Prepositions after "align"

"align with" or "align to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases align with is used

Their myths align with the Odin myths.

It is aligning with unity consciousness.

Hence the smaller glyphs align with each other.

Government or President could claim anyone was (directly aligned with militants) e.

The sun is shining, the air is fresh and your motivation is aligned with the stars.

That debate is useless and does not align with the original goals presented in history.

Right now, that Independent, Angus King, is refusing to say which party he would align with if he wins the election.

From what I observed, they are dedicated servants of humanity, aligned with love, with a passion to know the truth.

He has a hard time making friends and has the social skills more aligned with those of a toddler than a 5-year-old.

Industries, such as power generation, will have to undergo fundamental changes to better align with the 21st century.

In 19% of cases align to is used

The incentive program was not aligned to profitability.

It is aligned to within one twelfth of a degree to the cardinal points of the compass.

Smart Covers are screen protectors that magnetically attach and align to the face of the iPad 2.

You can also make it align to the centre or right side of the page, by editing the code a little.

Wells Fargo's ambition is to make it meaningful and strategically aligned to business objectives.

NESAP-ICT supports employable skills that are aligned to international standards in the IT-ITES industry.

Use the text tool to type out a navigation menu along the same baseline with each item aligning to a column.

The selection process will be administered locally or regionally, but aligned to a set of national benchmarks.

The UN reform initiative in Tanzania is developed on the basis of the UNDAF and thus also aligned to national strategies.

In 3% of cases align in is used

You can't wait for everything to align in a certain way.

For me, I felt the two were absolutely aligned in the same direction.

While cooling, molecules of the same type align in a crystal lattice, forming crystals.

As each polymer brush aligns in the same way, it forms a repeating three-dimensional array (Fig.

Thus matrices are used to estimate how well two residues of given types would match if they were aligned in a sequence alignment.

There are four of them, perfectly aligned in a horizontal plane, glowing suspiciously in the dark, but away from the light of the fire.

Economic outcomes need to be framed in terms of right and wrong not just efficiency if only because these often align in surprising ways.

For example, the modules (or content boxes) of the site look slightly more closely aligned in Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9 than in Internet Explorer 5.

To tow a boat and its passengers, it must be stable and the towing boat operator must be warned of any problems immediately The two boats must be aligned in the same direction.

Cat &; Bird (I love this color combination!) Fruit Paradise Nohara Oasis (Love how the fabrics were aligned in this picture) Rain or Shine (my favorite from the new range) Rain or Shine close up.

In 3% of cases align on is used

The houses, aligned on the riverbank, were of one storey.

They are authoritarian, Socialist but aligned on ethno-nationalistic contours.

Article 58f (Languages of the Agreement) has been aligned on the corresponding provision of the EPC.

XSL modifications to the CSS definition: Values have the following meanings: start Specifies that the content is to be aligned on the start-edge in the **28;24410;TOOLONG.

In 2% of cases align at is used

The glyphs of different scripts are typically aligned at different points on the glyph.

For example, in some usage of Indic scripts the leader is aligned at the alphabetic baseline.

Option 1 seems like the company would be moving toward change but if it isn't aligned at the top it never fully takes hold.

The legislation also includes insurance reforms, expands coverage, and has not upset the careful coalition of industry groups the White House worked so hard to align at the start of this process.

In 1% of cases align for is used

Every system is perfectly aligned for the results that it gets.

Stop bashing teachers!!! Every system is perfectly aligned for the results that it gets.

In 1% of cases align over is used

The resulting force (black) may thus be aligned over the imaginary point (deep blue) and roll the vehicle over in a curve.

Each two-digit code is aligned over the country it represents and is color coded with the legend below for quick and easy reference.

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