Prepositions after "acquire"

"acquire by" or "acquire in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases acquire by is used

It was acquired by Fonseca in 1978.

Costa was acquired by Whitbread in 1995.

Ammann knew was set to be acquired by Canon.

If trust is already acquired by the company towards their customers, being promoted.

This goes to dissipate tradition as to how the properties were acquired by the Tharpes.

Results -- Our Records Indicate: Your loan was acquired by Fannie Mae on or before May 31, 2009.

The installation was quickly acquired by the Museum of Modern Art, New York and placed in its permanent collection.

His previous start-up, Karma, was acquired by Facebook in a deal announced on the day of Facebook's high-profile IPO.

A lot of the needed information can be acquired by consulting the actual yellow pages or the phone books available online.

He had four goals in 35 games with Prince Albert, before scoring eight times in 38 games after being acquired by the Chiefs.

In 16% of cases acquire in is used

Weapons being acquired in America.

Personal loans have become relatively easy to acquire in UK.

It is difficult to point out one skill we acquired in this course.

With the overseas holdings acquired in the War with Spain came new responsibilities.

Study area The model was tested using the data acquired in Port Harcourt area of Nigeria.

Rolling stock has been acquired in several batches, sourced variously from France, East Germany, Germany and Korea.

This expertise is available and valuable for hospitals to draw on to prevent and contain hospital-acquired infection.

The hotels are the latest additions to the Hendrickson family businesses, most of them having been acquired in the past 15 years.

In 10% of cases acquire from is used

All these vessels were acquired from the Royal Navy.

Wooden benches were made or acquired from damaged churches.

In June last year it was acquired from Gazal by Voyager Distributing.

The forms of appliance acquired from visually abundant to visually light.

After the lesson is acquired from the Imam, he then has to silence his zikr.

Each packet of seeds is acquired from different stores of varying reputation.

This is what he has acquired from Ramadanman and Burial -- that ability to take a moment and make it linger.

In 1841 three camels (one male and two females) were acquired from Sayyid Said bin Sultan, the Imam of Muscat.

She said if used wisely, the knowledge acquired from the training would transform their financial lives greatly.

The younger pupils were asked to illustrate any health messages that they had acquired from their older siblings.

In 8% of cases acquire for is used

The property is being acquired for A$29.

Use of foreign exchange acquired for Imports.

It can include land to offset land acquired for the public work.

The majority of the vintage series can be acquired for less than $ 100.

Nippon holds 26 percent stake in RCAM, which it acquired for about Rs 1,450 crore.

They were proud and wanted me to appreciate what they were able to acquire for themselves.

Can reserve land be acquired for a public work? Part 2 of the Public Works Act 1981 allows reserve land to be taken for a public work.

Twelve acres of jungle had been allocated for the Kilinochchi Sinhala Vidyalaya which was later acquired for the zonal education office.

Four sites in the environs of Kaleo (near WA ), Lawra, Jirapa and Navrongo have been identified and acquired for a total of 10MWp PV plants.

In 6% of cases acquire through is used

HSV is most commonly acquired through oral or genital contact.

This credit ratings is well acquired through the on the internet function.

Knowledge &; learning is something we continuously acquire through our lives.

Citizenship by descent is not automatic and must be acquired through application.

Expertise is acquired through either formal education or extensive occupational experience.

I read a lot of novels on my Vox but I'd sad to say that the vast majority of them are not acquired through their store.

However these abilities should and must come naturally and should not be acquired through an occult or mystical training.

I do not believe in luck that could be magically acquired through some lucky charms, but I do believe in the law of attraction and the law of karma.

Animal hides acquired through successful hunts, applied with the skills of womenfolk, then furnish their entire material culture covering every aspect of domestic life.

This paper also shows, at least for Italy, an overall growth and vitality of ILL, in spite of the widespread availability of e-journals acquired through consortia purchasing.

In 4% of cases acquire with is used

Israel acquire with American assistance.

Property acquired with notice of existing contract 91.

Naturally, you still need pray and however acquire with bad credit.

It maintains the reshaping that previously has been acquired with the Corselette or the Plus Girdle.

Being financially suit personally is perfect, and can be acquired with modifications to your way of life.

The onshore assets that we acquired with Petrohawk and Fayetteville complement our existing oil and gas business.

While there may be entrepreneurs who started their businesses without having more knowledge and experience, these were acquired with the passage of time.

Unless the contrary intention appears, property and rights and interests in property acquired with money belonging to the firm are deemed to have been acquired for the firm.

The vast amount of land that you will acquire with Ottawa country homes leaves room for many possibilities including gardens with home grown vegetables or the possibility of raising stock.

In 3% of cases acquire at is used

Date ActivitiesUnits Acquired at CostUnits Sold at Retail Mar.

These programs tend to build on the skills acquired at undergraduate and Master's levels.

To this day I sleep on my stomach, a habit I acquired at Krupp because of the sores on my back from beating.

It's a good deal of aid if all the needed items and ingredients might be acquired at a really short time period.

Mostly, he just wants a costume that involves the enormous plastic sword that he acquired at the dollar store the weekend his Dad and I were away.

Learning then has to be acquired at school, at home, on the job, through an apprenticeship, over the Internet, on TV, via the news media and then accounted for.

A highly talented 33-year old who has spent his life in a wheelchair because of his physical condition, acquired at birth, known as cerebral palsy, Astro is an artist.

He cited the manufacturing of aircraft, ships and vehicles as some of the practical training and education that people had acquired at the technical level and had been able to put that into action.

In 2% of cases acquire during is used

We encourage beneficiaries of the British Council-Barclays Bank training programme to make use of the skills to be acquired during the period of training.

If acquired during the pregnancy, it may result in a miscarriage or cause birth defects, though this depends on the time during the pregnancy in which the infection was acquired by the mother.

In 2% of cases acquire under is used

Town Belt land can be compulsorily acquired under the Public Works Act for roading purposes.

In 2% of cases acquire on is used

HMAS MORESBY was acquired on loan from the Royal Navy in 1925 for surveying duties.

Read on to acquire oneself ready! Be sure you protected all sources of meals during the night when you visit sleep at night.

If you realise an incredible acquire on the favorite older cheeses, you can freeze out it for a couple months with out having an effect on its flavor or texture.

In 1% of cases acquire to is used

She therefore advised the participants to not only keep the knowledge they have acquired to themselves but strive to share it with all they came into contact with.

In 1% of cases acquire pursuant is used

Any share so acquired shall be assigned and transferred to the trustees under the plan and held by them as shares acquired pursuant to the plan.

Any shares so acquired by the insurer shall be assigned and transferred to the trustees and held by them as shares acquired pursuant to the plan.

In 1% of cases acquire over is used

From time to time, it is quite possible to acquire over the one-time offer with regard to speech expertise, if a person truly does complete a translation offer obtain provider sort.

Andr's continued research on how our capacity to taste food is influenced by our memory banks; including the personal experiences we acquire over time was the motivation behind the study.

In 1% of cases acquire after is used

Language proficiency can be quickly acquired after consolidating classes on Chinese language and culture.

Some might say the that Latics squad lack that genuine belief that players acquire after playing at such levels.

Anisakiasis GI anisakiasis is acquired after ingestion of raw marine fish or squid infested with larvae of the roundworm Anisakis simplex (herring worm) or Pseudoterranova decipiens (cod worm).

In 1% of cases acquire before is used

The land is a part of the 774 acres acquired before Independence by the then Government.

In 1% of cases acquire as is used

Ugali is not a taste that is easily acquired as an adult:) Apparently adding dagaa as the relish makes it particularly heinous.

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