Prepositions after "adrift"

"adrift of" or "adrift in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases adrift of is used

O'Leary and Burrows were 1:31 adrift of that time.

Ireland were in 12th spot, two places adrift of Cuba.

Menu sits between the pair, 35 points adrift of Huff.

They were a place behind Newcastle United and 25 points adrift of the Manchester clubs.

Currently, Chelsea are five points adrift of fourth place after Spurs drew 1-1 with Stoke.

The result left Pools in disarray, seven points adrift of Bury at the bottom of League One.

Night Smoke, in the wars early, ran on well but was a length and a half adrift of Highview Dasher at the line in 29.

Puneet Yadav was getting a rare outing due to Kanitkar's injury and Rajasthan were still 85 runs adrift of the lead.

We're currently seventh, less than a point adrift of Argentina, while Wales, Samoa and Scotland are all just behind us.

In 28% of cases adrift in is used

She looks so adrift in this show.

We are adrift in a nihilist crisis.

Pedrosa is 19 points adrift in third.

Sometimes it can get lonely, as a little blue helicopter adrift in an underground maze.

Adrift in Tokyo Fumiya is a student with no friends or family, leading a lazy lifestyle.

When cast adrift in the open ocean, they are the ones most likely to be utterly destroyed.

I might give the motor/compressor a gentle clonk with a mallet to see if something has come adrift in transit, Andy.

Another foreign vessel, which had been adrift in the sea for several weeks, washed ashore in Gujarat a few days ago.

Adrift in memory is that faceless man who set aside his beer and mumbled onto the dock to climb to the highest tier.

Ultimately, he is a figure neither apart nor integrated, adrift in the space between the personal and the impersonal.

In 9% of cases adrift on is used

Sayed Ibrahim took third spot, just 4 pins adrift on 1928.

Petrick and Nation settled for Silver, 50 pins adrift on 2416.

The princess was placed inside a boat and set adrift on the sea.

The Portuguese are second in the group, three adrift on six points from three games, and.

Winzer was some 10-12 seconds adrift on her own with the main chase pack a long way behind.

But she had vowed to kill him! So she placed him in a cradle and set him adrift on the river.

But the servant that was ordered to kill them instead took pity on them, and set the boys adrift on the Tiber River.

I know he keeps saying he's targeting the Olympics, but it's really sad to see him adrift on the run-in to Cap d'Agde.

Leave the dismembered weeds adrift on the soil surface for the sun to desiccate and they will break down into the soil.

The Portuguese are second in the group, three adrift on six points from three games, and in of more match-winning magic.

In 8% of cases adrift from is used

He was cut adrift from his protective family.

They are already four points adrift from safety.

Both appear to be cast adrift from their own lives.

But that day will never arise, they are far too adrift from the central tenets of the faith.

Actually, if I'd honest, he'd be cut adrift from the others as I almost celebrated his departure.

But now that the Hawaiians had been set adrift from the old ways, Hawaiian culture fell into chaos.

Earlier in the week, a number of Nova Scotia boats were cut loose and set adrift from three of the island's wharves.

Therefore, the Irish Literary Theatre by its surrender to the trolls has cut itself adrift from the line of advancement.

In two weeks time we might find oursleves out of the UCL, 10 points adrift from the top, with only the FA Cup to fight for.

Michell was at this time cut adrift from the manor and sold separately to Sir Reynfry Arundell, who died lord of it in 1288.

In 7% of cases adrift at is used

I am, so to speak, academically adrift at Teddy Hall.

It's a strange place to exist in, I feel adrift at times.

When I lost my Kindle, I was like a person set adrift at sea.

With QPR languishing 4 points adrift at the foot of the table, it is hardly a surprise.

Locnamon Bridie stuck gamely to her task and was just two lengths adrift at the line in 28.

Just 8 points from your opening 19 games, and you are 10 points adrift at the bottom of League 1.

Sunderland were 2pts adrift at the bottom of the table, yet had to meet 3rd placed Man Utd and then leaders, Liverpool.

The other is the race at the bottom, with UCD beating Dundalk, leaving Dundalk six points adrift at the foot of the table.

If your boat or craft capsizes or becomes adrift at sea do not try to swim ashore but rather stay with the floating structure.

In the May edition of DIVER, I put together an overview of hi-tech solutions for locating divers lost or adrift at the surface.

In 3% of cases adrift by is used

Lovelock's calculation is adrift by a multiple of around 250.

More pragmatism needed or they will be cut adrift by New Year.

In the end we ended up with the account adrift by an undefinable DM 70 or so.

She had also been cast adrift by Cameron, formerly part of the same Oxfordshire social circle.

The 50 Sri Lankan asylum seekers were discovered adrift by fisherman near the Mentawai Islands.

I may not want to support the code, but that's better than getting set adrift by the seller's bankruptcy.

