Prepositions after "administer"

"administer by" or "administer to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases administer by is used

It must be administered by a doctor or nurse.

The site is administered by the Federation of.

The survey was administered by Braun Research, Inc.

The oath may be administered by telephone or other means of telecommunication (184.

The National Science Scholars program (if I recall correctly ), was administered by the Dept.

The individual then verifies under oath, administered by the notary, that the statement is true.

The Juvenile Diversion Programme is administered by specially trained garda called Garda Juvenile Liaison Officers (JLO).

Much is said about Newcastle's scouting network, administered by Graham Carr, one of English football's most renowned recruiters.

Is that singularly different from NZ companies leasing land in China where it stays and is worked and administered by NZ companies.

In 16% of cases administer to is used

Questionnaires were administered to both clinicians and patients.

Other tests may be administered to a group of pupils at the same time.

The little room is where they herd us off to be contained and administered to.

The hair on his head had become extremely thin as an effect of drugs administered to him.

It was rather obvious how enormous strengths must be administered to so casually operate the access.

Appendix A shows the scenario that was administered to the respondents to gauge their deviant behaviour.

The president's oath is not any different from the oaths administered to the prime minister and the ministers, Qadir said.

Cornelius decreed that an oath should not be administered to children before puberty, that is before their fourteenth year.

The average number of treatment sessions administered to patients with LBP before they are discharged in Nigeria is ten sessions.

Anti D is administered to RhD negative women who may have been exposed to RhD positive fetal red cells that have entered the maternal circulation.

In 10% of cases administer in is used

The BBC World Service is administered in consultation with.

Better-tasting drugs could also eventually be administered in pacifier dispensers.

Optimal effect is obtained if Latanoprost eye drops is administered in the evening.

We have about $20-, $22 million in grant funds that we administer in the Trafficking office.

It has now been revealed that the first four strokes were indeed administered in late 2008.

The judge ordered that the strappings were to be administered in two instalments, at the beginning and the end of the prison term.

Both projects were administered in Hargeisa, the administrative capital of Somaliland administration where clan elders are now calling ethnic-cleansing.

If misoprostol is administered in a clinic setting, it is advisable that a woman stays in the clinic until she feels comfortable and able to return home.

Whether the survey is administered in person, by telephone, by Internet, or by mail, the key element is the existence of a structured, tested questionnaire.

Chamomile administered in the smallest dose, appears especially to diminish greatly excess of sensibility to pain and the violent effects of pain on the moral feelings.

In 3% of cases administer at is used

He has also lectured and administered at a national University in Uganda.

All measures were administered at baseline and three times post-test after the intervention.

Unless under pressing necessity, this medicine should be administered at night before the patient goes to bed.

Data collection comprised self report questionnaires administered at school every 3 -- 4 months during the school year.

UHN's very credible commitment to MOE/MAR suggested that this system would unequivocally change the way medications were ordered and administered at UHN.

In 3% of cases administer for is used

Both treatments were administered for 5 days.

A being have to administer for these s of banking accommodations from the internet.

With a living trust, your assets (your home, bank accounts and stocks, for example) are put into the trust, administered for your benefit during your lifetime, and then.

In 3% of cases administer from is used

Lawyers are also looking into the late presenter's overseas assets, thought to be administered from tax haven the Channel Islands.

What happens when a nurse can Skype to a specialist in another city, and most of the diagnostics can be done in HD and real time? Doctors could administer from anywhere.

In 3% of cases administer on is used

The oath was administered on Nov.

In 2008, total resources administered on program and emergency support amounted to USD 112.

The punishment could be given in instalments, and only half those numbers of strokes might be administered on any one occasion.

Union subjects are those important subjects which for reasons of convenience, efficiency and security, are administered on all-India basis.

The report also quotes an education department official as saying that CP may be administered only by headmaster and senior masters/mistresses, not by ordinary class teachers.

In 2011 the Attorney-General stated that school CP could be administered only by the principal or delegate, and that the government was not going to abolish it because it had public support.

In 3% of cases administer through is used

The award will be administered through the Henry M.

Moreover, this regional blacklist, administered through RATS, has its foundations in the concept of the Three Evils.

In 2% of cases administer during is used

Aconite ought to be administered during the hot stage of fever; but should be avoided during the cold stage.

In 2% of cases administer under is used

The treatment is administered under complete anaesthesia and is brief and painless in itself.

JKSSB (Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board) is administered under the government of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

In 2% of cases administer via is used

A 28-item questionnaire was administered via a semi-structured interview.

Through the TTC project a quiz was administered via SMS to mobile phone users.

Moreover, this quality is understood to be able to make the symptoms of a patient disappear when administered via a vehicle.

All parents suggested that the programme would be best administered via special preschool teacher to community preschool teacher directly.

Hybrid Energy uses a combination of Hot and Electrical Invisible Micro Ablation (IMA) which is administered via a disposable tip comprised of an array of micro needles.

In 2% of cases administer with is used

It was a radical policy administered with exceptional efficiency and dedication.

It is administered with success in bronchitis and tracheal phthisis, worms, and worm fever.

Drugs that are primarily metabolised by the liver should be administered with extreme care until the age of 2 months.

It was administered with strokes from a tamarind-tree switch or a cat o'nine tails - a whip made of nine, knotted cords.

In 1% of cases administer according is used

A If they die without a will their estate must be administered according to law.

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