Prepositions after "acute"

acute in, for, with, at or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases acute in is used

And there is the acute in sound? True.

The problem is most acute in Medicare.

The problem is particularly acute in the U.

This overrepresentation is particularly acute in the West, but it exists across Canada.

I know most people are terrified of failure, but it seems particularly acute in Dragons.

It is one of the worst pains in the shoulder and can be very acute in it's presentation.

The preservation and anti-development mindset is particularly acute in Tasmania partly because they get away with it.

This was especialy acute in France where a huge number of their young men were killed or injured during the conflict.

Reputational risks can be more acute in emerging markets due to weaker governance, legislative and ethical frameworks.

United for a cause The need for organisations such as CHB and initiatives such as Mitra is acute in this part of India.

In 14% of cases acute for is used

This is especially acute for young men.

But their affection became very much acute for their children.

The shortage at present appears to be most acute for those seeking to rent a property.

The problem is especially acute for marine forms such as clams and brachiopods, however.

That problem is particularly acute for mines which are typically located in remote areas.

They'll feel tired or lethargic and in many instances will report headaches, which can be quite acute for some people.

Arguably many of the issues are more acute for girls and young women living in countries with significant gender inequity.

The problem is particularly acute for poor people, elderly people, black people and Latinos, students and disabled people.

The problem is thought to be particularly acute for left-handed owners who naturally touch the phone in the sensitive area.

In 6% of cases acute with is used

The effects of this become more apparent and acute with time.

This problem is made more acute with the rise in tuition fees.

The problems are especially acute with the too-big-to-fail banks.

The pressure to fudge gets more acute with public revulsion over the plight of farmers.

This is because the housing shortage in the country is acute with effective demand in excess of supply.

The problem is particularly acute with our older citizens, among whom serious illness strikes most often.

This issue is even more acute with utilities that bill water usage on an annual basis - commonplace in the UK and Europe.

Otherwise, there is the danger, especially acute with reference to the conjugal rasa, of conceiving the spiritual rasas materially.

It will remain an unsettling presence on the sidelines, periodically -- it will escalate, becoming more acute with each subsequent escalation.

Is that a problem that's particularly acute with Jamaican artists? It's just the structure of the labels back in the day, and the studio system.

In 4% of cases acute at is used

It was her voice that made The sky acutest at its vanishing.

The crisis of multilateralism is perhaps most acute at the WTO.

Those concerns were especially acute at the beginning of the training period.

The poignancy of memories is often most acute at the time of day when darkness closes in.

The risk is especially acute at large companies with big fleets of desktops and notebooks to manage.

Underperformance issues are particularly acute at the largest organisations (those with 1,000-plus employees).

Tibiae evidently uncinate, the anterior emarginate and ciliate inwardly below the middle, and acute at the extremity.

The dry conditions are especially acute at sandy areas which could not trap much water due to the porous nature of the substrate.

That fear was even more acute at Russell Group universities, where 30 per cent of students worried about the impact of excessive socialising on their studies.

In 3% of cases acute among is used

Dismay about wind farms has been particularly acute among the party's grassroots.

As a consequence, economic hardship was more acute among the M? ori than the European.

This disquiet spans generations, but it is most acute among those of the civil-rights era.

But the legacy of a life time of self-serving is widespread, the carnage most acute among those he ought to be protecting: his family.

The impact is acute among the African-American voting-age population, where one in 13 is disenfranchised because of a prior conviction.

Aboriginal communities in general across Canada face considerable socio-economic hardships, and these problems are especially acute among Aboriginal youth.

These feelings of shame and anger were especially acute among the military families living near the main army barracks in Kati near Bamako, where the mutiny began.

According to the Casey foundation, which has stepped up its focus on attendance in recent years, the problem is particularly acute among students from low-income families.

The erosion of support Obama has experienced has been particularly acute among white men, whites without college degrees and white independents, the new tracking poll found.

In 3% of cases acute to is used

Her hearing was acute to the end.

A adapted blast complete is acute to authoritative beats.

Anya paused to listen, her senses acute to the merest sound.

As a musician, I have been even more acute to this phenomenon.

Forms of clinical depression range from minor, acute to chronic bipolar disorder.

Credit accessibility is more acute to the rural small producers in the informal sector.

I kept getting athirst all day and my teeth care became cool acute to amoroso for no reason.

The current strategic focus of the HSE is shifting the balance of care from acute to community services while also improving access to services.

I do have to thank you! The different posts you put up keeps my perspective acute to changes and in many cases challenges the current path I have taken.

Last week Gavyn Davies wrote that the outcome of the summit could be that the eurozone's problems will go from being acute to chronic (see also FT Alphaville).

In 3% of cases acute by is used

To be sure, the problems were acute by the time Brown took control.

These vulnerabilities are made more acute by climate variations and variations in precipitation.

Water scarcity could be made more acute by changing rainfall patters resulting from climate change.

Internet, but only, you may read acute by its good products like tricky service computer with compatible passwords interrupted.

All he needed was a forward line -- a need which was made all the more acute by the departure of Rodney Marsh to Manchester City.

