisha to teach us how to fire prayer bullets.

Travelling is my passion and I am thankful to Almighty for granting me a husband who shares my passion thoroughly.

In 25% of cases almighty in is used

To worship God Almighty in holiness and reverence 2.

And it has been fixed by God Almighty in the Qur'an.

As if he is God Almighty in this part of the country.

Isaiah 19:20 It will be a sign and witness to the LORD Almighty in the land of Egypt.

John Evans Atta Mills who evokes the image of God Almighty in anything and everything.

He is the one who brings them to Allah Almighty in the place where the Holy Prophet (s.

On this day and in this vision, I surely saw an excellent display of the perfect wealth of God Almighty in heaven.

It was most startling to realize that what was unveiling was actually the most holy temple of God Almighty in heaven.

And Jesus, according to Colossians 1, Jesus created the earth, which means Jesus has to be God Almighty in the flesh.

We have reasonably enjoyed the hand of the Almighty in this country considering where we are coming from and our history.

In 5% of cases almighty with is used

As per Muslim beliefs, her running was answered by Allah Almighty with the well of ZamZam.

Thus the actual purpose of Du'a is to beg the Almighty with utmost humility and sincerity.

Fei Xia is said, but in the Almighty with his three pairs of the number of times they are not.

Many youngsters, still respect elders, worship the almighty with faith, and love their families.

Nobody could even dare to challenge us because we have the assistance of Allah Almighty with us.

But he did not want to depart to the yonder world and face the Almighty with the sin in his chest.

Every one of us, whether in this room or outside, is endowed by the almighty with talent and intellect.

He made a supplication to God Almighty with utter humility and prayed that this lapse on his part be ignored.

XY ', followed by Simon Almighty with ' coitus Interruptus ' and then Number 8 told us all about Joseph in Mrs.

From this brief research it becomes clear that Wahee or Ilhaam are both used for the converse of God Almighty with men.

In 5% of cases almighty to is used

We are putting God Almighty to the test.

He brings the message of the Almighty to them.

What has pushed his almighty to the side? Fanny Mae for one.

No one will deny or dispute the power of the Almighty to make such a communication if he pleases.

The latter case, according to the Qur? an is a favour and rebate by the Almighty to the criminal.

You have brought Allah Almighty to the level of human beings who stand in need of progeny as helpers.

Al Quran -- The sacred scripture revealed from Allah Almighty to Beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him).

Even Jesus emptied Himself when He came down from the Throne of God Almighty to the awful depths of the cross (Phil.

The concept of respite allowed by Allah the Almighty to the enemies has been explained full well in verse 46 of Surah Al-Fatir.

As Satan said he is higher than Yah, so too it is not coincidence that secret societies put themselves in front of (above) the Almighty to this day.

In 4% of cases almighty on is used

This indeed is a great favour bestowed by God Almighty on mankind.

O, Muslims, supplicate before Allah the Almighty on this Dambulla Mosque issue.

After prayer with the name of the Almighty on his tongue he returned this borrowed life to its true creator.

There was a saying at the time that Lincoln would like to have God Almighty on his side, but he must have Kentucky.

A similar fate was decided by the Almighty on the people of Lot (pbuh ), Abraham (pbuh ), Salih (pbuh) and other messengers.

The almighty on the Ringssahtirya, is usually temptatione seemed to be tormented by some sort of horrid wish of which nights.

Had he seen Allah Almighty on either occasion it would have been a great thing and must certainly have been mentioned here explicitly.

When you are raised up in front of God Almighty on the Day Of Resurrection, what will you say when you are asked about what you did to worship God.

It has been indicated in other places of the Quran that the limbs of criminals would be bestowed with the power of speech by the Almighty on the Day of Judgement.

In 3% of cases almighty as is used

It is not a pure Word of GOD Almighty as the Noble Quran (The Muslims ' Holy Scripture) is.

At long last, their prayers, both to the Almighty as well as to Grand Lodge, were heard and Dr.

Galway people looked to the heavens and questioned the Almighty as to why He saw fit to torture western hearts.

Oh people if you are doing something wrong, you must fear your Lord Allah Almighty as a punishment may come either here or hereafter.

He said, ' I take Allah the Almighty as a witness that I have recorded exactly what I saw on the green tablet with Janabe Fatima Zahra (s.

This month is full with blessing of Allah Almighty as well as Namaz, Ibaadats, Tilawat-ul-Quran, Nawafils, Takbeer, Roza, Sadqa and Tasbeeh.

Qur? an has introduced Almighty as the only God to whom all the good attributes can be associated, and it also directs people to uphold good.

Therefore, he for himself was too particular about the words that emanated from the Almighty as part of the Qur'an though abrogated afterwards.

All these hardships must be borne with patience, steadfastness, taking all calamities, losses, adversities from the Almighty as a test of his Iman (belief).

By saying this, a person nullifies existing of any false gods and delcares Allah Almighty as the one and only God and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His Messenger.

In 3% of cases almighty through is used

I thank God Almighty through His servant prophet T.

You can not reach the Almighty through religion, knowledge or wisdom alone.

And Islam directs its followers to obey the Almighty through his representatives.

And all this was disclosed to us by the God Almighty through his prophet Mohammad (P.

The operation of a suspended decree may be averted by the grace of God Almighty through prayer and almsgiving.

And he does not feel any kind of reservation while begging from the Almighty through the one who is buried at the place.

Once its initial revelation was over, the Almighty through archangel Gabriel read it out to the Prophet (sws) a second time.

But when we least expected, God Almighty through the salvation worked out by his son our Lord Jesus Christ intervened decisively.

Therefore, the Shari'ah is made up of the injunctions and commandments that were revealed to the Prophet (S) by God Almighty through the agency of Jibrail.

