Prepositions after "address"

"address to", "address in" or "address by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases address to is used

Write a demand letter addressed to Mr.

The envelope was addressed to Margaret.

We don't sell email addresses to anyone.

E-mails should be personal E-mails should be personally addressed to the recipient.

A hand was discovered at a postal facility, addressed to the Liberal party of Canada.

In a later memor-andum addressed to Lord Curzon by Lord Balfour on 11 August 1919 a sim-ilar notion is repeated:.

Draft your appeal application on a normal sheet of paper addressed to the Central or State Information Commission.

The second initiative, called the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI ), is addressed to the Persian Gulf countries.

The current project invites children and youth to create a postcard addressed to the United Nations General Assembly.

In 21% of cases address by is used

They are addressed by the word: Kafirun.

This ties into question 1 addressed by RI.

That still isn't addressed by media focus.

Some of these questions are being addressed by researchers involved in the HCI-Book project.

The ceremony was also addressed by the vice chancellors of the University of Peshawar, Prof.

But the problem was still not addressed by industry or government in time for the Inpex project.

And this is a problem coach Tommi Pikkarainen has tried to address by signing trouble-child Aleksandr Kokko (PoPa).

Their linguistic, cultural, schooling and other needs should be addressed by building the required infrastructure.

And if people like Dominic or Peter feel addressed by an expression like ' morons ', that's their choice, not mine.

It is not addressed by the film, but there are a bunch of suitable ways in which this could have been accomplished.

In 21% of cases address in is used

This theme is also addressed in Peter J.

This was addressed in six research questions.

It did not care to be addressed in this manner.

Working with RI might disclose some factors which still not been properly addressed in India.

These findings of lesser significance may be addressed in a management letter to the auditee.

This issue should be borne in mind even though it is not addressed in this practice statement.

I personally believe that the greater threat to be addressed in our society is the prevalence of rape in general.

Dependent students typically become frustrated when facing new challenges not directly addressed in the classroom.

So we can not treat everyone who has PTS as if there is only one set of symptoms that are addressed in only one way.

Government ' sources ' quoted by The Sunday Times say this anomaly should be addressed in the interests of equality.

In 5% of cases address at is used

That's my sole concern in this and it will be addressed at 20:00.

This is a serious issue which I suggest you should address at the workshop.

Independent variables All determinants used in this paper were addressed at T0.

This issue will have to be addressed at a level which requires a countrywide awakening.

Despite the celebrations of victory, a number of issues were not fully addressed at Potsdam.

Many of the salmon survival issues have to be addressed at the international, federal and BC levels.

Certainly, these are challenges the Obasanjo administration will address at it charts a course for Nigeria's economic development in this millennium.

Certainly, there are problems LL need to address on the non-technical front; tier is a major (and complicated) issue which has to be addressed at some point.

I should like to try to add value to your reasonable suggestion about addressing at its source the humanitarian crisis represented by huge numbers of refugees.

In 4% of cases address on is used

First off I had some books deleivered to my work address on a saturday.

Building a team is a long process, which should be addressed on daily basis.

We simply didn't need stress on top of the stress we were already having to address on a daily basis.

Inquiries and problems are also addressed on Facebook, though these tend to involve future travel plans.

Just because politicians want an agenda to address on their terms, doesn't mean you need to give it to them to deal.

Delivery to the same address (a work address on an industrial estate with a deliveries entrance that is manned from 8-6).

As groups for those with afflictions take on accessibility issues that are not addressed on websites they will gain ground.

It means the issue needs to be addressed on a trans-national level, through a global strategy and international cooperation.

The address on the label has my name, the name of the office, the name of the building, the street address, city and post code.

In 4% of cases address with is used

This situation must be addressed with urgency.

For instance, we may embed e-mail addresses with images.

That's a task that federal stakeholders are already addressing with the Southwest Ecodistrict plan.

Dietary concerns are addressed with low-fat soups and a cottage cheese-enriched chicken liver mousse.

Indiscretions by the policemen have become far too frequent and that's what needs to be addressed with urgency.

Chief Obasanjo should address with necessary decisive measures, factors that stifle the attainment of veritable investment climate.

The Libel Reform Campaign and others have set out clearly what a Bill should address with regard to public interest, ISPs and corporations.

For BMW, the driving experience is still paramount; yet the sense of consumer guilt that driving can now inspire has been addressed with new, more efficient engines.

The manual gearbox was fairly refined but still had a non-car like feel to it, something that is being addressed with the introduction of an automatic option this year.

Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa can range from mild to life-threatening and have psychological roots that are best addressed with psychiatric consultation and help.

