Prepositions after "adjust"

"adjust to" or "adjust for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases adjust to is used

Lay flat and keep adjusting to size.

I'd sure you'll adjust to the cold haha;).

You are really adjusting to life in naija.

Dynamic pipes provide the flexibility to adjust to changing situations of this nature.

These bits adjust to a diameter that measures between three-quarters and three inches.

As partners adjust to the new landscape, they want to work with a vendor that can help.

The kitten might have found it hard to adjust to a family home with noisy young children and visitors and other pets.

We have orientation and mobility training that can help someone adjust to a new workplace or educational environment.

The Northfix cleat angle can be adjusted to a certain degree by means of a curved plate on which the cleat is mounted.

In 24% of cases adjust for is used

Earnings adjusted for items were $1.

The paper is also adjusted for injuries in toto.

Adjusting for inflation, wages are contracting.

For Intel, this worked out to be about $650 per job -- $3,600 adjusted for inflation.

After adjusting for inflation, average hourly earnings haven't increased in 50 years.

Here is a graph showing expenditure from 2000-01 to 2015-16 after adjusting for inflation.

Statistical methods Relative risks adjusted for confounders were estimated with the Cox proportional hazards model.

Interesting to see if he fades away or manages to adopt and get his mind and technique adjusted for regular success.

Adjusted for inflation, Sean Connery's 1965 Bond adventure, Thunderball would have taken in an estimated $508m (319.

In 4% of cases adjust by is used

The final score adjusted by the point spread determines the winner of the bet.

The resistance adjusts by way of ergonomically designed heavy-duty elastic cords.

Children in joint custody were rated as better adjusted by their mothers compared with children of sole custody mothers.

Since then, the dollar has depreciated dramatically, to the point that it is now worth a mere 15 pennies, adjusted by the CPI.

Theoretically, the decay is mono-exponential, so it can be measured at any time point after the peak and be adjusted by a constant factor.

Yes, a larger skirted jig will fall slower than a thin skirted jig, but sink rate is most accurately adjusted by swapping to a different jig weight.

The user may specify an explicit size ( or ) or a , allowing the size to be adjusted by the formatter.

In a scaled-baseline-table, the positions of the baselines can be adjusted by multiplying the design-space coordinate values by the baseline-table font-size.

Our cheap uggs that are created from real degree are so that these people adjust by themselves as outlined by the dimensions by simply stretching the actual leather.

In 2% of cases adjust according is used

I adjusted according to what my weekly charts were showing me.

In Iceland, mortgages are adjusted according to the currency fluctuations.

Since spiders are considered major predator of BPH, the economic threshold levels are adjusted according to the number of spiders present.

Where appropriate (when the assumption of sphericity was not met ), degrees of freedom were adjusted according to Greenhouse and Geisser 72.

Expansion should be controlled and adjusted according to market demand and expansion opportunities must be fairly distributed between suppliers and new entrants.

Note that the cooling fan installed the strength should be well-distributed and buckle pressure also should be moderate, concrete can be adjusted according to actual needs careful buckle.

In 2% of cases adjust in is used

The lighting levels can also be easily adjusted in response to concern over light pollution and obtrusive light.

I assert even a tiny adjust in your romantic relationship consciousness can have a enormous effect on your substance life.

If they are, respectively, smaller and larger than optimum, then the area may be adjusted in dimension within that range.

Index-linked government bonds continue to be adjusted in line with movements in the RPI as do large numbers of private sector pension schemes.

There are numerous brand new capabilities for sale in Place of work 2010 that will provides a considerable amount of adjust in your working hard way of life.

It has not been made clear as to whether the Student Grant will cover this 2,000 in full or not, though the grant has adjusted in the past to match changes in this fee.

In 2% of cases adjust with is used

Mistakes have been made in the past but some have adjusted with time.

But because of the craziness of this week and my struggle to adjust with life I'd taking the rest of the weekend off here at the blog.

Their fighting with nature has given them courage to adjust with the roughness of natural phenomena which have become part of their lives.

So always try to be organised for anything that I'd dealt with and therefore can adjust with the crowd that I'd fortunate enough to have been put in front of.

The consistency of this Black Sesame Paste could be adjust with additional 100 - 150ml more of water during cooking if you prefer a more dilute and watery paste.

In 1% of cases adjust as is used

We suggest that the rear end be adjusted as to limit the up and down movement.

There is within the planet Earth a great deal of karma which must be adjusted as the cycle changes, and these things will manifest.

The second or reference oscillator needs to be made much smaller and if possible attached to the control box so it can be adjusted as the detector is used.

In 1% of cases adjust at is used

They could also be scolded for having to adjust at halftime after putting out a line-up that left them open on the wings.

So it was with Liverpool overall who can be complimented for the way they came out and then the way they adjusted at halftime.

Steering System Tension The tension of the steering system is adjusted at its pivot point by a screw or bolt called a copilot.

In 1% of cases adjust from is used

After my eyes adjusted from the late afternoon sun to the cool dark ambiance of Budaba, well the rest is history.

Adjusting from a home schooled mentality that allows you to push off that assignment till the next day, it was definitely a challenge to keep up with the due dates.

In 1% of cases adjust into is used

Now it has only been a week I have now adjusted into the Gr.

Props such as belts, blocks and blankets are used in the class to help people adjust into proper alignment in poses.

In 1% of cases adjust on is used

Some may seemed to have accustomed and adjusted on the often occurrence of such feeling.

As a result, swords can bounce off of one another, and the game's three main attacks can be tweaked and adjusted on the fly.

The allowance is adjusted on January 1 every year based on the Consumer Price Index for Canada established by Statistics Canada.

In 1% of cases adjust via is used

Temperature can be adjusted via a control panel.

I don't think there is as single internal that tweaks something that can't be adjusted via the tech tree.

They are essentially the early handle flash and the height of the flash can be adjusted via the all chromed flash column.

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