Prepositions after "afford"

"afford to" or "afford by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases afford to is used

The truth was she couldn't afford to.

They actually can not afford to do it.

I shopped where I could afford to shop.

In the UK at least, magazines can't afford to lose any more readers by taking chances.

Indians are being forced to grow the kinds of food they can't afford to eat themselves.

So, maybe I like the shark laundry basket but I can't afford to or don't want to buy one.

Abroad, there are more doctors and fewer patients and maybe because of that, when people can afford to, they go abroad.

Even the civil liberties now being slowly afforded to the gay and lesbian community have nothing to do with the Boomers.

The complexity afforded the character is something Bond films rarely afford to Bond himself, let alone any other character.

In this era and day and age, people can not afford to blow a lot of cash on something they can get at a Wal-Mart or Target.

In 21% of cases afford by is used

But there's no denying the benefits afforded by smartphones now.

This is the common one which can be afforded by the grassroots class.

It was the kind of choice not afforded by his ancestors when they began to settle in Los Angeles.

The challenge is identifying, assessing, and taking advantage of opportunities afforded by such minitrends.

She may persist on the road of soft indulgence afforded by the unstable dollar's official reserve currency role.

More thorough initial screening afforded by Sonru has also resulted in a reduction in the number of subsequent face-to-face interviews.

And the rest of the world wants the usability and flexibility afforded by the currency of the largest, strongest, and most stable nation.

We are importing welfare dependency with open borders and funding a state sector we can't afford by using the credit of future generations.

As usual I learn the hard way! Compression The additional support afforded by the silicon beads reduced vibrational impact to my fibula and facilitated faster healing.

In 8% of cases afford in is used

It wont Get A good Simpleton To find out So it Could Go on an Uniform To afford In which Garbage.

He also doesn't seem to have ever found out that muslims are allowed to have four wives in some places, as many as they can afford in others.

They of course won the FA Cup but it became clear shortly afterwards they won it with players they could never have afforded in the long term.

Even the office space rented out at the bottom is intended for hedge funds and financiers wanting more elbow room than they can afford in the City or Mayfair.

In the later stages of the research, particular attention was focused on the kinds of learning opportunities afforded in teacher educator -- student teacher interaction.

Oh, and recently went to the opening of disabled accomodation - wheelchair bound guy in a three bedroom flat, with facilities far better than I can afford in my own house.

Spending time to create your own enterprise model will reap rich rewards for all of your data-related initiatives, saving you from making expensive mistakes you can not afford in this day and age.

In 4% of cases afford for is used

The Nats can't afford for Zim in the 3 hole to go to into a deep slump this time.

Quote: Originally Posted by Bronte Can you afford for her to stay in the house and you to rent somewhere, while you pay her maintenance, or vice versa.

In 3% of cases afford with is used

I recommend getting something you can afford with a 15-year loan.

Something even a school kid can afford with a few days worth of allowances saved up.

Don't understand why i should pay tax for something i have struggled to afford with no help from anyone.

This was the record I bought when I bought my decks and it was the record I could afford with the money I had left from buying my decks.

In 3% of cases afford at is used

I don't like to sign up to anything I can't afford at that moment, so I was waiting until next pay to enter.

It was not extravagant compared to other desi weddings that I've been to, but it was compared to what my parents could afford at that time.

To get around this make an assumption before borrowing any money that interest rates are going to rise substantially, and only borrow as much as you could afford at the higher rate.

In 2% of cases afford on is used

A bad delivery would see the crisis evolve and spread, something this government can't afford on a national level.

In 1% of cases afford during is used

Your credit record will contain this information for 10 years, thus ensuring you will have a tough time obtaining credit you can afford during that period.

In 1% of cases afford from is used

People bought homes they knew they couldn't afford from banks and lenders who pushed those bad loans anyway.

In 1% of cases afford rather is used

He can decide for himself what he can and can't afford rather than being forced to relinquish a certain percentage of his money to a group of strangers so they can determine that for him.

In 1% of cases afford as is used

They also come with wallet friendly prices that one can afford as well as moderate colors that one can use.

In 1% of cases afford via is used

If I really want to see a show I'll just purchase whatever DVD sets I can afford via Amazon and watch it that way.

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