Prepositions after "advocate"

advocate for, by, in, on or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 73% of cases advocate for is used

Let me play devils advocate for a second.

Not even to advocate for the little one in my care.

Gandhi advocated for a return to simple village life.

On the wheel chair, she advocated for the disabled and the African American people.

Stuff that works, stuff that we should be advocating for -- common sense basically.

I will not stop advocating for a full investigation by an independent body and public report until that occurs.

Abdulle, 27, was a long time member of NUSOJ and has been advocating for the security of journalists in Galkayo.

I remember how he advocated for the disastrous war in Iraq and then switched gears when the war was not going well.

It's so sad but it's often the way -- the ones who have the fewest advocating for them can end up being forgotten.

In 14% of cases advocate by is used

Checking for the nuchal cord has been advocated by medical textbooks.

I wish to applaud the realistic and conciliatory approach advocated by Saman.

As such, tackling global warming is the most urgent solution advocated by the book.

Thomas said the situation contradicted the IMalaysia policy as advocated by the prime minister.

In modern times the doctrine that Mary is the Universal Mediatrix of Grace was advocated by St.

This is because the policies advocated by both sides of the political divide are merely palliative.

It is striking how many patients show up in my office with blood pressures outside the range advocated by current guidelines.

The ' integration ' of the two races was advocated by the government as the quickest and surest way of coping with the mass influx.

Notwithstanding, far-seeing leaders such as US President Jimmy Carter tried to implement some of the policies advocated by the Greens.

I really don't think that this is the best solution - though it is one that has long been advocated by some of the BBC's fiercest critics.

In 4% of cases advocate in is used

Mr Tipoki began his youth work training as a youth volunteer and advocate in his community and church.

Dink had long advocated in his paper ' Agos ' that Turkey admit and acknowledge the Armenian genocide.

The problem with progressive proposals like the ones advocated in this study is that they address symptoms, not causes.

A typical French intellectual, he is sharp, incisive and biting in his criticism of globalisation as advocated in the 1990s.

In 4% of cases advocate on is used

We continue to advocate on the Hill on these issues to get that message out.

Speaking in a campaign video, Blair said Christians must advocate on behalf of the world's poorest people.

This is different than an angry, sinful cursing of God which was advocated on the part of Job's wife (Job 2:9).

It is for this reason so many Jews here in America so tirelessly advocate on behalf of Israel to our elected leaders.

The letters, Ryan's spokesman Brendan Buck said, were sent as part of the congressman's basic responsibility to advocate on behalf of his district.

Bonding over a mutual love of the Red Sox could remind you in the heat of things that we are all just people, advocating on behalf of respective clients.

In 2% of cases advocate against is used

On a recent trip to Delhi, she became Bangladesh ' s advocate against India ' s tightening of rice exports.

Important as they are to advocate against the naysayers, in themselves none has the the impacts of cognitive dissonance.

Nor did Gingrich ever advocate against pending legislation affecting Freddie Mac, as some articles have incorrectly alleged.

In 1% of cases advocate to is used

Even some years before 1965, Pauker had been advocating to the Indonesian military the need to take action and wipe out the Communist opposition.

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