Prepositions after "accrue"

"accrue to", "accrue in" or "accrue from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases accrue to is used

The benefits are accrued to them.

Legitimacy accrues to those who act and not to those who just talk.

No voting rights shall accrue to any member unless all dues have been paid.

Many of the rights accruing to permanent staff will now accrue to temporary workers.

Those benefits accrue to the profitability of the companies; they look solid because of that.

The social wage is the income accruing to the public interest, transcending the traditional class interests of labour and capital.

The real problem was that ACT specifically helped pension funds and charities, whilst the gains from cutting corporation tax accrued to all investors.

I have read somewhere that in respect of under-40s 20 to 25% (public sector) can look forward to 70%+ of the future benefits accruing to that age group.

English in Action promises to contribute to the economic growth of Bangladesh by providing English language as a tool for better accrued to the world economy.

In 14% of cases accrue from is used

This curtails the very benefits that accrued from the service.

Revenues accruing from various investment projects also rose by over 100 per cent to Sh91.

Europe is already the second largest outsourcing market for India's export-driven IT industry, but the bulk of European revenue accrues from the UK.

In the unified passion that encouraged the home side it was possible to see the special benefits that can accrue from being a city's only representatives.

The blinkers that the new crop of capitalists and the government ministers wear don't permit them to see the benefits that accrue from long-term commitments.

Finance no longer supports enterprise but is mainly focused upon pure speculation and capital gains accrued from inflating the price of assets which already exist.

It was the first site I visited, and with little more than a tour book and knowledge accrued from two years of Egyptology studies, I headed straight to the red chapel of Maat Ka Ra.

In 11% of cases accrue in is used

The number of days do not accrue in the manner you state.

Equals the amount of accrued interest as at December 31, 1989: $263,000.

I take stock of my situation, my environment and make my decisions based on what accrued in my society.

As a result, he allowed a deduction under subparagraph 20(1) (p) (i) in respect of the accrued interest.

She says the greatest benefits seem to accrue in those who have exercised for the largest percentage of their lives.

What makes the case quite interesting, however, is a side issue concerning the taxpayer's claim to write off accrued interest on the loan.

They don't understand that businessmen and households DO take expenses that wil accrue in the future into account when planning economic activity NOW.

It arrived at this number by performing the following calculation: First, it determined the amount of accrued interest as at December 31, 1989 as follows: a.

The benefits that accrue in using particular software should clearly be estimated and should be realistic for a person that is wishing to manage his/her digital assets appropriately.

In 9% of cases accrue on is used

Interest accrues on balance transfers from the date the transfer is processed by ANZ.

Interest will continue to accrue on your subsidized and unsubsidized loans (including all PLUS loans).

Mrs D is unable to work due to caring responsibilities and substantial arrears have accrued on the mortgage.

MacGibbon was able to identify entries totalling $183,336 that recorded interest income in respect of the interest accrued on the Windarra Loan.

In 2% of cases accrue for is used

Interest does not usually accrue for the benefit of the tenant.

In 2% of cases accrue during is used

And yes, I recognize that interest accrues during deferment, but every time I spoke with the loan servicer or loan department manager, they all stood firm on the contract.

In 2% of cases accrue by is used

Debts accrued by him are assumed by the family upon a member's death, and, therefore, his material gains are theirs to inherit.

In 1% of cases accrue over is used

Arrears of 2000 accrued over the 4 month period that Mrs M was out of work.

If you want to adventure down the road of ugali-na-dagaa cuisine, here is a list of tips and opinions that I have accrued over many years spent in pursuit of the ultimate ugali experience: 1.

In 1% of cases accrue within is used

The interest to be waived must be accrued within the calendar year of 2011 or the financial year of 2011-12.

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