Prepositions after "advance"

"advance to" or "advance in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases advance to is used

Then, advance to the end and hit the gong.

The amateurs sprung the upset, 3-1, advancing to the Second Round.

South Brunswick advanced to the next round with a solid 4-1 triumph.

He started as a druggist's apprentice and quickly advanced to registered pharmacist.

Aviation technology had advanced to the point where we didn? t use a Navigator anymore.

So if you are a Gold Director now and you want to advance to Ruby or Emerald or Diamond.

She began working at the Sheldon Fogelman Agency, in subsidiary rights, advancing to director of subsidiary rights.

The Tigers were forced to wait an extra day for the chance to advance to the World Series for the first time since 2006.

Each team in it's group will play against other teams and the top two teams in each group will advance to the semi finals.

The counterfeit Fatima advanced towards him, with his hand all the time on a dagger, concealed in his girdle under his gown.

In 21% of cases advance in is used

Hamilcar was advancing in the following order.

The troops advanced in the winding and narrow path.

He's advanced in great leaps and bounds in a short time.

She has so much wisdom and is advanced in her understanding of herself and her needs.

Mistakes and errors are the disciplined true which we advance in life, louboutin outlet.

Thus, advances in computer-assisted learning in this area in recent years are particularly promising.

However, the French and British continued to advance in the Scramble for Africa, subjugating kingdom after kingdom.

Thus, the various arguments advanced in favour of private property do not hold any validity upon deeper examination.

Advanced in Photoshop, Scene7, Dreamweaver, HTML, and our ecom ops tools Again, any help or information would be great.

It said the lower court's decision was justified and that scientific evidence advanced in support of the claim was reliable.

In 10% of cases advance by is used

The arguments advanced by Daniel Gros as linked to by MH are the reality.

A racing game that let you advance by answering simple math questions (2+2, 2x3, 6/3).

However, I remain pessimistic about this project being advanced by pushes from the top.

This argument could only be advanced by a man who believed that no other mortal had ever raised the dead to life.

Under Stalin, an absurd pseudo-scientific theory of genetics advanced by the crack-pot Lysenko was adopted by the Communist Party.

It is doing so by elevating, indeed subsuming any idealism advanced by America's founders, with elitist and wealth-promoting doctrines.

The money had been advanced by the province to get the manufacturing underway, but some of these funds were used to continue research and development.

The proposals Brown offered then were much the same as those advanced by Straw yesterday, promising to transfer key powers from the executive to parliament.

But creatures as such can be compared with God, both in relation of the limit whence they proceed, and in relation to the limit to which they advanced by the Deity.

Nevertheless, our argument that the symptoms overlap to a very great extent is not disproved by this, even if the explanations advanced by patient or professional differ.

In 7% of cases advance on is used

Albans, the Lancastrians decided not to advance on London.

He advanced on the captain, his (Number Two 's) mouth a thin hard line.

This time it's Visa for 95% of things and cash advances on that card for cash.

The Germans then advanced on Paris and captured the city after a bitterly fought siege.

While RCT 1 was advancing on Yongdungpo the 5th Marines were preparing for the attack on Seoul.

BTW, in the space of four days, Bank of America changed their APR on cash advances on my Master Card from 10.

Nato planes pummelled Gaddafi targets in support of rebel troops advancing on the Gaddafi coastal stronghold of Sirte.

Nevertheless, governments have been very timid in advancing on this front, with the new Basel III rules taking only a baby step toward real change.

As Bond advanced on the DHS goals he was unceremoniously ' grassed ' by a DHS defender and the referee pointed to the spot for a College a penalty kick.

Whitmore stepped in and got the job done with the victories, but it wasn't enough as the gap left by Simoes was too huge, and the team failed to advance on goal difference.

In 5% of cases advance towards is used

We can see the great man himself advancing towards us.

He slid to the floor in despair as his father advanced towards him.

The body came out from the beacon altogether and advanced towards me.

El Cid joined up with Alfonso VI and advanced towards the Murabitun camp.

I never felt under pressure by the sessions but always felt I was advancing towards my goals.

The Turks as they advanced towards Anatolia and Hindustan via Iran and Afghanistan were also Islamised.

Scientists say they could soon invade waters around the Balearic Islands and advance towards the Catalan coast.

The counterfeit Fatima advanced towards him, with his hand all the time on a dagger, concealed in his girdle under his gown.

What difference does it make if you have a girl or a boy? They are both your offspring and both can advance towards perfection.

After these bombardments, waves of attacking infantry emerged from the trenches into no man's land and advanced towards enemy positions.

In 4% of cases advance with is used

You can build you're character while advancing with levels.

So the Mongol West Expedition Army advanced with an astonishing speed.

Abu-Bakr advanced with his men slowly until they came into view of the enemy.

It's a clean awakening advances with the the software comfortably become aware of and listen to more complete what people say.

It shows a map of how the regions are advancing with regard to the subject; complemented with trending topics, networks ' experiences and good practices.

Iran, advancing with its nuclear program to a point were multiple parties will have to make grand-strategic decisions, just sent a few military vessels across the border with Saudi Arabia.

However, the public school agenda of the Unitarians and other elites began to advance with urgency as Catholic immigration, especially from Ireland and Germany, soared in the 18405 and 18505.

In 4% of cases advance through is used

Much of today's wealth is tied to technology, and technology is advanced through education.

Students advance through a series of lectures, demonstrations, practical project work, exercises and critique.

These items can vary from extra farm money, to special resources only available through purchase, experience points to advance through levels faster, and much more.

Unique creatures, like turkeys or beavers, are often unlocked as the player advances through each level as they are also faced with more challenging tasks and orders to fill.

