Prepositions after "achieve"

"achieve by" or "achieve in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases achieve by is used

These savings will be achieved by a $2.

It can be achieved by proper use of teaching aids.

This can be achieved by forecasting customer needs.

That has largely been achieved by following the principle of building relationships.

This is achieved by appending the scaling factors to the ' basis definition ' lines.

Optimal breathing habits can be achieved by regular practice of yoga and meditation.

Not sure what Casey thinks he's achieving by making an issue out of this when it's clear this is a nothing story.

Like all decent start-ups, bootstrapped or funded, Code Club needed support and this was achieved by crowdfunding.

First, though, it's vital to figure out exactly what the business wants to achieve by using Facebook, Twitter et al.

At the same time any new information applicable to Rudrapur climax achieved by them was delivered to Rudrapur by Mr.

In 26% of cases achieve in is used

SOA will never be achieved in one big-bang project.

Peak BAC? s are achieved in fasting people within 0.

This she said can be achieved in five years or less.

Paying forward gives me more satisfaction than I ever achieved in my corporate years.

The 17% growth is lower than the 22% growth achieved in each of the previous two years.

In this research, fi rst order accuracy was planned and achieved in geodetic levelling.

By cost-containing public hospitals in isolation Rudd will find cost-containment harder to achieve in the long run.

However, those that understand how success in any endeavor is achieved in life will not find it controversial at all.

But above all, what was even more impressive were the comparisons of what has been achieved in the peripheral regions.

Therefore once the initial investment is achieved in 3-5 years Power is generated free of cost for the remaining years.

In 10% of cases achieve through is used

This can be achieved through some awareness of.

Simplification Art is achieved through restraint.

So success is achieved through positive thinking + positive doing.

A continued human permanence can only be achieved through Earth like conditions.

I think the optimal solution could be only achieved through more discussion in public.

This is achieved through integration with Hunchworks and other big data sources that record user preferences.

It is time to recognize and study the advocates who believe that peace can be achieved through peaceful means.

These financial results can only be achieved through disciplined management and excellent operational performance.

Overall growth, though, many believe, can not be achieved through exclusive attention to one or the other sectors.

In 8% of cases achieve with is used

All of this can be achieved with nothing but a hunting knife.

The robot needs eyes to see, that's achieved with laser beams.

This we achieved with clever membranes and polymers composites.

We frequently find significant savings that can be achieved with very little effort.

Some remarkable effects can be achieved with different lighting and background colors.

Postmaster Jo, that is what we are trying to achieve with the Classifieds on FalmouthPO.

From there it is a race for good grades, then the 5 Cs, which always seems difficult to achieve with rising costs.

The dramatic Dermal Volumizing results achieved with Hybrid Energy are attributed to the unique method of treatment.

Productivity will not be achieved with the old model and demonising cycling as dangerous by demanding compulsar helmet use.

CASH AND CARRY To better appreciate what Ghana has achieved with NHIS we have to remind ourselves where we are coming from.

In 4% of cases achieve at is used

Victory was achieved at exactly 9.

This proud history is the result of a victory achieved at the cost of many lives.

This ratio can only be achieved at the exact angle of 51 degrees 51 minutes 14 seconds.

As under the GCE O ' level system, not all students will achieve at the same pace at age 16.

Let us remember that if one wants children, then this should be achieved at the earliest possible age.

Ludwig: Now as you think about what you've achieved at Vanguard, clearly there is an indexing trend in place.

Proponents of carbon taxes (or carbon trading) assume that large reduction in CO2 can be achieved at low cost.

The fact that most of this debt was achieved at record low interest rates is no reason for self-congratulation.

However, this process of modernisation has of necessity been achieved at a cost to overall jobs and terms of employment.

Here's a short background that leads to the goal of all the PR efforts and the objectives they want to achieve at the end of the day.

In 4% of cases achieve for is used

What did u achieved for eight yrs as de gov.

Equal successes have been achieved for malaria and tuberculosis medicines throughout the world.

You have achieved for yourself what you wanted; Northerners are waiting for their share as you promised.

As each miracle is successfully removed, unity comes closer and closer to being achieved for theoretical physics.

To give more to the press in appreciation of what it has achieved for our society with all its constraints is to ask.

Think about it: what would naming the NP source achieve for ABS-CBN? It would actually serve as a way out for the network.

Together, we achieved for Brian, a character of invigoration few cerebration affirmable, considering the nature of his disease.

It does not by any stretch of the imagination compare with what Nkrumah went on to achieve for Ghana and for the anti-colonial drive in Africa.

I think your summary of what he wanted to say and what he wanted to achieve for his people and his contribution to the development of human consciousness is excellent.

Their flexibility and creative thinking allowed us to get the absolute maximum value for money in terms of what we were able to achieve for the budget we had to work with.

In 4% of cases achieve without is used

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

But best of all, all this will be achieved without wires.

And all this had been achieved without unemployment or inflation.

All this is achieved without any ’ Jekyll and Hyde ’ hybrid nonsense.

