Prepositions after "advancing"

"advancing to" or "advancing in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases advancing to is used

Much more advancing to the health.

He preferred Advancing to Remaining.

Advancing to table and helping himself.

The attack was delayed for 30 minutes as the tanks got lost advancing to the front.

Pearson is currently advancing to a management position in the Material Department.

She was indeed stedfast, immoveable, unchangeable, and daily advancing to perfection.

The men from the IX Division quickly created a formidable defensive line to stop the British advancing to Arnhem.

A few eruptions shewed themselves on the forehead, but they very soon disappeared without advancing to maturation.

Advancing to the next round in Europe and an 8 th place finish in the EPL would meet most reasonable expectations.

The Vipers played well and went on to beat North Harbour 21-7 advancing to the final for ths second straight year.

In 16% of cases advancing in is used

Advancing in retail can mean a variety of things.

It's also associated with advancing in an organization.

India is similarly advancing in that direction as well.

Mercosur to continue advancing in trade regardless what the rest of the world thinks.

For example, women in their twenties may be concerned with advancing in their career.

Advancing in some fields, such as the sciences, may require you to get a doctorate degree.

In 1900, with Stanton and Anthony advancing in age, Carrie Chapman Catt (1859-1947) stepped up to lead the NASWA.

Cyber threats are continuously advancing in their adaptability speed, sophistication, and degree of stealthiness.

The State of New York had been steadily advancing in population, resources, and power, ever since the peace of 1785.

And its not just the better publicised cloud based technology which is seemingly advancing in every way but the price.

In 10% of cases advancing towards is used

It was slowly advancing towards me.

Dr Stockmann advancing towards him.

Then they began advancing towards the University campus.

Means advancing towards communist revolution prefigures the communist society.

It is decidedly advancing towards the Chinese ideal of making all people alike.

It is really advancing towards become onto your wrist very fast in any respect.

Bearing Witness: Ganeshapillai Ganeshapillai was among civilians advancing towards the army line in Iruddumadu.

The large parade of northern and southern walls is advancing towards the main Buddha niche of the western wall.

Two hours afterwards a long line of warriors were seen descending the table-land and advancing towards our camp.

How I improved determined the more suitable path of advancing towards those that had a date with the end of my blade.

In 8% of cases advancing at is used

Software is advancing at a tremendous pace.

Material illusion is advancing at a rapid pace.

His mental illness is advancing at a rapid rate.

Assertions have been made that the desert is advancing at approximately 5km a year.

Then technology is advancing at lightning speed -- and mostly in the English language.

With technolgy advancing at the speed of light, HP seems to be miles ahead in the game.

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and we want to teach you about the latest and greatest in the GPS industry.

It is estimated to be advancing at an annual rate of 300,000 to 400,000 ha and the rate is rapidly accelerating URT, 1991.

Fast growing economy Indian economy is fast growing and is advancing at a major pace especially in the technology department.

The rate of advancement in biotechnology is advancing at a pace as rapid as that showcased by the falling price of genetic sequencing.

In 7% of cases advancing on is used

Their research is advancing on three fronts.

We see that nothing is advancing on the ground.

He screamed at me, in public, pointing his finger and advancing on me aggressively.

Darren turned again and saw Neyira, lying on the ground with Lethean slowly advancing on her.

In my head, I saw a line of black advancing on me, the ghost of my half-forgotten human nightmare.

As the IPCC SREX demonstrated, our knowledge is advancing on that front as well, although uncertainties remain high.

Simultaneously with the degradation of law and order in the state level, oppression of women is advancing on contests.

As I write this, Al Jazeera is reporting that Qaddafi's troops are still advancing on Benghazi and might be within 50 km.

In fact, if your communication needs are looked at and confirmed, you possibly can completely do the advancing on your own.

In 4% of cases advancing with is used

Pickwick advancing with the chaise whip in his hand, &c.

That is why we are not advancing with the rest of the world.

With each passing day, IT technologies are advancing with overwhelming speed.

I'll be starting with the really basic stuff, but quickly advancing with each post.

Though but one basketful is thrown at a time, the advancing with it my own going forward.

Netco is a very cheap stock with a good project that's advancing with some very good grades.

But the other model would be that our knowledge is advancing with time in all areas -- scientific, theological, etc.

An in-house study of drilling and infrastructure is advancing with a Feasibility Study due for completion in the first half of 2013.

He became the first DJ of the family and he's still going now! He's booked up to play every weekend and he's still advancing with it.

While we are struggling with the fundamentals, the rest of the world is advancing with better standards of living for their citizens.

In 4% of cases advancing from is used

The law is also advancing from the other direction.

The evolution of man has simply been advancing from one pyramid scheme to another.

He collected his men and advancing from the pass made a surprise attack on Muslims.

