Prepositions after "adequate"

"adequate for" or "adequate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases adequate for is used

This is adequate for this level.

Adequate for a decent night's sleep.

A lapbelt is NOT adequate for a booster.

However, the board you have is 100% adequate for the requirements of the household.

In this case, the remaining amount will not be adequate for the price of 75 dollars.

They did not speak English and our Spanish is not adequate for a situation like this.

By sufficient reason in the full sense I mean an explanation adequate for the existence of some particular being.

A brief report of research findings adequate for the journal's scope and of particular interest to the community.

I am not going to say if that is too small, too little or adequate for the number of residents, you be the judge.

OPEC in its monthly report reiterated its position that crude oil supply levels are adequate for the world market.

In 16% of cases adequate to is used

My income is adequate to my needs.

Make your persistence adequate to the task.

Price is adequate to the quality of service.

A statement should be adequate to the state of affairs of which it is a statement (e.

The obvious conclusion is that our observing system is not fully adequate to the task.

The candidate must have a personal faith and spiritual life adequate to leading others.

The work of developing a conservative policy agenda adequate to the 21st century will require months or even years.

The amount of land under the poppy in India is about 50,000 acres and 25,000 ryots are probably adequate to farm it.

The challenge is to find the least amount of legal protection adequate to retaining publishing as a viable business.

However, designer belts will not need a ton at work; merely using them is actually emphasize adequate to the attire.

In 10% of cases adequate in is used

This was quite adequate in this setting.

The rooms were just about adequate in size.

Those steps will never be adequate in themselves.

Transparency can always be improved but I feel we are doing adequate in that aspect.

Procedures for establishing baseline blood pressure were adequate in only one trial.

This is a superficial chapter but I think it is adequate in the context of this book.

If you primarily need a spell checking program then any of the free programs are more than adequate in that regard.

Megakaryocytes were adequate in number without overt cytologic atypia although a few hypolobated forms were present.

This policy may have been adequate in 2000, but to build it in 2010 is the equivalent of a coal-fired power station.

The measures we have in Kenya are thus not adequate in addressing long-range problems of say a hundred years or more.

In 2% of cases adequate as is used

It is though, barely adequate as a retirement income.

A Mercedes-Benz is no longer adequate as a status symbol.

With that said, she is perfectly adequate as a side character.

The historical cost of construction would have been more than adequate as a transfer price.

Although these processes were simultaneous they were not adequate as regards their contents.

But where direct awareness is posited as achievable, belief is not adequate as an end in itself.

I honor the findings of Popenoe and others, but I do not think they are, of themselves, adequate as a defense of the family.

Bush is slowing down, Thomas is far from adequate as a power back, and Miller hasn't had the chance to prove much of anything yet.

Popular sentiment and unquestioning fanatical devotion by Muslims are simply not adequate as a proof for the Qur'an's authenticity.

Lack of adequate as well as in-depth study has given rise to various misconceptions about the multifaceted issue of transit and transhipment.

In 2% of cases adequate at is used

Opportunities were not adequate at home.

That was thought to be adequate at the time.

I am adequate at almost anything, good at nothing.

Sight distance should be adequate at crossings so that cyclists can see and be seen.

NZ is a place where those who are less than adequate at their jobs can hide in comfort.

Most of us are adequate at what we do, or perhaps a bit to the plus or minus side of adequate.

Still, like I said, not going to complain too much, Campbell is adequate at playing QB even if he is Kaiser Checkdown.

I've got a Freeloader solar charger which is more than adequate at soaking up sunlight and dispensing it into my ebooks.

Bill argued that too many j-school grads end up as Swiss Army knife journalists, adequate at a lot of digital skills, great at none.

In 2% of cases adequate by is used

But it is rarely adequate by itself.

The PIR has been prepared by the ACMA and assessed as adequate by the Office of Best Practice Regulation.

Mutagens and antimutagens can modulate mutagenicity whether or not a diet is adequate by conventional criteria.

However, in the Taipei weather I feel it is quite adequate by itself and so I do not follow it up with anything.

Make sure your intake of calcium and magnesium is adequate by eating plenty of leafy green vegetables and cheese.

The Regulation Impact Statement was prepared by the Treasury and assessed as adequate by the Office of Best Practice Regulation.

Most people will tell you that using Apple hardware and software is the safest bet but they are not quite adequate by themselves.

The intent here was to make benefits more adequate by insuring that persons with the same earnings level would receive the same benefit.

The RIS was prepared by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport and assessed as adequate by the Office of Best Practice Regulation.

Devolution must come within the comfort zone of Sinhala majority feelings and at the same time be considered adequate by the Tamil minority.

In 2% of cases adequate with is used

Rooms were more than adequate with good air con.

Face it and try to be adequate with your existence.

A ' standard ' message is not adequate with my business.

Games/ Apps available for it? The range is adequate with cartridges costing about 19.

The bed was very comfortable, the roomsize more than adequate with a lovely bathroom.

Contrary to other reviews we read, the car parking is more than adequate with wide spaces.

Otherwise, Johnson's film is more or less adequate with little standing out other than heaps of tedious lens flare.

But despite the stingy size, they managed to keep it clean and adequate with the air con, hot shower and good wifi in rooms.

The absolute Women ' h Hush Puppies Dynamic sneaker is acutely beautiful as able-bodied as too adequate with attention to words.

The breakfasts were very adequate with pleasant staff, the Brasserie had good food, and the Jazz Bar was a great place for a drink.

In 1% of cases adequate of is used

I desire you up-to-date your blog significantly more often, I just can not seem to be to acquire adequate of your blog.

Mining machine industry of hot contest, creating its present industry movement is adequate of a project completed today.

Deputy superintendent of police (Hatia) Rajiv Ranjan said there would be adequate of security personnel all over the place.

Despite the fact that they still have to be exercised daily, they usually get adequate of it by running about the residence.

Adequate of time is essential both equally approaches to give you good enough time and energy to have any alterations produced.

You can also find adequate of rest rentals that tender a relaxing experience that you would not disregard in your entirety life.

That, in turn, is adequate of a offshoot for Romney to credit him of expanding bureaucracy when he was observant it should be consolidated.

This is largely since those centers make sure that their students not only have adequate of theory understanding but are nicely conscious of how the market operates.

You won't know very well what adequate of asbestos purge services you demand and gladly you deeply earliest come with an asbestos inspection of your property executed.

In 1% of cases adequate on is used

None of the three is adequate on its own.

His salaam will be adequate on behalf of the group.

First, Conner worked his butt off to become an adequate on-ball defender, who could help some.

Neither is adequate on its own; if either ceased, there would be massive strains on the other.

Image quality is pretty good on the 5-megapixel camera and adequate on the front-facing webcam.

It's possible to ski back down to both villages when snow cover is adequate on black and red runs.

While that may be perfectly adequate on some blocks, training guineas to come into a coop can be far more practical.

Often times, support from afar can be adequate on paper, but for some reason this never pans out when you actually need it.

The right schooling, training and adequate on the job experienced is required for anyone who decides to become a licensed plumber.

Similarly, with respect to the second branch they do not consider ethics to be adequate on account of its being static and limited.

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