Prepositions after "adopt"

"adopt by" or "adopt in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases adopt by is used

Long ago adopted by B2C companies.

This method was adopted by the Romans.

His father, Taraq, had already died, so he was adopted by Azar, his father's brother.

We in general follow the parenting style adopted by our parents, when we were children.

The 24spokes were adopted by Chakra who was the physician in the court of king Kanishka.

The position adopted by the vast majority of British Muslims is the correct one: Sharia should remain personal law.

It was adopted by the states unanimously -- the only consensus from the conference was that there was no consensus.

What is the Code of Conduct for Members enumerated by the Committee on Ethics adopted by the Rajya Sabha? Ans: Yes.

It was finally adopted by the parliaments of four colonies: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

In 21% of cases adopt in is used

I was adopted in 1975 when I was a little baby.

It has to be adopted in strategic, tailored ways.

He believes it was adopted in Scotland by the Americans who used it in the Temperance movement.

The name Nigeria was adopted in 1898 to designate the British Protectorates on the River Niger.

The form contract rules are similar to consumer contract rules that have been adopted in Europe.

Then you get the IT company, with dry technical descriptions and the hostile tone adopted in some of the examples above.

The Basel II framework was not adopted in the US when many other countries were implementing it, three of four years ago.

Trotsky completely rejects this opportunist approach, which was adopted in relation to the Balkans by the liberal Miliukov.

In 7% of cases adopt for is used

The CogTr interventions adopted for this study were based on the above definitions.

This model should also be adopted for detection and control of diabetes, dyslipidaemia and obesity.

This three-year kindergarten model should be considered and adopted for children in the United States.

That could extend until it became an industry standard, or it could be adopted for personal videography.

The method commonly adopted for disinfection of sewage effluent is injection of chlorine to kill bacteria.

Similar ideas from Cybermint are what Google now seems to be adopting for its planned rumoured Google Wallet and the Wallet Card.

The heat-insulating material is adopted for the air supply system for the purpose of heat preservation and a reduction in heat loss.

The term has not been widely adopted for Internet and business technology, but it is not difficult to see how it applies here as well.

If she should decide to adopt time zones within the country, that could determine the time to be adopted for ASEAN countries in the future.

Otto's contributions were very historically significant, it was his four-stoke engine that was universally adopted for all liquid-fueled automobiles going forward.

In 5% of cases adopt as is used

Hence FCFS system was adopted as a policy.

This phrase has been widely adopted as a sort of motto.

This has been adopted as a mode of financing by a number of Islamic banks.

It was adopted as an official Canadian symbol a century later, in 1921, after the First World War.

English or Putonghua is adopted as the language of instruction for relevant modules, as appropriate.

Far-reaching new policies and programs were adopted as a framework for Australia's population development.

This was adopted as a signature tune for a programme on our National Radio Station, GBC Radio 1, dubbed, Ghana Newsreel.

I know that I couldn't have lived with my birth mother and was extremely lucky to have been adopted as a baby by such a loving couple.

It was then adopted as a political metaphor to signify rural voters with old-fashioned virtues in contrast to city folk cut off from them.

The first edition of this book, Programming Perl, hit the shelves in 1990, and was quickly adopted as the undisputed bible of the language.

In 5% of cases adopt at is used

Another a 12 year old girl adopted at birth.

Limitation There are some limitations adopted at the time of preparing Handia.

Did you hear about Resolution D066 that we adopted at General Convention? It's at http: **35;6678;TOOLONG.

The Nicene Creed was adopted at this council, and the churches agreed to all celebrate Easter on the same day.

The road safety declaration was also adopted at the Ministerial Conference on Transport held in November 2006.

What, aside from a bris, do we have to do? My son was adopted at birth and we are in the process of converting him.

The original coin portrait of Her Majesty was by Mary Gillick and was adopted at the beginning of the reign in 1952.

The establishment of the Green Climate Fund, and of the Transitional Committee and its tasks have been adopted at the last COP in Cancun.