Even as the invaders advanced through Anatolia and northern Syria, the Fatimids in Cairo were engaged in negotiations with the Crusaders to divide up the conquered Seljuk territories.

Jacob is using a calculator to enter data to advance through an introductory physics class offered by Udacity, a collection of free online courses started by a Stanford University professor.

Financial reform is a complex and serious issue, and will be advanced through the political process, not by sitting around in a park munching on organic locally sourced fair-trade vegan hemp muffins.

In 4% of cases advance for is used

Several reasons may be advanced for this.

Palladium advanced for a fifth day, adding as much as 0.

Many reasons have been advanced for why this is the case.

It is remarkable if for no other reason than it was so advanced for its time (the 1780s).

I'd like to make a Brian Boggs shave horse, but the carpentry seems a bit advanced for me.

Additionally, plans are well advanced for an EI/IDA presence at the Le Web event in Paris in December.

While the macroeconomic backdrop is favorable for further gains, a pullback on profit-taking can not be ruled out as the metal has advanced for 7 out of the past 8 weeks.

Late in 1863, construction of the dome was sufficiently advanced for the installation of the statue, which was hoisted in sections and assembled atop the cast-iron pedestal.

Peter Bunting, says plans are far advanced for the Evidence Act to be amended, which will allow for the appearance of witnesses by video, for possible prosecution of lotto scammers.

For the editor of a newspaper that has published many reports detailing the reasons the ANC believes the motion is frivolous, he exhibits ignorance on the motivation we have advanced for our stance.

In 4% of cases advance into is used

The winter of 1806-07 saw Napoleon overrun Prussia and advance into Poland.

When the Berbers were supportive, Muslim armies advanced into Spain and France.

Meanwhile, from Estremadura, Franco could easily advance into the rear, toward Madrid.

Live where your feet are -- the here and now -- and use one's feet to advance into your future.

From Constantinople, this motley group of warriors, peasants and adventurers advanced into Anatolia.

This semi-circular ridge marks how far the Franz Josef Glacier advanced into the flats of the Waiho River.

There was little that the Allies could do as the huge Red Army advanced into Eastern Europe towards Berlin.

As logging companies have advanced into equatorial jungles in search of valuable hardwoods, pygmies have watched their natural habitat gradually disappear.

As the movement advances into politics, Maher says it is still focused on putting pressure on the parliament and on whoever becomes Egypt's next president.

The Hope School of Nyangungu graduated its first group of Tenth Graders this year, seven of whom did well enough on the national exam to advance into the specialized tracks of senior high school.

In 3% of cases advance from is used

Montenegro did not advance from the initial group stage.

This will ensure that I have deducted all advances from customers as well.

Symptoms of the male yeast infection will in most cases advance from moderate to severe.

Accept area the adjudicator is advancing from he understands area youre advancing from.

If this is not surplus cash and is actually advances from customers, then it should show up in current liabilities.

Ajax lost each of their first two matches, and most would probably assume the Amsterdam club won't advance from the group.

Furthermore, some visions for transformation are presented in a global framework, as pathways to advance from understanding to action.

Those who enter it may be like the old woman I once saw at a wrestling match who advanced from her seat to the ringside and attacked the ' villain ' wrestler.

Ensuring all people regardless of the wealth levels have their rights upheld provides for equality it is then up to the individual where they advance from that point.

If they know your PIN, they could get cash advances from an ATM using a ' cloned ' credit card (where your details have been copied onto the magnetic strip of another card).

In 1% of cases advance without is used

You can't take out money taken from customers as advances without feeling the need to inject it back in the business.

In 1% of cases advance past is used

Goestenkors has led Texas into the NCAAs each season, but Texas has advanced past the first round only once under her.

In 1% of cases advance out is used

I think and hope the US will advance out of this group and in fact hope they go quite far.

They are small nations which aren't as far advanced out of the industrial mixed economy of the 20th century.

We will still advance out of the group, and this moment of humanity by players that people expect to be automatons will be forgotten.

Meanwhile, if the United States can advance out of Group C, the likelihood of a match against Germany could generate an ever larger TV rating.

In 1% of cases advance like is used

Through new technology advances like Digital Radio, Podcasting and Internet Broadcasting more stations and more jobs have opened up.

It'll be something that looks special, and look special for a while and styling-wise it's advanced like that enough to be quite keeping.

If your just starting out your application then maybe worth a visit, if your well advanced like ourselves then I personally would not bother.

In 1% of cases advance beyond is used

Americans work harder and longer than they used to, with less pay and less benefits and less chance for advancement, while some Americans have advanced beyond their wildest dreams.

In 1% of cases advance at is used

PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS We have argued that technology advances at economic levels enable 64-bit computing to become widespread.

But it began to review its strategy and portfolio of assets earlier this year as deteriorating markets and rising costs made it clear not all projects could be advanced at the same speed.

In 1% of cases advance as is used

Financial emergencies are the only times to consider cash advances as a solution.

In 1% of cases advance along is used

Modad February 7, 2011, 01:59 AM I would like to see Bangladesh beat India in first match but India still manage to advance along with SA, Eng.

On 22nd May 1940 some 250 German tanks were advancing along the French coast towards Dunkirk, threatening to seal off the British escape route.

Spendius, taking with him from Tunis a force of about six thousand men in all drawn from all the tribes, advanced along the slopes parallel to the Carthaginians.

In 1% of cases advance against is used

Arguments are advanced against it on religious grounds, freedom of expression grounds, higher costs and so on.

In 1% of cases advance across is used

Defenders could always reinforce a threatened sector more quickly than the attackers could advance across it, until the German army had been worn down by four years of loss and Allied blockade.

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