Prepositions after "allow"

allow for, in, to, by or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases allow for is used

That allows for A+B networking.

This allows for a lot of leeway.

Allow for experimenting and mistakes.

South Africa should amend its laws to allow for compulsory licenses to protect health.

Jobs is not the only King in this jungle as much as his ego allows for him to believe.

These could be completed with further agricultural areas or allow for future expansion.

The Delhi Metro extends all the way to Dwarka in the west, allowing for much of the city to be viewed from above.

Phone the ticket office, tell them where you are coming from and ask them how long you should allow for the journey.

It allows for students to be instructed in one religion rather than giving them a broader perspective, ' ' he said.

In 11% of cases allow in is used

HATERS are not allowed in this world.

No FDI is allowed in retail e-commerce.

Pets are not allowed in the restaurant cars.

Therefore, some leeway must be allowed in the determination of the reasonable amount.

In the second image Berg covers an open window that has allowed in some exterior light.

She advised us that we were not allowed in the building and would have to stand outside.

How many people can ride in one cab? As many people are legally allowed in a particular cab is the limit of riders.

Hussein's forked tongue is not allowed in our living room, I'd rather hear Jeff Foxworthy drawl about Bible stories.

My parents were music snobs, nothing but classical and some (very) esoteric forms of jazz were allowed in the house.

Smoking Is Not Allowed In The Hospital Your Admission Your admission to the Hospital is arranged by your GP or doctor.

In 7% of cases allow to is used

No set-off allowed to trustee 24.

Now, they are simply not allowed to.

By standers were not allowed to many.

Some of the bike lanes are also a problem because people are allowed to park in them.

However, they are allowed to lease property in India for a maximum period of 5 years.

But they were not allowed to preserve their modesty and the enemy guards snatched them away.

The Conservative party violated election spending limits, exceeding the amount the party was allowed to spend by $1.

Therefore, the deduction as claimed u/s 80HHC should be allowed to the assessee, within the premise of section 158BH.

The minister was allowed to hand out materials and move from table to table, talking with children, the claim states.

So a new law was crafted along the lines of people being allowed to use any means they like to defend their property.

In 5% of cases allow by is used

It is a privilege allowed by God.

They are NOT allowed by law to contradict the law of the land.

TNB won't trespass into the house unless allowed by the tenant.

Any actions meeting these criteria, even when vigorous, must be allowed by the referee.

Even animals experience physical hunger, so they eat as allowed by limits of the situation.

Thanks to such methods, allowed by the carelessness of the States, their treasuries are empty.

These days, heretics, apostates, and blashemers are no long allowed by the state to be hung or burned at the stake.

In fact, links to said rebuttals were not evenA allowed by whoever moderates messages in his blog at Huffington Post.

A message was put to a remote queue, but the message is larger than the maximum message length allowed by the channel.

If I set it to allow by member group then everyone in that member group or name, it seems it (The one thats pre-set with.

In 3% of cases allow into is used

Females might not be allowed into the monastery at all.

His efforts led to Anglo-Indians being allowed into IAF.

It doesn't mean they should be allowed into natural ecosystems.

Please do not bring your dog/pet to the venue as they will not be allowed into the venue.

I am not even allowed into the play area in the mall! How RUDE! Started compiling the lists.

When cars weren't allowed into the city with few people in them, they bicycled aid in to various neighborhoods.

This means that only the people directly involved in the case are allowed into the court room during the hearing.

In fact, according to city officials, the Geneva Council determines the number of cars that can be allowed into the city.

After surrogate mothers are shown to be free of unwanted pathogens, their offspring are allowed into the SPF breeding unit.

Because they were becoming so unruly and so that they should not be allowed into the court's premises or near the court premises.

In 3% of cases allow on is used

Pets: Pets are allowed on request.

Dogs are allowed on the property so the Lab came with.

Currently, 120 people are allowed on the island each day.

I personally think that inconsiderate drivers like you shoukdn't be allowed on the road.

He isn't allowed on any websites that have chat sites attached to them (even the ' kids ' ones).

It was quite dangerous don't forget there was a curfew, nobody was allowed on the street after 10pm.

One year Thatcher turned up and to the cup final and wasn't allowed on the pitch and was forced to meet the teams inside.

Such remittance may be allowed on submission of the invoice, bill of lading and Exchange Control copy of Customs Bill of Entry.

Children are not allowed on the grounds, and those attending are not allowed to stand, but must sit cross-legged on a mat or lawn.

The proposal is for only guard rooms, gardening rooms and toilets to be allowed on open spaces, and even then in a curtailed manner.

In 1% of cases allow at is used

Flash photography is not allowed at this site.

Hence the change in the date of birth should not be allowed at this stage being an officer of Army General.

Multiple marriages were allowed at a time when there were far too many widows and not enough men to go around.

Having said that each individual distinctive allow at developing Diablo 3 is simply not recommended decent and harmful.

It was very cold and the midwife accompanied by a nun did not even ask my name, husbands were not allowed at the birth.

I am all for expanding the range of models that are allowed at events but feel they should be models, should be appropriate for the genre etc.

Your children look up to you and they need your guidance to know what is and what is not allowed at the airport, during the flight, after the flight, at the hotel and so forth.

In 1% of cases allow of is used

It is further evident, that no fresh land can be taken into cultivation till rents have risen, or would allow of a rise upon what is already cultivated.

A distinction between primary and secondary legal rules, where a primary rule governs conduct and a secondary rule allows of the creation, alteration, or extinction of primary rules.

In 1% of cases allow Under is used

FDI in automobile manufacturing is allowed under the automatic approval route.

The tenancy then continues until it is ended in a way that is allowed under the Act.

FDI up to 74 per cent is allowed under the automatic route in all telecom services; higher FDI needs FIPB approval.

All these old cruel methods allowed under outdated problem animal control ordinances have been re-stated and approved.

Somewhere between 5 and 15 percent of new properties have a smaller floor-space than would have been allowed under the old Parker Morris standards.

However, there are two exceptions: information can be released if it has already been made public or if the release is allowed under the Privacy Act.

While raising concerns about independent expenditures allowed under current law, opponents spent some $70 million of reportable money against the measure.

This trade covers almost every imaginable transaction, and is forbidden and made unlawful except when allowed under the form of licenses issued by the Secretary of Commerce (p.

Government Regulation BUYING A HOME IN MALAYSIA All purchases of properties by foreign interests, if allowed under the law, must be with the approval of the FIC regardless of value.

But it would become increasingly difficult to maintain that position if the TPP inhibited actions allowed under the RCEP or if East Asia governments saw the TPP as incompatible with their aims.

In 1% of cases allow with is used

Borders and padding are not allowed with a page-reference-area.

FDI up to 74 percent is allowed with automatic approval for cold storage facilities.

Hotels, Tourism and Restaurants: FDI at 100 percent is allowed with automatic approval.

Is this not allowed with the new Timeline format? Hello and thanks for a great bunch of info.

Again there's no indication which number of open trades a follower should allow with the new strategy.

Roads, Highways, and Mass Rapid Transport Systems: FDI up to 100 percent is allowed with automatic approval for construction and maintenance.

Only one of the two turbines can be used at the power station because they can't let any more water out than they currently allow with one generator.

Information Technology: FDI at 100 percent is allowed with automatic approval in software and electronics, except in the aerospace and defense sectors.

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