UPGRADE OF SHERRIFF STREET JUNIOR PLAYGROUND The City Council's Budget for 2013 was adopted at a special Council meeting on Monday evening last.

In 4% of cases adopt from is used

This has been adopted from Ashoka Chakra.

Items were adopted from previously published scales.

In one week, all of these dogs were adopted from TAGS.

A friend of mine here in the USA adopted from China abt 5 yrs ago.

Of the189 children who were adopted from Irish sources the average age was 1 year.

I was amazed to discover this since nationally only 30 percent* of pet owners adopt from an animal shelter.

Almost all work study tools and methodology are adopted from others industries and implemented to the garment industry.

I have a 4-year-old son and a 1 yr-old daughter who were adopted from Ethiopia and born in regions now affected by the drought.

However, principles of insolvency set-off adopted from the legislation dealing with personal bankruptcy apply in any liquidation.

Japanese writing uses characters adopted from Chinese, called Kanji, as well as Kana, which is a combination of Hiragana and Katakana.

In 3% of cases adopt on is used

Ubuntu is being adopted on an increasing scale on the desktop in corporate environments.

The original concept was refined through several drafts and resulted in the final text, which was adopted on May 17,1929.

The object was not to insult the method of transmission of Hadith; it was simply adopted on account of its historical value.

The convention was finally adopted on 9 May, after chairman Jean Ripert of France took it upon himself to draft a compromise text.

It was adopted on 29 January 2000 as a supplementary agreement to the Convention on Biological Diversity and entered into force on 11 2003.

It goes without saying that the overall figure would be much higher in terms of USD no matter if the total amount of homes adopting on the gird solar is 87,500 or 350,000.

From a mechanical viewpoint, the 2000 Sportiva was derived from the 1900, with the sophistication of a rear De Dion axle, a solution that was adopted on the Alfetta saloon 20 years later.

In 1% of cases adopt during is used

During the campaign, Romney said that if elected he would seek a year-long extension of current tax policy, including low rates adopted during the George W.

It is a name he adopted during his secondary school days at Accra Academy, but it has stuck; that indeed stuck so fast that his real name doesn? t exist to the public.

In 1% of cases adopt into is used

This was adopted into general speech in the 1920s.

Some very valid points from a quranic and hadith perspective, which I can definitely adopt into my own life.

This may have been something adopted into the Templars from the GNOSTIC Cathars who lived in the Languedoc region of France.

Many in Utah think that children should be adopted into Mormon polygamist marriages but our adoption agencies don't go for this.

In 1% of cases adopt through is used

Various rent and rent restrictions acts were then adopted through the interwar years.

Because most of these technologies are location-specific, they need to be adopted through participatory and decentralized approaches.

In 1% of cases adopt to is used

It is a pity that they are adopting to such low political tactics.

There are numerous powerful approaches you may choose to adopt to falling that extra weight.

Democracy will only grow in Africa by adopting to the conditions of Africa with a sound economic growth.

Alongside this, new corporatised structures were adopted to best leverage airports ' commercial potential.

The product adoption curve describes how different types of buyers adopt to new products at different rates.

The DWP deserves credit for the way it has involved disability groups and disabled people in the co-production approach it has adopted to the development of the PIP criteria.

While such a successful outcome is not a certainty, it is definitely achievable provided that a sufficiently rigorous approach is adopted to choosing your collaboration platform.

In 1% of cases adopt under is used

Some of these 5 could be adopted under Section 54, sub section 2, of the 2010 Adoption Act.

Amirthalingam replied that this resolution was adopted under pressure from the youth and that when the time comes to negotiate with the government, a compromise can be reached.

In 1% of cases adopt with is used

The strategy they have adopted with brand Key is working very well for them.

He shown us the way to move forward by eliminating poverty in adopting with modern technology.

Comments Michael, that's an excellent idea which in an intellectually and politically healthy society would probably be adopted with little resistance.

In 1% of cases adopt without is used

Drafted by a committee chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt, it was adopted without dissent but with eight abstentions.

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