Prepositions after "admit"

admit to, in, into, as or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases admit to is used

I admit to an irrational bigotry.

Be courteous, but admit to nothing.

He is wrong and he admitted to it.

I admit to having done little research on the issue but I have read some of your links.

They were fighting to restrict democracy, which is too disgraceful a cause to admit to.

More than half of those who had changed their habits admitted to donating less money.

Zimmerman, who admitted to shooting the teen, said he fired in self-defense and has not been arrested in the case.

I have to admit to sneaking the odd pair of socks from his sock drawer but then I've never met a man who had so many.

The eventual winner, Salahuddin, a 28 year old construction worker, admits to having been apprehensive and surprised.

The format of your court case will depend on whether or not the Defendant admits to being at fault for your injuries.

In 8% of cases admit in is used

Alamoudi admitted in his plea agreement with a U.

Manish Sood admitted in court his fixation for little girls.

This, President Jonathan himself admitted in the media chat.

Top gear admitted in court that the cars battery did not die and the episode was a sham.

So he admitted in his speech at Stanford in 2005, which the authors have included in the book.

This time he was admitted in hospital in Jan 2011 since then he is in hospital and on vantilator.

Dana admits in her madded; s ex-adulationr abender the arrest and her abortive endeavor to accomplish it appropriate.

Shockingly, this was admitted in the Police Complaints Report and also the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority).

But Paterson and his wife admitted in 2008 to having had affairs, a day after Paterson took over office from disgraced Luv Gov.

In 3% of cases admit into is used

Nope, and your wife will not be admitted into the United States 8 months pregnant.

She told me to have a big breakfast at Paragon before admitting into the hospital.

What has to be done International human rights monitors must be admitted into Sri Lanka, now.

The Gentiles were grafted into this tree in their room; being admitted into the church of God.

Yang, The creations are admitted into heaven not by good deeds or bad deeds, but only by The Mercy of God.

Zaccheus studied Economics at the LSE and was admitted into the English Bar before he returned to Nigeria.

However the number of children admitted into out-of-home care decreased by 3% from 12,002 in 2009-10 to 11,613 in 2010-11.

In Maiduguri where I attend, even the chaplain's car is thoroughly searched before he is admitted into the church premises.

Only after this stage are they officially admitted into the class of junior warriors (Ol Murrani Barnot, or simply ilbarnot).

It may seem well within the station's rights to tell a guest that only the (other) non-pit bull dog could be admitted into the studio.

In 2% of cases admit as is used

He was admitted as a partner of the firm in 1985.

The fact is generally admitted as regards the Umayyad rule.

He was admitted as a member of the MICPA in April 1989 and became a Council Member in 2001.

Taking the three robes from his mother, he went back to the monastery and was soon admitted as a bhikkhu.

From 1988 to 1998, Pat Morrissey spent his career with Irish law firm LK Shields, where he was admitted as a partner in 1995.

In addition, the ACC raised its exit fee to $50 million each after the University of Notre Dame was admitted as a non-football member.

As I have said in the past, I believe that provocation should be admitted as a partial defence in homicide cases, but it's only a partial defence.

Suarez was stupid for saying something that is not controversial in his country (as has been adequately and indesputably proven) and he admitted as such.

Upon the recommendation of the Faculty Board, UTAR Senate may permit a Master's degree candidate to be admitted as a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

In the unfortunate case where you do need to go to the hospital, it is helpful if you are able to contact your chosen provider prior to going to being admitted as an inpatient.

In 2% of cases admit at is used

She admitted at TIFF she has nothing lined up.

I will admit at times that it is not easy, but so far so good.

And that was how I became one of the 24 degree students admitted at GIJ for the Journalism option in 2006.

Ten others were admitted at the Casualty Department while two went on admission at the Intensive Care Unit.

One security officer said up to five people have been shot and wounded and are admitted at the local hospital.

I admitted at the time that I hadn't read the article and was basing my comments on the news pieces and abstract.

I also had to have blood drawn when I was admitted to the hospital which I understand was just routine for anyone being admitted at that hospital.

