Prepositions after "aghast"

aghast at, with, in, by or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases aghast at is used

He is puzzled or aghast at them.

A nation that was aghast at Mrs.

Ashok was aghast at his own doing.

Mr Ellis isn't decrying the death of the man, he is aghast at the way it was all done.

I am aghast at the racial, prejudiced, and how I think uninformed these Americans are.

I am aghast at how any creative decision is ripped apart regardless of a win or a loss.

I know plenty of Americans who have watched aghast at this unnecessary invasion, these high crimes and misdemeanors.

Sanchi is aghast at the idea of shiv marrying along with other village boys and says that she does nt approve of it.

Our founding fathers would have aghast at any suggestion that such become a responsibility of the federal government.

I was motivated to launch Collegiate Nation because I was aghast at how Facebook handled people's private information.

In 6% of cases aghast with is used

He stood aghast with his mouth agape.

I am really aghast with where he gets his law.

The women closed round, whilst I was aghast with horror.

Presently, no wonder we are aghast with our way of married life.

I am totally disillusioned, aghast with the present Labour Party.

It is utterly disappointing and one can not help but be aghast with such poor policing.

Heart rendered extensively as 19 got killed on a peace day and leaving us aghast with short of words.

If you're not from the village, you must be aghast with how the people reacted to Nong Fred's condition.

When I explain to people this who haven't suffered they are aghast with me! Its a trap a lot of us fall into.

When I broke the news to my mother she was aghast with thoughts of my leaving my roots, culture and religion.

In 2% of cases aghast as is used

Boris's aides have watched aghast as the government has muddled its way into disaster after disaster.

Churchgoers looked aghast as a scruffy down-and-out huddled in the church doorway as they arrived for morning service.

A family party weeks later sees a host of close friends aghast as the transformed, glamorous and beautiful new Maddy enters the room.

The humble garden gnome, once symbolic of questionable taste himself, has looked on aghast as the nation's patios have filled up with rattan and teak.

Having honoured their part of the agreement, the Tories were aghast as a petulant Clegg reneged on his side of the deal last week and said he wouldn't support boundary reform.

In 2% of cases aghast by is used

Today, we are founding fathers would be aghast by Earth's conditions.

Locals are aghast by the garishly low compensation given by the authorities.

Jul 24, 2012 11:51 pm Robert Scott says: I am aghast by the rudeness of these unlettered bitches.

Aghast by the underwhelming response to your accomplishments, you set out for bigger and better horizons.

And they have isolated the Congress outside Parliament, with even those who have set no store by the Anna movement left aghast by this arbitrary display of government might.

In 2% of cases aghast in is used

Critics of the former mayor and his incinerator deals sat aghast in the audience.

In 1% of cases aghast about is used

Now I can't be too aghast about this.

Mike, I am sorry and aghast about the rating.

We educated class who actually are very aghast about corruption are less in numbers.

In 1% of cases aghast for is used

Hoof the ball, I shout, aghast for a moment at my honest vehemence.

In her bewilderment at this apparition she stood aghast for a second.

In 1% of cases aghast on is used

I was aghast on reading the whole episode of hanging a man.

The next Danish pastry of the smoking room arrangement ideas recommends that you not be found aghast on route to buckle to your own kitchen arrangement project.

In 1% of cases aghast over is used

Think about that, baseball fans who are aghast over Mike Trout losing the AL MVP to Miguel Cabrera.

Ministers and officials were aghast over what looked like Krishna's clumsy -- and self-destructive -- attempt to pass the buck.

Zayn's jaw had dropped open, but he didn't look surprised to hear the words; he seemed aghast over the fact that Harry had actually said them.

Though party partisans, pundits, and journalists are aghast over robocalls, the average Canadian cares about stuff that affects their daily lives.

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