Prepositions after "acknowledge"

acknowledge by, in, as, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases acknowledge by is used

The wish was acknowledged by the President on 28 February.

A fact certainly acknowledged by the President of the United.

All which have an email address will be acknowledged by email.

It is, rather, the expression of what has always been acknowledged by humankind.

Simply being acknowledged by your fellow man makes all the difference in the world.

Ensure that the Advice is received, stamped and acknowledged by your depository bank.

The squad size is an issue that has been discussed and is an unprecedented error acknowledged by the management.

One, it would be contrary to the Prophet's familiar life-conduct unanimously acknowledged by the entire community.

This was acknowledged by mothers as giving them more capacity to meet work commitments without inducing additional stress.

Additional contributors to the publication, under this standard, may be acknowledged by name separately in an acknowledgements section.

In 24% of cases acknowledge in is used

I love recognizing places acknowledged in the book.

It would be a shame if that isn't acknowledged in some way.

Receipt thereof shall be acknowledged in writing by Germany.

As the President acknowledged in his speech last night, our nation faces huge challenges.

All rent and other payments under the tenancy must be acknowledged in writing by the landlord.

Steve Klein, the Californian who provided technical assistance for the film, acknowledged in interviews that he knew the film was provocative.

It also included Wallace Stevens -- whose work Monroe published when he was still unknown -- a poet whom Pound never once acknowledged in his letters to Monroe.

In the first page he acknowledges in the very beginning of the universe that he has no data, nothing -- until a billionth of a trillionth of a second of its birth.

But Mr Muallem remained vague on whether President Bashar al-Assad's regime possesses chemical weapons, despite Damascus acknowledging in July that it has such stockpiles.

In 18% of cases acknowledge as is used

Rather, what was always wrong was finally acknowledged as such.

Walking has long been acknowledged as an excellent way to lose excess pounds and become fit.

I am pleased to be acknowledged as the grandfather of the Hamilton Wood Type Printing Museum.

In Sweden, his persuasive support of the anti-nuclear position is acknowledged as an important element in.

It is hardly surprising that the MDC is refusing to participate unless violence ends and Tsvangirai is acknowledged as the winner of the March poll.

Our vision is to be respected as an ethical and sustainable company and acknowledged as the leading provider of innovative paint and colour technology.

The how-and-why-and-what that creates relationship is mostly undefined and simply acknowledged as the mindful presence of the one person with the other.

They would no longer be colonials but partners in a great progressive enterprise, joining the wider world of nations and acknowledged as a nation by them.

To only measure technical ability to be acknowledged as a professional chef, is akin to believing that a successful meal is determined by the plate alone.

On 29th November 2012, your beloved land, the one you refused to leave, the one you sacrificed your very life for was acknowledged as a state by the United Nations.

In 10% of cases acknowledge for is used

Acknowledged for contributions in popular books by Doug Comer, John S.

Rolex watches have always been acknowledged for his or her excellence in workmanship and precision.

Although it is associated with the propagation of diseases, HGH is also acknowledged for its help in curing Crohn's disease.

When sending your gift please specify the name of the honouree/memoriam; name and address of the person who will be acknowledged for your thoughtful donation.

In 6% of cases acknowledge at is used

The winners are acknowledged at the closing Gala along with many other awards.

You're right, losing a lane on Whyte would be a major disruption, one that would have a big impact, and one that I acknowledged at the end of my post.

In 6% of cases acknowledge with is used

I gave you the last word, and it was a good one - which I acknowledged with a: -) Let's leave it at that.

Yet it certainly does not show Treves ' treatment of Merrick in a favourable light, particularly in their early encounters, which Treves later acknowledges with much chagrin.

In 4% of cases acknowledge to is used

It's a problem that team star and captain Thierry Henry acknowledged to Goal.

We cringe and acknowledge to some woman in England, not the Sovereigns in these lands.

That's acknowledged to the point that the Irish government does not tax the work of writers.

TFF should come forward and acknowledge to the public that they could have handled the entire contract renewal process better.

Many authorities have been consulted in the preparation of this work; but especial obligation should be acknowledged to the Ethnology by Prof.

Miss Brodie acknowledges to the girls that Terry Lloyd was the great love of her life but that she had renounced him because he was a married man.

In 2% of cases acknowledge on is used

Occasionally we will publish papers or reports on this data and there may be a chance for exceptional interns to be listed as authors or acknowledged on research papers.

As McCoist himself acknowledged on Friday, his team are on something of a hiding to nothing in the Third Division; win and its expected, lose and they can expect to be hammered.

In 2% of cases acknowledge within is used

An application form that is forwarded to a law centre by post will be acknowledged within 14 days.

In 1% of cases acknowledge after is used

He acknowledged after the Seahawks game he's likely to hear boos and chants for backup Joe Webb if things don't go well on Sunday.

In 1% of cases acknowledge from is used

Deliver your client with a receipt of the fee you have acknowledged from him.

In 1% of cases acknowledge let is used

Unfortunately our concerns which are becoming more and more serious are not being acknowledged let alone addressed.

In 1% of cases acknowledge like is used

This type of therapy is highly acknowledged like a hair beauty revival because it makes your hair healthier, livelier and stronger.

In 1% of cases acknowledge via is used

And they even acknowledged via email, that they knew about what I was doing.

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