Prepositions after "academic"

"academic in" or "academic at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases academic in is used

We are seeking a top-class academic in this field.

While scientific and academic in approach, lets hope.

Life as a young academic in the university environment then.

This book is both practical and academic in focus, and is divided into two sections.

I am not an academic in the discipline of political discourse along the likes of Dr.

Zhou, a respected academic in China, has also published several dozen monographs and.

They are typically full time students and are thus not getting their PhD while working as a paid academic in a job.

What is a citation? We figured we might as well throw something mildly academic in the mix to balance the survey out.

At the very least, I would like to see you interview an academic in the field of Social Psychology that critiques Mr.

The Essay and extracts from Aly's book is academic in style but Aly challenges us to look at who we think we are today.

In 16% of cases academic at is used

Anyway, academic at the moment.

He is an academic at La Trobe University.

He is an academic at King's College but not a historian.

It's a productive way of living; it lets me be sociable and academic at the same time.

In twelve years as an academic at the Harvard Law School he published nothing of consequence.

Dr Singh is a senior academic at a local university and an expert on northern Indian ecosystems.

He started his working career in 1983, as an academic at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he taught economics.

She spent a little over a decade as an academic at University College London before giving it up to write full time.

One such is a case that is three weeks old, the apparently accidental death of an academic at Prince Regent's College.

An academic at one of our localuniversities siad this could make an interesting topic for some post graduate students.

In 11% of cases academic with is used

The writer is a former academic with a doctorate.

A bright academic with a good first degree and a Ph.

Settat make it academic with an 80th minute headed corner.

And we'll be damned if some academic with no life experience get in the way of it.

He's not sure where to find it so he needs to kidnap an academic with the knowledge.

Hence an academic with an h-index of 20 has 20 papers with at least 20 citations each.

He has so far proven that he is a fine academic with great theories about the social contract that lack practical foundation.

This makes more sense than any political treatise I have ever read or heard referred to by a pipe-smoking academic with elbow patches.

In 7% of cases academic as is used

Mary High School both from an academic as well as social perspective.

Its major aim is to teach both academic as well as vocational subjects.

The remaining shots were academic as the Mid Cork player won by well over two.

We need to deal with this question from an academic as well as from a practical approach.

The late 19th century also saw the growth of civic splendor and academic as well as scientific achievement.

The conference enables the sharing and exchange of the latest achievements both academic as well as practical.

Kenny Jenkins might note that the OED has entries for academic as a noun in the sense meant here from 1581 onwards.

I am committed to using this platform to enhance the cultural, academic as well as social experience of all students.

It continues to emphasise the development of the whole person by encouraging academic as well as spiritual excellence.

Like this: I received When the Church was a Family by Joseph Hellerman from B &H; Academic as a complimentary review copy.

In 6% of cases academic for is used

The thing was pretty academic for us.

That's academic for ' really long paper.

I'd be happy staying an academic for my whole life.

I'd like to be the first to say we do what the left did and pull an academic for Prez.

It'll all be academic for everyone alive now on the planet sometime in the next 130 years.

Too academic for me to process, which ironically misses the point of visual data in my mind.

The primary duty of this office is to keep systematic records on all matters academic for both students and staff.

I'd always looking for new approaches to public philosophy, and many of the better blogs tend to be too academic for my tastes.

In 1592 Galileo was appointed as professor of mathematics at the University of Padua and stayed there as an academic for nearly 2 decades.

The weights range from about equal in the engineering areas to mainly academic in English language and 50% research 40% academic for biology.

In 6% of cases academic from is used

According to a Muslim academic from Kalmunai, the I.

Another academic from the same university who was also involved in the World.

A learned academic from one of the colleges in Oxford came to St Ebbe's recently.

The research was undertaken by an experienced academic from inside the organisation.

One of the bi-lines for Reishi Mushroom is - ' to protect an academic from his own brain.

She was a member of the Convocation by virtue of being a retired academic from Kuring-gai.

Professor Crosbie Walsh, a blogger and academic from the University of the South Pacific, was also on the panel.

An academic from RMIT University, Australia, Cathryn Kriewaldt, Professor Jahid Hassan Mahamud of Dhaka University and Dr.

Jon is a well known NZ political commentator and academic from Victoria University (he was my honour's thesis supervisor).

He should read ' The British Cycling Economy ' by an academic from his old stamping ground, the London School of Economics.

In 6% of cases academic to is used

She went from being an academic to a politician.

Jacob February 21, 2012 at 11:27 am It's all just academic to them anyway.

The strike causes range from poor feeding to indiscipline, academic to sports rivalry.

To promote him from a mediocre and opportunistic academic to an international potentate.

I don't think I've used any of the acronyms in conversation, so it's a bit academic to me.

In the recent years, you can see the slight shift in focus from academic to all rounded excellence.

And you can apply what you've learned in your academic to your experience in the childcare centres.

The Principal noted that currently the ratio of academic to administrative and professional staff was 1:2.

Roubini, for those who didn't notice, rose from B-team academic to A-list fame and fortune by predicting the U.

You agree with this? This sounds very academic to me, Is there a problem with freedom of speech in Jamaica?? I think not.