In 3% of cases address as is used

But it's always addressed as a single concept, which it isn't.

Dr Kissinger was addressed as? Boss? or? Boss Kissinger?, which amused him.

The early Church addressed as the twelve tribes of Israel (Jam 1:1 cf 1 Pet 1:1).

That is why he is more accurately addressed as the Chief Justice of the Philippines.

The acrimony caused by Umpiring errors in international matches had to be addressed as an end in itself.

Cruelty and neglect to the environment need to be addressed as part of developing the humane perspective.

Dr Sarah Wollaston, the new Tory candidate for Totnes, identifies binge drinking as one of the top three issues she hopes to address as a.

Dr Sarah Wollaston, the new Tory candidate for Totnes, identifies binge drinking as one of the top three issues she hopes to address as a Conservative MP.

The registration of mail should be addressed as a priority task upon arrival by staff members at work, and at all times following breaks during the working day.

Polar bears draw a lot of attention as they are big and cuddly like looking but the issue of Climate Change needs to be addressed as a whole (not just for bears).

In 3% of cases address for is used

I use this same address for a variety of deliveries.

As I work full time I gave my works address for the goods to be delivered to.

Do you use Unique IP Addresses for Google +1? s? Yes, I use Unique IP addresses 4.

Then after that can be a slash followed by addressing for pages within the website.

If you'd like I can also give you a couple of web addresses for other support sites.

One last thing tomorrow I will post the customer complaints address for HDN on this site.

It is a very useful library of concise data and internet addresses for legal researchers.

These servers can be specified as local UNIX sockets or DNS names/IP addresses for a TCP connection.

A certain subset of signals can be addressed for unsubscription by specifying a StopPersChParams Element.

Software used to help serve adverts for example can have multiple destination addresses for the data being collected.

In 3% of cases address through is used

Other social issues, must be addressed through separate campaigns.

Be aware that if you are out with a man, you may be addressed through him, and that it will be assumed you are married.

Solution: There could be several reasons for the above situation, but many can be addressed through better communication.

This form of corruption is the kind that can not be addressed through economic reforms and the only way to deal with it is through policing.

The second term of Barack Obama presents the left with a number of challenges, all of which need to be addressed through building a broad protest movement.

Under the Planning Act 2008, the need for new infrastructure would be addressed through a National Policy Statement (NPS, see next section on Strategic siting assessment).

The first is to create an Interagency Subcommittee under NSTC that will focus on goals that are best addressed through continuing broad cooperation and coordination across agencies.

The challenge addressed through this study was how high schools can integrate social network tools into traditional learning environments to foster the development of these 21st century skills.

Financial issues were addressed through a deal brokered with Diocesan Development Services (DDS ), an NGO, which developed a specialised yam loan scheme from their pre-existing micro-credit scheme.

In 2% of cases address from is used

Users with email addresses from yahoo.

You agree not to harvest any email addresses from Networks or the GROU.

You can also receive an opt-in offline by verbally requesting email addresses from customers and potential customers.

Bollywood star was expressing this in a live video press conference at a local club which he was addressing from Mumbai, on Sunday.

Make contact with the stags Get the final list of names, numbers and email addresses from the groom and touch base with your charges.

To deny all IP addresses from your site use: order allow, deny deny from all You can deny access based upon IP address or an IP block.

Forms can be available online through affiliate marketing and pay per click advertising that only need an email address from a person interested in what you have to offer.

The first server was set up on 25 March and operated until 2 April, during which it communicated with infected machines from 5,377 unique IP addresses from more than a dozen countries.

Them underestimating the demand is unlikely, they run the most popular mobile operating system and have close ties with manufacturers plus they were collecting email addresses from interested people.

In 1% of cases address before is used

That support needs to be addressed before such things as raising the salary cap.

However, there are drawbacks to consider, as well as things that need to be addressed before and during implementation.

Mahinda Samarasinghe, Minister of Plantation Industries of Sri Lanka addresses before the voting of resolution on Sri Lanka L.

This App was not available for a while on the Amazon App Store so maybe some reviewer concerns were addressed before Amazon reposted the App.

The question of jurisdiction ICSF feels that the first question that needs to be very clearly addressed before additional Tribunals are set up, is the issue of jurisdiction.

C) Other specific considerations Designated agents must ensure that all matters relating to the law are addressed before bringing the application for authorization before a judge.

In 1% of cases address during is used

Q: Please specify the tasks that will need to be addressed during the contest.

Several tax disputes are pending which are addressed during regular meetings between the two countries ' Competent Authorities.

If you would like relief from a phobia or particular trauma like an accident, this can often be addressed during one to three sessions.

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