Try to think about a single achievement that you can achieve without any hard work.

On the one hand, they seem to imply that justice can often be achieved without punishment.

South Africa is a living testimony to how reconciliation can be achieved without punishing the war criminals.

The surplus could have been achieved without leaving some of the most disadvantaged families and their children in deficit.

This, he stated, was impossible to achieve without the guiding, monitoring, reporting and clarifying roles that accountants play.

Neither can be achieved without an informed population that has adopted a ' conventional wisdom ' of self restraint and conservation.

In 3% of cases achieve on is used

What goals do you need to achieve on the road towards your destination.

The Paladin Dragon is a dragon which can only be achieved on the Facebook version of Dragon city.

Imagine a world of no more wars (and no more computer viruses!) It will seem to us as if heaven has been achieved on earth.

A contributing factor to the success that has been achieved on OPV vaccination is the observation of National Immunisation Day.

He was amazing! Over Monday and Tuesday i have not stopped thinking about this ridiculous result Liverpool achieved on the weekend.

The Chalker or Caller is the person who records the score of the game and will write the score achieved on the board beside the game.

The release of the LV0 key allows for that to be achieved on PC, with the CoreOS and XMB files then re-encrypted using the existing 3.

Given what you did achieve on a sporting field, there is no doubt you would have made it if you applied yourself fully to a different sport.

Some notable successes have been achieved on the business and economic fronts over the last decade, but the country could do far, far better.

In a similar spirit, the campaign for women's emancipation should initially focus on just one goal that can be achieved on the level of government policy.

In 2% of cases achieve from is used

It will include actual sale prices achieved from January 2010 to September this year.

As such, we run our program to reflect what we would like to achieve from such an experience as well.

The journey on the path to enlightenment is achieved from within and not bound in the material world.

They are important, but only to the extent of what you desire to achieve from your study of the Qur'an.

Whatever we achieve from here is going to be huge for us and we will try very hard to stay in the tournament.

This album was originally recorded digitally so I was wondering what else could be achieved from the original mater.

Great article Mike! Impressive that your results were all achieved from self-learning! Interesting as well with the comparison of organic/paid.

Zuckerberg has said Facebook will launch a search engine at some point and when it does, I expect the migration that Google couldn't achieve from Facebook to.

In 2% of cases achieve over is used

Now, set a goal for what you would like to achieve over the next month.

Some of their goals may have been achieved over the years, but only after geological delay and through coincidence.

Franais: Approche multisystmique Objective: A statement of specific results to be achieved over a specified period of time.

On top of all that, I recently announced a set of results I personally expect the public sector to achieve over the next five years.

Franais: Gocodage Goal: A broad, high-level statement of a desired outcome, in general terms, to be achieved over an unspecified period of time.

Looking back on what I've achieved over the last 24 months I find myself shaking my head in disbelief at some of the things I've managed to achieve.

The original story was reported in the Scientific American, stating that a team of European and Canadian Scientists had achieved Quantum Teleportation achieved over record distances.

In 1% of cases achieve after is used

BirdLife International welcomes this compromise that was achieved after very difficult discussions.

Infertility is usually suspected if pregnancy is not achieved after one year of unprotected intercourse.

Best performance was achieved after smoothing the spectrograms with a 2-D box filter (500 ms, 2 octaves).

This is the political freedom, the self independence, what the India has achieved after attaining the freedom from British domination.

In 1% of cases achieve as is used

You want to have a long-term vision about what you are going to achieve as a real estate investor.

I do respect what you've achieved as a soldier, and what no doubt you will achieve in the future.

Do not be tricked! The Fork is not merely an eating utensil! It is a symbol of everything we have achieve as a race.

Several milestones have been achieved as the local organizers transition from the strategic to operational planning phase.

This is what the 15-year-old achieved as a 5th place finish saw him move up to fourth overall for his debut Championship season.

These objectives can be achieved as a result of the innovation, support and learning processes described in the internal processes.

Typically this program can be talked about in terms of whatever that achieves as well as special elements the idea takes into account.

The statement noted another key development achieved as the development of the Prime Minister's Office - Regional Administration and Local Governments Planning and Reporting (PlanRep) system.

In 1% of cases achieve during is used

For me, it is absolutely essential to be aware of what tasks I have to achieve during the day.

The next breakthrough in the relationship was achieved during the visit of Premier Wen Jiabao to India in April 2005.

This report registers the process of the open governance network building achieved during the research process in Uganda.

You must know what you are good at, what you need to work harder on, and actively plan what you need to achieve during your lifetime -- and then focus your energies on achieving these goals.

In 1% of cases achieve within is used

This has to be achieved within a framework for national development.

Mills, an accomplished educationist, believes quality education could be achieved within a 3 year period; hence the reversal of the SHS duration from 4 to 3 years.

So what did Akufo-Addo expect President Mills to achieve within five months? To solve all Ghana ' s problems that he itemized within five months when his party could not do it in 8 years.

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