Prepositions after "aim"

"aim at" or "aim for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 78% of cases aim at is used

Not every L is aimed at the pro.

Move and aim at them with the mouse.

The attack was aimed at the police.

It is specifically aimed at people with a bad credit history who can't get other cards.

A hidden premise in this discussion is that writing aimed at men is somehow the standard.

He is surrounded by eight bodies, and police detective Solor has a gun aimed at his chest.

Narendra Modi leads the brigade with his one-liners; his verbal arrows become particularly sharp when aimed at women.

It was also a newspaper for women from the beginning, being the first to provide features specifically aimed at them.

Like the Spanish Inquisition Franco aimed at purification of Spain by burning what he regarded as corrupted elements.

Topona is aimed at refreshing memories of the past and reminding the world about what was accomplished here long ago.

In 18% of cases aim for is used

As a man, aim for at least 3000.

Aim for the minimum achievement.

Caxton aimed for a court readership.

Like many retailers out there, you're probably aiming for success this holiday season.

Every teacher, every head and every school should be aiming for excellence -- no lower.

It ensures that sprinters can aim for the leader's jersey of the race in the opening week.

In my experience it's a good idea to aim for 1) RH of 40% 2) Temperature not less than 50F / 10C in all parts of the room.

A more pro-agriculture policy scenario is developed by aiming for a much higher level of agricultural growth at 6% (vrs.

Jenny your blog seems meticulous to me and highly professional even if that isn't what you were intentionally aiming for.

However, hill volunteers say they are moving in the right direction, and are aiming for mid December to open their doors.

In 2% of cases aim to is used

If you do that, your lawyer can report the claim to ICBC for you.

Ticketmaster aims to post all tickets within 72 hours of booking.

PPIP, in short, aims to conscript private money into public service.

Under expansion plans, the company aims to produce 50 million tons by 2015.

The PPIP aims to solve this riddle by focusing on leverage rather than prices.

Introduction The Sexual Offences Act 2003 aimed to? reset the boundaries? regarding a public sexual ethic.

It's all about sticking your middlefinger at the majority of people who aim to corrupt, bully or control who you are.

The release is just the start of a new program that aims to built a Coromandel brown kiwi population on Motutapu Island.

Her opening up of the house at the back aimed to, ' bring the green in, bring the sky in, bring the light in, ' she says.

India is expected to play a large role in the Obama Administration's National Export Initiative (NEI ), which aims to double U.

In 1% of cases aim in is used

The French bank s aim in raising its 2002 forecasts and its dividend pay-out is to repel predators.

Alex68 October 2, 2012 at 11:56 am Guess you realize how low we have to aim in terms of free agents huh.

All such types have been so far aimed in serving the nation towards the constructions at an increased level.

Being pissed off is taking anger as a weapon and aiming in the right targets so you end up in a happy place.

Thus the social prevention of the offences is required to aim in a society free from exploitation of man by another man.

Sorry, but Werth just strikes me as the kind of teammate whose disapproving glare you never want to see aimed in your direction.

This anger can be aimed in many different directions at once, you may feel anger towards the loved one you have lost for leaving you alone.

Instead think of their overall aims in terms of their job or tasks they wish to perform, and thus how the product can assist in meeting these goals.

In 1% of cases aim towards is used

If we have more investment and continue to aim towards breaking even, we have more cash available for team investment.

Its information is geared very much towards the novice, and aims towards a brief and general overview of each period rather then in-depth information.

This organization aims towards development of the Internet and also develops suitable solutions for the rising challenges pertaining to law, business, technology and policy in the Internet arena.

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