Prepositions after "allocate"

"allocate to" or "allocate for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases allocate to is used

Allocated to the task were 1st and 29th (U.

It will be allocated to an officer who will reply to you.

Similarly, time may be allocated to staff development and training.

Besides, over GHC 3 million has been allocated to beef up the media and music industry.

Places will be allocated to qualified client companies on a first come, first served basis.

Therefore, all taxes can be allocated to people based on their jobs, purchases, and assets.

TSPI value below 1 indicates project team can be lenient in utilizing the remaining time allocated to the project.

Again, there the system of the family plot and women? s smaller plots, allocated to them by their husbands, exists.

The room allocated to me was cosy but a little small (but hey, I can't complain -- how much space does a bloke need?).

No one expects swift results, despite the resources that have been allocated to the inquiry from the Kent police team.

In 17% of cases allocate for is used

Space has been allocated for further development.

Underneath, four separate sections were allocated for watches.

The budget allocated for the project should be taken into consideration.

They argued forcefully that the money should be allocated for spending right away.

It is proposed that a sum of RM3,407 million be allocated for Development Expenditure.

If funds allocated for development are not used properly, it is a grave crime perpetrated on the people.

If we get a year? s time to educate the people and the budgets are allocated for the debate, let the chips fall where they might.

Twelve acres of jungle had been allocated for the Kilinochchi Sinhala Vidyalaya which was later acquired for the zonal education office.

Now you can find out how much amount you need to allocate for buying the property by using the formula for present value of a growing annuity.

We will see the extent of the finances that would be allocated for the implementation of the Action Plans in the next budget and the timelines.

In 6% of cases allocate in is used

Any public Grounds can be allocated in other areas of the Country.

It's not her fault that resources were not correctly allocated in this time of need.

They know this because IP addresses are allocated in numeric blocks or ranges, by country.

Financial resources are allocated in the budgeting process for the operations in a way which enables achieving the objectives.

The good news: 44m was allocated in the 2011 Budget to ensure that a further 300 schools across Ireland get 100Mbps broadband.

If allocated in the war against poverty according to current spending patterns, that sum could save the lives of 350,000 children under the age of five annually.

I might have a slightly skewed vision on things since most of the research budgets that are allocated in Belgium are far too small because of the size of the market.

Generally, this will be the association's secretary and that responsibility will be allocated in the association's rules; Keep a record of proceedings during the meeting.

We argue that, since capital is allocated in anticipation of the protection it may receive, the government can benefit from trade agreements because they prevent the misallocation of capital.

The 700MHz band, known as the Digital Dividend, is currently allocated in Brazil to broadcasting services but has ideal properties for improving mobile coverage and combines effectively with the 2.

In 5% of cases allocate by is used

Tickets will be allocated by random draw and will be sent out in advance of the event.

Total funding to be allocated by SECO to LDCs through this Trust Fund mechanism amounts to US$18.

The community safety budgets currently controlled by councils will be allocated by the commissioner.

He is not suppose to tell the govt whether natural resources should be allocated by auction or FCFS basis.

Firstly, such a measure would be unprecedented given that the government is already functioning on funds allocated by a Vote on Account.

This evidence may consist of the VAT number, or a similar number which is used to identify the business, allocated by the tax authority in the country of establishment.

The state could also stipulate that developers need to make a fixed number or proportion of units available for shared ownership, to be allocated by the state/local government.

In 3% of cases allocate on is used

Each class has spaces for 30 students which are allocated on a first-come basis.

Doors open at 6pm and seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Places are normally allocated on a first-come-first-served basis but requirement of a relevant average grade may also apply.

In 2% of cases allocate between is used

How will ever scarcer energy resources be allocated between the advanced economies and the emerging.

In the current market scenario, investors may allocate between 10-35 per cent at the least in equities.

Typically, you should allocate between 10-20 hours per week to your studies to complete in the minimum time for a postgraduate course.

The Capped Family stream (which consists of Parent, and Sibling and Adult Child residence categories) is currently allocated between 14,850 and 16,500 places from July 2011 to June 2014.

In 2% of cases allocate with is used

Larger objects are allocated with mmap().

Muslims were allocated with large scale lands.

Each business that signs up for KiSSFLOW is allocated with separate database on Cloud SQL.

For that purpose, the Bishop had a grievance that Tamils in the Vanni area are not allocated with lands.

In 1% of cases allocate against is used

Any times recorded in this mode are to be allocated against the Job.

Any times recorded in this mode are not be allocated against the Job.

In 1% of cases allocate from is used

If you request 16 bytes, great, you only use 16 bytes; if you request 17 bytes, the request is allocated from the 32-byte arena, and 15 bytes are wasted.

In 1% of cases allocate per is used

The President of the USA is determined by what are called Electoral College votes (a block of votes allocated per State, to ensure parity in results ), not the popular vote.

In 1% of cases allocate towards is used

Although they remain stated priorities, very few resources have been allocated towards this challenge.

Jog saw first-hand how funds gathered for and allocated towards relief and rehabilitation work, were misappropriated at every level of bureaucracy.

In 1% of cases allocate via is used

String objects allocated via new operator are stored in the heap, and there is no sharing of storage for the same contents.

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