Accept area the adjudicator is advancing from he understands area youre advancing from.

Key Player: Robbie Keane Prediction: Advancing from the group will be a challenge too far.

Thus, they linked up with forward elements of Task Force 2 advancing from Wanni west to east.

On every ground, then, the method of advancing from the simple to the compound exposes us to illusion.

Advancing from there in the due sequence, soon the knowledge of equanimity about formations is reached.

Oklahoma did the unusual thing of advancing from the thirty-third place in 1890 to the twentieth in 1906.

Advancing from an area where a spiritual stronghold has been established is more likely to be successful.

In 4% of cases advancing into is used

We really want to emulate their courage of advancing into America.

Rick Lazio unexpectedly advancing into Hillary Clinton's personal space.

They were protestors, and they seemed to be advancing into a barrage of bullets.

Orange's crooked smile only increases the tension suffusing this advancing into a storm.

This withdrawl weakened the Bolsheviks front and led to Denikin advancing into the Ukraine.

Arts and Crafts London Advancing into the twentieth century came the Arts and Crafts movement.

For common people, studying Confucianism and be a gentleman had been the most efficient way for them advancing into upper class.

Next morning, as soon as the sun was up, we walked from the shore, and advancing into the island, saw some houses, which we approached.

We may, or rather apparently we must, imagine the crier as advancing into the desert, and summoning the people to come and make a road through it.

The concept of advancing into the opposing team's territory and gaining zones is much like advancing down a field and gaining yards in American football.

In 4% of cases advancing of is used

Principled and firm advancing of self-interest in international affairs.

Jesus healed out of compassion but also for the advancing of the Kingdom.

I didn't want anyone to hate my son, but I have not tolerance for the advancing of something that killed my son.

We need to not just be praying for jobs but rather that God will provide the right job for the advancing of the Kingdom.

With the advancing of technology, to heights never imagined before, crimes that is associated with technology is also on a rise.

Moreover, the advancing of the technological sphere will need more programmers in security management, counter terrorism, robots management, etc.

Increased public awareness, involvement of young people in their communities, and advancing of preventive measures and practices has contributed to this development.

To focus on this, Famous apple of warability gold Store, Buywowgoldus will bless the advancing of Mists of Pandaria with bargainestwow mop goldfrom Sep th to Oct th.

Oman is a very special country for Tanzania, which is why consolidation and advancing of these relations is the top priority of the diplomacy of Tanzania,? Kikwete said.

Thanks to the advancing of the internet, there absolutely is no absence of action -- weight accident amateur are ample and usually accept no amount tags absorbed to them.

In 4% of cases advancing through is used

Ensure that the kingdom is advancing through your partnership.

Advancing through the mud and enemy fire was slow and there were heavy losses.

Now, they would use them as suicide craft against the infantry advancing through the shallows of the lagoon.

It could be said that there are two ways of advancing through design -- incrementally or by disruptive breakthrough.

In the meantime gay marriage bills are currently advancing through state legislatures in New Jersey, New Hampshire and Maine.

Indeed, tools to prevent, detect and treat all forms of TB are steadily advancing through the R &D; pipeline, says the report.

General Robert Eichelberger and the US 8th Army landed on Mindanao on 10th March and began advancing through the southern Philippines.

It's getting more expensive, too, with Jeremy Affeldt's new contract, and Sergio Romo and Santiago Casilla advancing through the arbitration ranks.

Part IV spends the majority of its text rapidly advancing through years and explaining what would be considered as major events in a sentence or less.

The graphic below shows the locations and capacity of the projects that have begun advancing through the permitting process: Click image for a larger view.

In 3% of cases advancing toward is used

We are not advancing toward a glorious utopia.

A RUNNER is an offensive player who is advancing toward, or touching, or returning to any base.

The army started stealthily advancing toward Husain's camp on the afternoon of 9th of Muharram.

I could see the brush-fire advancing toward me, and could hear the crackling of the burning vegetation.

Captain Green was advancing towards the rear of his battalion as they struggled to reach the German wire.

When police arrived the 24-year-old student was on the front lawn wielding the knife and advancing toward them.

Speaking of the poems he says: ' Theirs is a world that is advancing toward us at the same time as it is backing away.

His right hand is curved to symbolize the waxing moon, which represents DivineLife Advancing toward becoming a DivineBeing of Light.

Still under enemy fire, he was bandaging the man's wounds when hostile troops of approximately platoon strength began advancing toward his position.

The results aren't where they want, yet, BUT the Coaches are sticking to their blue print and advancing toward their goals with determination and confidence.

In 2% of cases advancing for is used

What is not cool or restored is advancing for loss of life.

This makes advancing for the enemy team ridiculously frustrating.

One thing is for sure though, we are advancing for a national case.

Future profession developments might not contain advancing for more information about office supervisor.

