Prepositions after "accuse"

accuse of, by, in, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 89% of cases accuse of is used

Gu has not been accused of any crime.

The money he was accused of stealing.

Illegal Immigrants Accused of Vote Fraud.

Another pretty young girl, her good-looking boyfriend in tow, is accused of the crime.

Of course you can be rightly accused of supporting Russell only because she is a woman.

Here is the story of one reader who is being accused of being an unfaithful girlfriend.

Council employees and others were nervous about being accused of impropriety or inefficiency and losing their jobs.

As many of the readers might know, the current advisor is accused of serious corruption involving the Padma Bridge.

This is not a problem that Gearbox have to concern themselves with, or should be accused of contributing to at all.

Jurors were told how Shafi was accused of killing her by smashing her over the head with the pair of metal tinsnips.

In 5% of cases accuse by is used

Cayetano was accused by Raissa on probable grounds.

In fact, he is worse than his accused by any measure are.

It is true that every day the media is accused by persons facing criminal investigation or trial.

The minister said he had been accused by the complainants of receiving a bribe amounting to Sh19.

Therefore, Ibn Taymiyyah was accused by his opponents that he was anthropomorphic in his stance towards Names and Attributes of God.

And at times when we've gotten involved, after being implored to help in the fight, we've been accused by our allies of prolonging the difficulties.

It was during the Nambale National Taxpayers ' launch when CDF chairman Joshua Mulesi was accused by a taxpayer, Peter Odima not accounting for Sh42.

However, in order for conviction to take place, the individuals must confess or be accused by at least four eyewitnesses of the act of actual intercourse.

Immediately after the match Clattenburg was accused by two Chelsea players, the Spaniard Roberto Mata and the Nigerian John Obi Mikel, of making racist comments.

In 2011 the Liverpool footballer and Uruguayan international, Luis Suarez, was accused by Evra, during another hot-blooded match, of abusing him in racial terms.

In 3% of cases accuse in is used

Kaithan and Krishnaswami are the accused in C.

Arrest of accused in appeal from acquittal 427.

He was accused in a State Department report of mismanaging the.

In fact, Pradeepan is one of six accused in another blast case, called the Asna case.

Provision for inquiries and trial being held in the absence of accused in certain cases 540A.

Section 91-B which is said to have been contravened by the accused in the present case runs: 91-B (1).

The PRC, under new head of state Abubakar, commuted the sentences of those accused in the alleged 1997 coup in July 1998.

The movie was accused in online media for portraying a racially skewed version of what transpired and who the agitators were.

Krishnaswami who was instructed to communicate the resolution dated 22nd February, 1954 to the banks is the sole accused in C.

They are plaintiffs (those who are suing in a civil case) or defendants (those being sued in a civil case or accused in criminal cases).

In 1% of cases accuse for is used

Nuances and thinking are demanded when democracy was accused for fanning mayhem.

He was accused for being combative against some famous writers such as Richard Wright in order to elevate his own stature.

I was gutted but pleased for my own sence cause I wasn't goin mad like he had said always accusing for no reason but all along I was right.

In 1% of cases accuse with is used

Three (3) hours later, Fernando again saw the two accused with the tricycle, but this time without his brother.

There's a difference to being fairly trialled on evidence and being accused with no trial or no ability to defend oneself at all.

What happened later? She got the same political party she accused with the killing of Vijaya to form a government in order to stop the Tamils in the north getting to share power.

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