In 2% of cases almighty at is used

He puts your intentions before the almighty at all times.

The humankind disobeys Lord Almighty at its peril and we prove it through our deeds.

IKRAM JABIR Ikram, my beloved brother, was called by the Almighty at the comparatively young age of 50.

God Almighty at different stages in time, sent messages in forms suitable for each stage, through a series of Prophets and messengers.

The blessed Verses also treat of the relationship between turning away from remembering God Almighty at all times and the severe and ever increasing torments.

Many have already seen this in their lives! We are also taught to maintain closeness to the Almighty at times of ease &; then during hardship He has promised to come to our aid.

The torpor and apathy which have seized on the masses are only surpassed by the atrocities perpetrated by those who set the dictates of humanity and the decrees of the Almighty at equal defiance.

In 2% of cases almighty by is used

This dividing of the Roman world by Constantine did not take the Almighty by surprise.

Thus, such a person can never attain the pleasure of God Almighty by acting in such a cruel way.

PRAYER TO INVOKE RAIN When there is a drought due to lack of rain, people might invite the mercy of God Almighty by gathering in an open field for Prayer, during the day.

In 2% of cases almighty from is used

Sure, he was saved and lifted by GOD Almighty from the cross.

I seek refuge in the Almighty from putting my words in His mouth.

It was only then that he was prohibited by the Almighty from marrying any woman besides those whom he had already married.

And continue to trust in our Almighty from whom all good things come from (and whom a lot of Americans have forgotten or abandoned).

Before you declare your presidential intention, divinely choose 37 ministers of God Almighty from our 36 states the FCT to pray for your declaration.

There should be proper criteria or standards to differentiate genuine visitations of Almighty from the artificially induced phantom projections of deranged mind.

With regards to your question about the existence and purpose of angels, let me inform you that Angels were created by God Almighty from light and of course they can not be seen by human beings.

In 2% of cases almighty of is used

That is, those who deny the existence of the hereafter accuse God Almighty of ignorance, weakness and lying.

We were deeply sad when God Almighty of a sudden revealed the Verse ' Indeed, We have granted you a manifest triumph.

JESUS MIGHTIER THAN THE ALMIGHTY! The misconception that Jesus is The Only Saviour makes Jesus mightier than the Almighty of the Old Testament.

The moment he had some bad urge, he would be reminded by almighty of some or the other Hadith and he would seek help from Allah by saying that Hadith.

You have got to pull the a woman the almighty of the islands matching in snapshot building underneath television set games or get rid of the lord knows any individual in hdtv gadget industry.

In 1% of cases almighty without is used

We began worshipping Allah the Almighty without being harmed and without hearing anything that we hated.

The Qur'an generally mentions two attributes of the Almighty without separating them with a conjunction, ' vow ' (i.

He must pay the dues (rights) of others so that when he dies he meets his Lord Almighty without others ' having any claim on him.

It also presents gathering of Muslim Umma at one place where they worship God almighty without discrimination of their social status and colors.

Many Islamic scholars, especially mystics have asserted that everybody feels in his heart a great love for God the Almighty without necessarily being aware of it.

In 1% of cases almighty about is used

I'd afraid you'll have to talk to the Lord God Almighty about that.

He/she worries about having to account to the Almighty about the bad things they have done.

Only here, the assurance provided to the Prophet (sws) is through a forceful declaration of the whole scheme of the Almighty about the revelation of the Qur? an.

Hume's Argument Bertrand Russell was reportedly once asked what he would say to God if he were to find himself confronted by the Almighty about why he had not believed in God's existence.

In 1% of cases almighty like is used

You need the guidance of the Almighty like never before.

If you Love Shri Krishna leela, its worth watching) May Sai inspire all who read this Shri Krishna Leela and May all women be devoted to the almighty like Draupadi.

In 1% of cases almighty into is used

Bush put the fear of Dog Almighty into the Godless left.

It is a natural instinct placed by the Almighty into the heart of all parents.

Put the fear of God Almighty into some of these functionaries and get them to testify.

So far, only one Lord Messam track has been compiled on CD, throwing the benevolence of the almighty into doubt.

And, in the second place, it is degrading the Almighty into the character of a show-man, playing tricks to amuse and make the people stare and wonder.

On November 1, 1950, Venerable Pius XII defined that the Blessed Virgin Mary, upon the completion of her earthly existence, was assumed body and soul by the Almighty into Paradise.

In 1% of cases almighty during is used

Similarly, a person also is not able to focus his attention towards the Almighty during the prayer.

First class is of those people who see from the depth of their hearts the blessings of Allah Almighty during the Holy Month.

A person who prostrates himself before the Almighty during this night might attain His nearness to an extent which he may never be able to emulate in a thousand other nights.

With the blessings of Allah Almighty during my 108-day imprisonment, I recited complete Holy Qur'an for 108 times besides going through the meanings and translation of the Qur'anic verses.

Besides this, another fact which should also be kept in mind is that the Almighty during the course of this period of trial and test has given the satanic forces a chance to lure man into evil deeds.

In 1% of cases almighty before is used

Some will call him the king of politics while some expert falterers will pray to Allah almighty before the whole crowed that may Allah almighty give him long and long life.

This is very important to know, because now we can see that the people who believed in the One Living True Undivided GOD Almighty before the birth of Muhammad peace be upon him were also Muslims.

In 1% of cases almighty against is used

Use the blast of the Almighty against them.

The investors held a mass prayer session in the place and complained to the Almighty against the people involved in market manipulation.

In 1% of cases almighty after is used

The poor fellow must have got very close to the Almighty after bloody Lucifer scurried away as he always does after putting some creature of the Omnipresent in trouble.

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