Hence, the problem of the nature and performance of backup to wind power only starts to arise after 2015 and becomes acute by 2020.

The house had an empty, deserted look, made more acute by the inscrutable eye that looked on it in the aftermath of a forensic investigation.

His situation is made acute by the fact that he is currently jobless and has no access to his children -- not even for the mandatory once-a-week meeting.

The situation is made more acute by centuries of excessive human-induced erosion, during which too much sand and mud was deposited in the coastal environment.

In 2% of cases acute during is used

The problem becomes acute during monsoons, when due to clogged drains, dirty water overflows from the drains.

These needs become more acute during times of social change and conflict, forcing audiences to turn to the media.

But there is a concurrent trend of more recent vintage that may have made things more acute during the September 11 decade.

Although the concerns for leadership is as old as history, it has become more acute during the last few decades due to complexities of production methods.

The vexing problem of Church-state relations became so acute during the controversy as to reach a breaking point, and the synthesis of Justinian collapsed.

While there has always been a tension between capitalism and democracy this becomes particularly acute during a time of crisis such as the one we currently living through.

In 2% of cases acute because is used

The problem has become acute because of the wireless and the television.

In climate blogging, the problem is particularly acute because of the politicization of the discourse.

However, it is perhaps more acute because of the expertise, authority and power of the medical professional.

NO CHILD, NO HOPE The suffering of the sterilised women is particularly acute because of the status attached to motherhood in Kenya.

My appreciation of this honour is particularly acute because of the great affinity which I feel for this city and my deep affection for its people.

Gender conflicts, generally speaking, also become less and less acute because of the relative autonomy that is available to First World individuals.

In an Irish context, such concerns were particularly acute because of the complex relationships between class, religion and politics as the nationalist movement grew in popularity and strength.

In 2% of cases acute as is used

She is acute as a razor blade and about as merciful.

The need to revamp the educational system became acute as the technology gap between Europe and Asia widened.

These concerns have become particularly acute as the total value of funds transferred through mobile money increases.

But with political posturing becoming more acute as the weak coalition stutters towards general elections, there is no quick end in sight.

For the low waged, disabled or unemployed people, the situation is far more acute as the poorest are scapegoated and blamed for all of capitalism's problems.

The above-mentioned divisions became more acute as the prospects for national independence improved, and Buddhists were forced to take sides in an ever more politicized atmosphere.

In an area already facing shortages? Colorado needs more doctors, nurses and psychiatrists? the demand for health care professionals will only grow more acute as the population ages.

In 2% of cases acute of is used

Some of it does seem like the most acute of second thoughts.

The Bengal emergency is just the latest and most acute of a series of major emergencies in various parts of the world, arising both from natural and from manmade causes.

For startups trying to raise follow on funding, they now have more data points of their traction and so venture investors are more acute of their cost of capital needs being met.

In 2% of cases acute on is used

Others may have acute on chronic attacks.

The disaster was what doctors call ' acute on chronic '.

That is what that accent acute on the last ' e ' is all about.

This problem is especially acute on cards with limited memory resources.

This issue is particularly acute on the arterial road network where investment levels have been modest.

Conflicts along class, ethnic, sectarian, gender and other lines seem to be getting more acute on a daily basis.

Chittagong Traffic congestion has turned acute on most of the roads, lanes and by-lanes in the Chittagong city, particularly during the iftar hours.

Erica's therapy is funny as well as traumatic and the movie is particularly acute on the woman's first bad dates after she decides to give a few men a go.

In 1% of cases acute due is used

Right now, the fuel price is acute due to saber-rattling between the incompetents in the US and the EU and Iran.

This is a secular tendency that is becoming acute due to the successful rollback of representative democracy by means of neoliberal policy.

The problem is made particularly acute due to the low level of state spending on education in China, which is among the lowest in the developing world at 2.

In 1% of cases acute from is used

Such problems in the less developed countries may become acute from its current state of being chronic.

In London's Kings Cross, where I run a website, the crime issues have been acute from anti-social behaviour to murder and large-scale organised crime.

In 1% of cases acute over is used

At a BBC consumed by the process of managing change, the struggle has been particularly acute over the past decade or so.

There was, of course, the need to defuse tension with the superpower and over 40 of its coalition partners which had become particularly acute over the Nato goods controversy.

In 1% of cases acute amongst is used

The problem is particularly acute amongst part-time agency workers where the proportion earning less than 6.

Domestic anxiety was particularly acute amongst a considerable section of men who did not or could not trust their wives.

Rarely in the past, with the exception of the state-backed pogrom of 1983, has the sense of alienation been so acute amongst Tamils.

But the legacy of a lifetime of self-serving is widespread, the carnage most acute amongst those he ought to be protecting: his family.

This is also acute amongst inexperienced Social Media Marketers, where the notion that all your friends will tell their friends is often exaggerated.

In 1% of cases acute after is used

The divisions within the governing troika in South Africa are once again becoming acute after the acquittal in the Zuma Treason Trial and the enforced resignation of President Mbeki.

The problem of illegal migration became so acute after the second influx in 1991-92 that many apprehend Rohingyas will become the majority population in this area, if the trend continues.

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