There were allegations that civilians were beaten up by the KDF soldiers with others sustaining gun wounds and were admitted at the Garissa provincial hospital.

The counterfoils of rent receipts totaling up to 49 in number were produced by the plaintiff to prove the tenancy, despite the fact that the tenancy was admitted at the trial.

In 2% of cases admit by is used

Cheung Shau-ting was the only one in her matriculation class not admitted by a university.

This has been admitted by Maolana Abdur Rahman, JMJB's Amir and spiritual guru of Bangla Bhai.

It doesn't reduce rates of cycling, it is protective (as you have admitted by saying that you yourself wear them when cycling).

Thus Ibn Qutaiba claims for Hadith a higher authority than any other history of the time, and the claim is admitted by both Nicholson and Guillaume.

Although most of our expressive actions are innate or instinctive, as is admitted by everyone, it is a different question whether we have any instinctive power of recognizing them.

That the chief expressive actions, exhibited by man and by the lower animals, are now innate or inherited, -- that is, have not been learnt by the individual, -- is admitted by every one.

It was taken in my presence and hearing, and was read over to the person making it and admitted by him to be correct, and it contains a full and true account of the statement made by him.

There are a further four cases pending and as all convictions, as admitted by the police, are only the tip-of-the-iceberg you can be sure there are hundreds, yes 100s, that are undetected.

In 2% of cases admit of is used

Work for God will not admit of trifling.

Film history is an open-ended enterprise that admits of pluralities if interpretation.

So, what is a compressor? This one admits of almost a single line answer - it's an automatic gain control.

The articles of the creed and the dogmas of the church, while they admit of reformulation and reinterpretation, are abidingly true and can not be nullified by any future developments.

In 2% of cases admit on is used

It says he was admitted on August 26.

It also Hland admitted on his own website.

Carl Bild is admitted on an? international quota?

A Full Member shall be admitted on invitation of the Council only.

Also, some of our honorable senators have admitted on not knowing what a blog means.

This includes several foreign students, mainly from other South Asian countries, who have been admitted on a fee levying basis.

The latest coming to light shows that the CBS had Obama admitting on the day after that there was Al qaida involved in the killing of Stephens.

It was also admitted on many forums (some still found up to see) that it was nearly impossible to reach 40 without cheating and IMPOSSIBLE to hit 50.

In 2% of cases admit with is used

A 58-year-old Korean man was admitted with a 2.

In a number of cases, it was admitted with genuine remorse.

We go her to the hosptial the e where she was instantly admitted with plans of staying for a few weeks.

They became my voice, and they knew and they told me the thing that I would never admit with my own voice: that I would never fit in, that no matter how hard I tried I was just Wrong.

In 1% of cases admit during is used

Allen wanted to be a bigger part of the offense, which he admitted during his introductory news conference in Miami.

According to police, Solanki admitted during interrogation that he had murdered Joshi, as he was not behaving properly.

Under the current system, evidence not admitted during prisoners ' trials is considered during the appeals process as well as in federal court after inmates exhaust their state appeals.

In 1% of cases admit for is used

A question without an asterisk is called unstarred and is admitted for written answers.

In this series, most of the patients (60%) admitted for AE were hypertensives being treated with ACEIs.

In 2008-2009, there were 6,297 Ontarians admitted for treatment and in 2009-2010, there were 6,568 Ontarians admitted.

An official admitted for the first time that poor construction might have caused the inordinate number of school collapses.

It will also determine your peace of mind in the event that you are admitted for medical care or require long-term medical attention.

All owners will need to certify that their dog has no communicable conditions, coughing, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea before being admitted for day care.

The king, believed to be in his late 80s, was admitted for surgery on November 16 and an announcement from the Royal Court said he had undergone a successful back operation that took 11 hours.

In 1% of cases admit under is used

He was murdered before he could be admitted under the protection program to be able to testify in court.

She admitted under cross-examination she drank up to eight mouthfuls of whiskey before and during the party.

Q5: Can dependants admitted under the dependant policy take up employment in Hong Kong? A5: Dependants of persons not subject to a limit of stay, e.

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