Prepositions after "affect"

affect by, in, with, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 89% of cases affect by is used

Rain 3 matches affected by rain.

We too are affected by the economy.

A CFLi's life is affected by switching.

Foods To Avoid During Fever There are various foods to avoid when affected by fever.

These symptoms appear most often among muscle groups affected by the initial disease.

Children affected by the food crisis in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia aren't so lucky.

This occurred even when the Japanese manufacturers are affected by the Sino-Japanese tensions of disputed islands.

In India it is likely that the poorer states in the north and north-east will be most affected by climate impacts.

A motorbike is the clear winner at getting one person from A to B: Less affected by congestion and uses less fuel.

This is likely because scribes were either collecting first-person actor/affected by stories, or observer reports.

In 3% of cases affect in is used

Younger children are also affected in the region.

How many homes have been affected in the Maldives? r.

DIfferent people are affected in different ways by the earth's movements.

Students ' repayments after graduation will not be adversely affected in the short term.

According to the review, the crops affected in August this year were coffee, tea and cotton.

We are all affected in one way or another but we can choose how to limit its effects, I guess.

Nine local government areas were affected in Kogi State with Ibaji Local Government Area almost completely submerged.

The NDRRMC also reported that 28,631 were affected in five regions with 2,413 people having taken shelter in evacuation centers.

A total population of 33,45,545 people living in 993 villages of 412 panchayats of 35 blocks of 5 districts were affected in the flood.

This ' greenhouse syndrome ' is being produced and perpetuated by disaffected individuals and lobbies of minority value and little knowledge.

In 2% of cases affect with is used

It easily gets affected with the immediate environment.

Affect with an a is usually a verb; effect with an e is (usually) a noun.

Their shape and direction are also affected with strong muscles and their attachment and contraction.

My partner, while otherwise youthful and completely functional, is affected with severe back discomfort.

Around 1 of all the 5 individuals is affected with some extent associated with irritable intestinal sign.

Various blood bank studies indicate that an estimated 1% of the Indian population is affected with this virus.

Negros Occidental is one the provinces in the Philippines that has been greatly affected with massive deforestation.

How about you get like KP and realize that the need of the hour is to help the war affected with their immediate needs.

However the apple iphone is excellent, it is affected with a problem that numerous other gadgets of it's quality endure, it's utilization.

All those areas that are badly affected with the earthquakes and floods then in all such regions the structural engineering services are placed for building up the dams, roads and bridges.

In 1% of cases affect on is used

The evidence of planetary affects on climate has been around for years.

But who those companies choose to support has serious side affects on their credibility and strength as a brand.

Fruit bats are the natural ' host ' of Hendra -- they harbour and spread the virus however it has little affect on them.

Affect on performance Not only can drinking make you a less safe climber the next day, it can also mean you will not be climbing at your best.

Putting your own photos on canvas puts you in charge of the process, allowing you to create artwork which is truly unique and affecting on a personal level.

Incredibly, there have even been at least three separate attempts this year to poison girls attending schools inAfghanistan, with over 100 girls affected on each occasion.

This sense of calm and reassurance seemed to have been her legacy on the Calabar community and we should thank the Lord for allowing this servant to have a positive affects on our lves.

In 1% of cases affect to is used

One of our guides was also affected to some extent and I was told ' not to worry, as it will disappear within a few hours as you descend.

They have to because performance of front projectors is affected to a much greater degree by your room environment than flat panel displays.

Apple have not commented on this incident giving indication this may not affect to many customer who have ordered or plan on buy the iPad Mini.

The good news is that air travel is no longer affected to same extent as it was, though airports in Iceland are still closed from time to time.

In order to rely on the exception: We do not consider that the member needs to be affected to exactly the same extent as other members of the public.

In our cyclone story, we are not sure what damage has been done outside Honiara, so we attribute the belief that Honiara has been the worst affected to the emergency services: The emergency services.

It reads as follows: Social psychology, largely under the influence of the writings of McDougall, and also affected to a considerable extent by modern psychopathology, has been very much to the fore.

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