Prepositions after "allege"

allege in, by, during, at or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases allege in is used

I do not own eight mansions as alleged in the publication.

Massive irregularities were alleged in the recruitment process.

Moody Awouri never died in London as alleged in paragraph three.

Of course not all mortals have access to the use of force and influence as has been alleged in this transaction.

Kiriakou's defense indicates that Researcher 1 Tate participated with Journalist A Cole in certain activities alleged in the Indictment.

The manager of the hospital alleged in his complaint that Dey broke into the hospital late on Friday night and created an uproar over some petty issues.

It was also falsely alleged in other NDC newspapers that I failed to mention the names of Ministers I had made allegations against in my press statement.

And it was Eric Onyango whom Barrack Mbajah alleged in his affidavit of September 18, 1991, was one of the people who arrived to pick up Dr Ouko on the night he was murdered.

Obasanjo said his administration's support for Dangote was informed by his commitment to the growth and development of the country rather than favouritism as it is being alleged in some quarters.

In 12% of cases allege by is used

That the rocks of Bajo de Masinloc are not included or within the limits of the Treaty of Paris, as alleged by China, is therefore immaterial and of no consequence.

Simply put, the facts alleged by EFDI are meritorious and the case was filed to protect its rights as the exclusive distributor of Red Bull products in the country and not for any malicious purpose.

In 10% of cases allege during is used

Elizabeth Harris alleges during her examination that she bid her familiar, Anonymous 217, to get her revenge on Goodman Chilman for accusing her of stealing a pig.

Joan Williford alleges during her confession that, seven years before her trial, the Devil came to her in the shape of a small dog and demanded that she forsake God and rely on him instead.

In 4% of cases allege of is used

Well, at least the BJP President has offered himself for any scrutiny, investigation on being alleged of corruption.

Tonto was alleged of having a sizzling romance with the ace director while recently on set on Rukky Sanda's film in Abuja.

In 2% of cases allege to is used

Rini Akter, a housewife alleged to this reporter that she had to use by lanes to reach home.

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