In 2% of cases academic by is used

He has held many art exhibitions though he is an academic by profession.

No elective office, no business experience that I am aware of, an academic by career choice.

I'd quite into history (from an amateur perspective, not as an academic by any means) so I found it very interesting.

However, this moral issue will eventually be rendered academic by the fact that the male is gradually eliminating himself.

When I mentioned this to my supervisor he told me about that Peter Greenaway film where they kill an academic by force-feeding him his own books.

Thus if you want to be a well-rounded scientist or academic by the time you graduate you must practise all the things they do, including lecturing and setting coursework.

In 2% of cases academic like is used

An academic like Mahbubulah I am far less sure of.

He would have liked to be an academic like his friend, Grayton.

Hitchens was out of his depth against a serious academic like Craig.

But a brainy academic like you were probably just trying to fool the readers.

Not being the brilliant academic like his elder brother -- the late Professor.

Coming up with evidence of the Blitz, Pearl Harbour, and so on, should hold no fears for an academic like you.

He is no communist pseudo academic like the ones you base your world view on, but one of the foremost authorities on the Holocaust.

How the hell can I break out of that? Why would they want to hire a sheltered academic like me when there are plenty of people with real world experience applying? A Ph.

What makes an otherwise solid academic like Medical Services Minister Peter Anyang ' Nyong'o so worked up on the issue of the National Hospital Insurance Fund rates? asks Nyaga wa Mario.

In 2% of cases academic on is used

The only interviews you get are academic ones.

It's a sad state of affairs when I'd the academic on the balcony.

Quite recently I saw one academic on Twitter refer to blogging as?? easy? and I winced.

Asking the question ' why don't you teach selling? ' is immediatel going to put any academic on the defensive.

When you print the image, then scan it back in as a gif file, it turns into an image of an academic on a piece of toast.

Meanwhile, Professor Paul Yip, a leading academic on population policy, noted that the fertility rate in Hong Kong had fallen to an average of just 1.

I am not a trained academic on the subject but I am a woman and a mother who finds it offensive that women today still suffer abuse, purely because of their sex.

If the issuers of the world? s reserve currencies do not show more restraint, another crisis is inevitable, wrote Xia Bin, an academic on China? s monetary-policy committee.

The question should not be on the number of hours spent by an academic on a job -- there are lots of studies to show it far exceeds a typical working week -- but rather the quality of that time.

In 2% of cases academic rather is used

It's quite abstract and general -- almost academic rather than journalistic.

He was in demeanour, nature and training an academic rather than a politician.

The findings are slightly more positive for academic rather than social outcomes.

The style of writing is very academic, and is geared to academic rather than general audiences.

For the most part, many people still experience climate change on an academic rather than a personal level.

It sounded as though Mr Mackinlay was attacking this defenceless academic rather than people more properly accountable.

Comments I think that it safe to say that for serious journalism students, academic rather than vocational courses would be better.

I am also conscious that this definition won't be setting radical hearts on fire, but it has been formed for academic rather than inspirational purposes.

In 1% of cases academic worth is used

Khanna is a well travelled academic worth taking note of.

Any academic worth their salt should have noted that immediately and dismissed this paper.

How can any economic academic worth his salt ignore these facts? DB: Again with the faux-numeracy of UN employee Margrit Kennedy.

Any academic worth his salt writes with first hand experience and not sitting in a recliner sipping a beer while reading the news on the net.

How can any economic academic worth his salt ignore these facts? DB: On these very pages in this very thread, Bionic Mosquito has done the beginning of a debunking job.

In 1% of cases academic about is used

I don't think anyone should get too academic about it.

I academic about their mistakes, I put rethinkerers for myself to achieve more at my initial flat.

However, presumably feeling under attack on this topic, he concludes that ' I don't make any apologies to any academic about this.

There is nothing academic about this - the things I covered here were basically imprinted with my sweaty fingerprints all over the places.

Finally, if you hated everything academic about your undergraduate education and the very thought of more school makes you sick to your stomach, graduate school is probably not a good idea.

Without being academic about the matter, humanitarianism can be simply defined as humanity's concern about the wellbeing of human race from a point of minimizing or alleviating human suffering.

In 1% of cases academic without is used

It sounds academic without over doing it with long over the top complex vocab.

Finding an academic without a PhD thirty years ago was common- now it is a rarity.

The software Of course, all the tech specs are purely academic without some fun games to while away the hours with.

I guess the government was looking for an academic without a preconceived agenda to lead development of new policy recommendations.

On the other hand I want to give a balance to this; I would not have become an academic without the nurturing of school teachers and university teachers who took an interest in me.

In 1% of cases academic within is used

A very important aspect of their success has been the integration of the support needed by an aspiring academic within a university (e.

In 1% of cases academic of is used

His early days in school showed him to be a minister and academic of great promise.

The University of Sydney law professor might be the most wildly misquoted academic of the past few months.

Certainly this most academic of disciplines must be at least partly successful if anyone is to pass the subject GRE about it.

In 1% of cases academic after is used

I guess over time, it made sense to me and I decided to be an academic after all.

If the decision is academic after school, you need to think hard about the race that has been chosen.

Unfortunately she did not provide an answer, just more questions (well, she is an academic after all).

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