The technology is advancing for future in every sector, we have to adopt with all those things that is coming for our future.

Increased moment in time you devoted which can hiring advancing for college, the most important less money you must first desire.

I have heard it described as a bargaining position which we the public are advancing for tactical purposes and will compromise in the bargaining process.

In 1% of cases advancing within is used

Traditionally, joining the Brotherhood and advancing within it has always been the key to preferment in the Church.

However, there are formal qualifications available, and these may assist you in gaining employment and advancing within the industry.

Being in part-time work entails a greater risk of not advancing within one's career, and not being able to switch back to full-time work (Drago et al, 2004).

What training do you need? There are several formal qualifications available, and these may assist you in gaining employment and advancing within the industry.

In 1% of cases advancing across is used

Whilst isolated, and in his precarious position, he observed a group of sixteen Anti Coalition Militia advancing across open ground towards the Observation Post.

I came away from my recent visits to India and Burma with renewed admiration for the East-West connectivity agenda India's leadership is advancing across Southeast Asia.

Rommel was aggressively advancing across North Africa, and now all that stood between him and complete strategic control of the Middle East was the retreating British army.

In the winter dawn of 30 November four Soviet Armies with 23 divisions - some 460,000 men with over 2,000 tanks - began advancing across the length of Finland's 1,200 km long eastern border.

In 1% of cases advancing past is used

They will make the playoffs without Rose, but advancing past the Heat is impossible without him.

That partnership will be key to Vancouver's chances of advancing past the reigning MLS Cup Champions LA Galaxy.

The ramifications of Cal FC advancing past Portland are almost too delicious, and at the same time horrifying, to ponder.

Any involvement in the domestic cups or the possibility of Liverpool advancing past the group stages of the Europa League would raise that further.

In 1% of cases advancing over is used

But how did even this come about? The reason that the SPECAL method has been growing and advancing over the years is that it grows out of something unusual.

In 1% of cases advancing by is used

Advancing by short marches, on the third day they arrived at Gigonus, where they encamped.

Advancing by half hour seems a very good compromise and does not alter the lifestyle for most people.

The technology isn't quite complete yet, but artificial intelligence like this is advancing by leaps and bounds.

The Government is advancing by one year, to 2013 -- 14, the goal of lowering the debt-to-GDP ratio to 25 per cent.

Sea control is not about ' advancing by sea ' as he asserts, it is about being able to use the sea as a medium for transportation.

And so it is that today, we celebrate ourselves as people of the Caribbean advancing by the stirrups of our own efforts, wisdom, leadership and vision for a better future.

In 1% of cases advancing beyond is used

Advancing beyond a 10 qubit system may prove to be more difficult.

Advancing beyond a 10-qubit system may prove to be more difficult.

On paper, Laos have no chance of advancing beyond Group B for they have the likes of Singapore and Indonesia as company.

He was incapable of advancing beyond a fixed position and would therefore be happier if encouraged not to attempt the impossible.

CoM is therefore capable of advancing beyond the weight bearing foot while the weight bearing lower extremity extends at the hip.

Advancing beyond the reach of the official State, settlers secured their communities, their lives and their property through vigilantism.

A fact is acknowledged only in so far as it opens up fresh possibilities of advancing beyond it and of releasing the individual from its operation.

What is meant by ' advance ' is a point beyond which God and His Prophet said one needed to go, thereby, ' advancing beyond God and His Messenger '.

When it gets to a stage in the game where Arsenal can close out the last five or ten minutes while in a winning position, Song should not be advancing beyond the halfway line.

In 1% of cases advancing as is used

Were heading back to Capuzzo when we were told there was a composite Regiment to be formed, and we would be advancing as the Germans were on the run.

The world's leader in the field of technology, the Google is advancing as the best for many years leading ahead of many companies including Yahoo even.

In 1% of cases advancing along is used

India sees itself as advancing along a Western industrial paradigm.

Within an hour of occupation British troops were sighted advancing along the North Quays.

Then the dreadful footsteps were heard advancing along the little narrow passage to the door.

In January 1943, Indian troops were given the task of advancing along the Burmese coast to the port of Akyab.

Advancing along the sea coast, the Army had come within 500 yards of Pillayar Kovil Rd, the ICRC pick up point.

Advancing along an area only 20-30 metres wide, they felt their way with their hands, clearing a path in the dark.

But humanity is advancing along the path of history like the waves of a rising tide encroaching gradually on the shore.

These two Jets while over Wagha saw Indian tanks advancing along Amritsar -- Lahore along GT Road and immediately took them on.

In 1% of cases advancing against is used

In some areas children entrenched against each other, firing and advancing against the ' rivals '.

Savage would enter the 14 man tournament for the vacant WWF Championship at WrestleMania IV, successfully advancing against Butch Reed, Greg Valentine and One Man Gang.

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