Prepositions after "afflict"

"afflict with" or "afflict by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases afflict with is used

It was a wonderful moment, but I was still afflicted with sin.

Frightened, and afflicted with the emotions of anger, hate, and greed.

Every nerve within their bodies is afflicted with agony beyond imagination.

I do not have any family member that I know of that has been afflicted with breast cancer.

The parliamentary system of governance in Bangladesh appears to be afflicted with such ambiguity.

To be afflicted with unjustified fear of this kind is to be reborn as an asura right here and now.

I hope you will not refuse me that kindness which you have done to so many persons afflicted with the headache.

For those afflicted with cynic focus, this is also not extracted from the Supreme Court decision on Balochistan.

They finish up beating themselves along with its company looses momentum and additionally will be afflicted with.

In comparison to other countries of the region Sri Lanka was afflicted with numerous problems in the past twenty years.

In 30% of cases afflict by is used

Spring is cooler but is often afflicted by fog and heavy thunderstorms.

You want to be aware that nighttime activities could be afflicted by dinnertimes.

These newly liberated countries -- India among them -- were afflicted by mass poverty and backwardness.

The context of James's instruction is this: a Christian has sinned and, as a result, is afflicted by God.

Oxfordshire has been particularly afflicted by pointless 50 limits, it does my head in when we visit the ILs.

Though I'd afflicted by tinnitus, so I'd never really without some noises in my head, but it's definitely an improvement.

It is an incident that should jolt into reality and realization those afflicted by the course of the insatiable quest of wealth, fame and glory.

CREATA strive to remain truthful to its call in the service of the poor and those afflicted by violence to address all forms of social injustices.

Here are 7 tips to avoid redness and irritation: Loading Slideshow Assess the condition of your skin Avoid shaving areas afflicted by red, irritated bumps from a previous session.

In 3% of cases afflict in is used

Those who have Virgo afflicted in their birth chart are short-tempered, irritable and discontented.

Only those having Capricorn afflicted in their birth-chart may suffer from gout or pulmonary complaint.

In 1% of cases afflict despite is used

Have you or have you not received grace? Saint Teresa of Avila, afflicted despite everything with arid prayer, has visions; we say to ourselves,? She is mad, it is hysteria.

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