Prepositions after "adamant"

"adamant about" or "adamant in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases adamant about is used

Yes, I'd that adamant about it.

Thats what Im so adamant about.

He was adamant about keeping it up.

Dwight Hart of Kingston College, is adamant about not going to school this summer.

I tried to get her off the nest (cold shower!) but she seems adamant about sitting.

Gone is the life, the zest, the LIVING connection that Qui-Gon is so adamant about.

But he and the organization's spokesperson were adamant about not addressing any of the other recent allegations.

However, he was also adamant about the key role state and local government play in making decisions about schools.

Etcheverry, throughout his coaching career, has garnered a reputation for being adamant about running his schemes.

Kang-hwi wonders why Lee Joon is so adamant about a comeback when he clearly knows the prognosis of his condition.

In 19% of cases adamant in is used

But Old Spider was adamant in his decision.

But she has been adamant in quashing the rumors.

But she has been adamant in quashing the rumours.

The problem is that government has been adamant in its refusal to take a second look.

The UK government has been adamant in insisting on a single question on independence.

Women who are now cognizant of the benefits of using the compression stockings are no longer adamant in using these.

Even then, the government remains adamant in their quest to build the largest single wind farm in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Protestant Reformers The Protestant Reformers were as adamant in condemning suicide as the Roman Catholic Church.

I am curious why the authors are so adamant in their expressions of neutrality regarding the politics of gun control.

In 14% of cases adamant on is used

Mr Obama is adamant on tax hikes.

He is adamant on the stand taken by him.

Themercantilists were adamant on this point.

Suraj tells he will inform Chavvi but Bhabho is adamant on speaking to Chavvi herself.

The outfit is adamant on its stand that talks can't be held in handcuffs and from jail.

I am still adamant on it looking freaky part when on but impractical, I highly disagree.

Giving Chittagong to the Pakistanis, should remind us that the British were adamant on curtailing Indian sovereignty.

My tutor is adamant on not writing me a very good reference because of my attendance record at lectures and seminars.

The PM and the Congress are adamant on protecting their ministers and have refused to set up independent investigations.

Both Cranky and Sarang will tell you to rather go for a good bookshelf setup but I was still adamant on a surround setup.

In 3% of cases adamant to is used

Why are you so adamant to the yearning of Nigerian.

He was always adamant to my pleas for a longer vacation.

Well, Jean had been adamant to me that she was not involved.

Fans at the Dome screamed to call Sarkodie and R2bees but they kept adamant to their call.

Maximus remained adamant to the end and died during his last exile in the Caucasus in 662.

We may cry out desperately for time to pause in her passage, but time is adamant to every plea and rushes on.

GboyThere are so many reasons why people go to church, most of them are genuine while others are adamant to the main purpose of d church.

He is adamant to this day that what he saw was an unknown creature the likes of which he has not seen before of since in any book or film.

So are they just good friends or more? This question will probably be answered only in time as these two are adamant to not let out any secrets.

She somehow obtained the abbot's permission for it and requested him to order her son to come out before her, but the son was adamant to her prayers.

In 2% of cases adamant against is used

Now I am as adamant against Mr.

They were adamant against the change.

The Wangs were adamant against divorce.

It only takes one person being adamant against hiring you for you to lose a job offer.

She is adamant against eurozone bonds and putting the German balance sheet at risk (see more below).

While some women are adamant against the use of these products, there are some who are bent on trying them.

If republicans are so adamant against big government spending, they should see that smart planning is important.

People who adamant against your ideas are going to be no matter what-people that are sympathetic to your cause won't care.

However, some critics are adamant against publication saying that publishing the findings could be used by terrorists as a blueprint to creating bioweapons.

A religious sister recounted to me the story of how a young woman graduate in Cagayan de Oro wanted to enter their congregation but her father was adamant against it.

In 2% of cases adamant for is used

Ask her why she is so adamant for you to convert.

Fearing domination, delegates from smaller states were just as adamant for equal representation and supported the New Jersey Plan.

On the other hand Mujib was adamant for not sharing power and never felt that he is not the majority party leader in the parliament.

Arnav tells Khushi that this might not look good, Khushi is adamant for Arnav to go and to think about the now rather then the future.

That being said, the search engine has been adamant for years that, while negative SEO is possible, it works hard to prevent this issue.

Don't come crying to Georgie thou, he was adamant for years that movie canon trumped the EU and he never for one inkling of a second felt bound by it's plot developments.

What about banks assuming that there is going to be some easing by the Reserve Bank of India in January? The government seems pretty adamant for pushing the Reserve Bank in that corner.

In 1% of cases adamant at is used

But, he was adamant at being stubborn and pulled a long face.

The professor was very adamant at the beggining of this crisis about addressing the DEBT OVERHANG.

Thanks for responding peanutz, Did your partner change his mind? Mine seems kind of adamant at the moment.

Was it cancer? Was it some form of blood disorder? Mak was adamant at Ampang Puteri that she did not have cancer.

I was adamant at the time that I didn't want to, but I knew what I wanted to do and was going to go straight into it.

Even after the exiled King Ovonramwen returned to his ancestors from behind the walls of a Prison in Calabar, the Edo were adamant at sticking by what they considered their unalterable heritage.

The strangest thing is that Islam has now regressed to Christianity in Europe during the dark ages, similar to how the Catholic Church was adamant at that time in believing that the earth is flat.

In 1% of cases adamant of is used

I will keep being adamant of you.

He has given out a message that he is the less adamant of the two.

It had been 16 years since he was arrested and incarcerated, but Paco remains adamant of his innocence.

But, given the tremendous complexity of his divisions operations, the department was adamant of any change.

John Penton is adamant of the important role that Avon Protection plays in an increasingly dangerous world.

Kashmir has important borders with China, etc -- Pakis are adamant of taking over first Kashmir, then the rest of India slowly.

Some clerics and scholars are adamant of its impermissibility with the exception of Islamic music that does not involve string instruments.

Those who are comparing languages and very adamant of learning English, they should visit countries like Korea, japan, china and other EU countries.

It just goes to show that even the most adamant of customers can change their mind simply because they haven't had access to a wide range of designs and ideas.

They were keener on showing they are in charge, preserving their positions by bowing to their political masters and were adamant of the old decision from the 1980s to site the.

In 1% of cases adamant with is used

But she was quite adamant with her decision.

He was quite adamant with his remarks, as were others who followed him.

He ended up being very happy with how the surgery went but he was adamant with my post op care.

He confirmed that Taken 2 was happening, but was pretty adamant with regards a third movie in the franchise.

We were divided in our thoughts and decided to share why The Yak and Don Kwelu were so adamant with their cases.

That's why PAS is adamant with their plan to implement hudud, they know it's a matter of time before they get what they want.

The US has also been adamant with censoring the Web, writing Google five times between January and June to take down YouTube videos critical of government, law enforcement or public officials.

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