Prepositions after "accommodate"

"accommodate in", "accommodate for" or "accommodate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases accommodate in is used

Changes can not necessarily be accommodated in all cases.

Not all graduate students can be accommodated in college/PPH accommodation.

Guests and friends are easily accommodated in the private separate cottage.

In most of the cases, the poor and homeless migrants to cities are accommodated in the slums and shanties.

The reason for this was that not all of them could be accommodated in the boats which had limited capacity.

The newspaper also amended its article to indicate that although Somalis and Poles are accommodated in some shelters, they are not in a majority.

Minimum standards for loose boxes Each horse accommodated in a loose box must have sufficient room to lie down, readily rise and turn around in comfort.

However, the message had already been removed from the queue because prior to conversion the message data could be accommodated in the application buffer without truncation.

Voucher reblockments can be purhuntd via the internet which inabout-face sanytimeal boutiques accommodate in the adviceful in the abideing as able-bodied as generallytimes centermost.

In 13% of cases accommodate to is used

I met Dan over the weekend and found him to be really accommodating to the fans.

Sometimes they literally walk right by us with a trash bag! And we can't put our trays up until they come get the stupid trash, because we're trying to be accommodating to them! Sheesh.

Not only were they all very welcoming of our arrival, they were also extremely accommodating to our idea, offering to relocate several of their own tents to make room for the health tent.

In 11% of cases accommodate for is used

A maximum of 16 teams per day will be accommodated for this tournament.

The beginning of the academic year is the best time to look for work but many schools will hire teachers throughout the year to accommodate for extra classes or replace teachers who have left.

In 9% of cases accommodate with is used

Place keywords exactly where they are needed to accommodate with the content.

Little or no furniture and animals would be accommodated with the occupants of the.

This 33-storey mixed-use complex offers 376 elegantly designed guestrooms and accommodates with the most number of suites in the bay area, including 58 specialty suites and four presidential suites.

In 7% of cases accommodate at is used

The artistes would be accommodated at the complex.

Both Secretariat and Foundation were accommodated at Marlborough House, gra-ciously lent for Common-wealth purposes by Her Maj-esty the Queen.

In 7% of cases accommodate on is used

I could not be accommodated on the boat.

Warm-ups on the race course the day before will be accommodated on a case by case basis.

I have seen the rebuilding from scratch of 11 large secondary schools, each of them accommodating on average approximately 2,000 children.

MVC CampInspite of the fact that the army boats evacuated people from Maharaji Tola, He ended up in the MVC camp, as he could not be accommodated on boat.

In 7% of cases accommodate within is used

Orphan children are accommodated within the center which also offers boarding facility in tiny iron sheet rooms.

Absolutely, there is nothing wrong with the secessionist group talking with the legitimate Somali government to be accommodated within the mainstream political process --.

In 5% of cases accommodate as is used

The Senator, gallant and accommodating as all sena- tors try to be, complied with her request, but after he had taken the extra cigar for his partner she began to demur.

In 5% of cases accommodate by is used

Those two given effective strategies can be accommodated by using a blog.

Why haven't the Rohingyas been similarly accommodated by the West? Here lies the hypocrisy.

In 3% of cases accommodate of is used

In my opinion, the western society, specially canadians are quite liberal and accommodating of different viewpoints.

So why do I bring up ethnicity? I certainly don't want to, but the fact is that we can only be accommodating of people of foreign origin as long as they are willing to live according to our values.

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