Jane Pena co-piloted one of two rescue choppers to the site and found one sailor adrift by himself wearing an insulated suit called a Gumby suit.

Notice that the men who rule us today would want Ninoy's name to be swept adrift by the four winds, pillaged of its heroism and nobility, forgotten.

Since we can't possibly exist alone - small boat cut adrift by the captain's misjudgments - the European mooring is the one we have to re-establish.

Gibson put the onus on Bangladesh to still play positive cricket, the hosts yet being adrift by 72 runs in the first innings with four wickets in hand.

In 3% of cases adrift with is used

Now, I've been set adrift with no ship in sight.

Defeat would cut them adrift with just three games to play.

They have become sheep who are adrift with no guiding principles.

Invalidate that and you leave them adrift with nothing to hold on to.

One moment his eyes were shut, his heart melted and adrift with sorrow.

We're definitely not getting promoted though, as we're 8 points adrift with 3 matches left.

Stevenage now occupy the final playoff spot, and Brentford are five points adrift with two games left.

Her imagination is adrift with how she envisions Lazarus and Nauria? s duel, with herself into the latter? s role.

Kirk and the Enterprise never found Botany Bay adrift with its sinister sleeping cargo in this iteration of reality.

We are now a ship set adrift with the unspecified notion that somehow, we will find a new set of values and principles.

In 1% of cases adrift after is used

It was known that Prendick had been cast adrift after the ship he was on sank.

Els was six shots adrift after leaving two in 36, but passed under with birdies at 10, 12 and 14.

Chelsea remain top of the table, but Manchester City are only a point adrift after a narrow win against Swansea at the Etihad Stadium.

Instead, it cost him a double-bogey six -- and instead of being a shot adrift of leader Adam Scott, he was three adrift after a three-under-par 67.

Having beaten Anzhi 1-0 at Anfield two weeks ago, Liverpool surrendered a two-point lead over their Russian rivals and are now a point adrift after four games.

South Korea's Sun Young Yoo, part of a trio sharing the first-round lead, thought whe was two shots adrift after a 70 but was assessed a one-shot penalty for an improper drop.

In 1% of cases adrift for is used

The men had been adrift for twenty seven days.

I lived adrift for a while, looking for my tribe.

Creedon's second last cracked right to leave him ninety metres adrift for the decisive throws.

Westminster has been trying to set us adrift for some time now, chipping away at the relationship, trying to break the bonds between us.

The boats had been adrift for about a week without fuel but it has food supplies for a few more days (Sunday Observer: 9 September 2012).

Replacement Ethan Davies notched a penalty for Bedwas shortly before the break to leave the home side four points adrift for a second half with only 14 men.

In 1% of cases adrift into is used

Their Majesties can then be thrown into row boats and set adrift into the Atlantic.

Jeff S Put all liberals into one tiny state like Rhode Island and set them adrift into the Atlantic Ocean.

Doom nearly cast the Baxter Building into the sun, but the Sub-Mariner turned on him and Doom was cast adrift into space.

In 1% of cases adrift like is used

And doing this while the dole queues grow ever longer and our young people are cast adrift like a parody of a Malthusian solution to our problem.

If we were getting cast adrift like QPR in the Premier League I could understand some of the panic a little more, but we're not even in the relegation zone yet.

In a dual 1980s nod, Aladeen is cut adrift like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America, before he's taken in by a good woman, as happens to Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places.

Teodoro was again applauded when he said that without a strong foundation, the ship of state would be? adrift like a ship without a rudder, propeller and heading nowhere.

In 1% of cases adrift to is used

However, Bashar al-Assad is adrift to the precipice, which is every despot's destination.

Wine Spectator and the James Beard Awards need to be set adrift to where outed grifters go.

However, its profit were adrift to America for many being due to the politics of the vegetable oil diligence claiming that all flooded fats are bad.

In 1% of cases adrift without is used

I would be cut adrift without it.

Even though I am 51, I feel quite adrift without them, especially my mom.

Hooray! You're back! I have been so adrift without the internet at home that I totally missed this post.

We want men of solid experience, who will anchor minds and not send them adrift without chart or compass.

Personally I think Jake is a figment of OS's imagination and OS is a ship adrift without a captain, a metaphor you can relate to, Cappy.

Cresswell's nightmare is a big ship adrift without power amid the towering swells of a Force 10 storm at the crowded entrance to the English Channel.

We are all tethered to the internet in some fashion -- being adrift without it can be a painful experience (some may experience feelings of anxiety).

John: Yeah! It's just like being becalmed out there -- just floating; adrift without any steerage or direction, Peter: It's difficult to know what to do with ourselves.

As much as I agree with the underlying philosophy of self reliance and prudent financial management I know California can not not be set adrift without damage to our entire Union.

When the trawler developed engine trouble the human trafficker crew had abandoned it and it was adrift without food and water and the 52 passengers were in a pitiful state of dehydration.

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