Prepositions after "abusive"

"abusive to", "abusive in" or "abusive towards"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases abusive to is used

I won't let them be abusive to me.

Being so abusive to an 18 year old.

Harrison is emotionally abusive to Mrs.

We had to stop in Omar (?) because some dick got drunk and abusive to the cabin crew.

If you are trying to imply that this is abusive to all humans, then I still disagree.

He said he was the owner and that we had been abusive to his customers and his staff.

In my last comment I wrote that we can express our anger or disliking for any body without being abusive to any one.

Him moving with her mother because of the abuse at his home, him becoming physically abusive to her and so much more.

They will more than likely think it is you but if you think they are being abusive to the children then i would call.

They're abusive to ball-kids, umpires, opponents, just making gobby comments and generally just being unhappy people.

In 15% of cases abusive towards is used

They have been racially abusive towards us.

This results in her becoming abusive towards Hagar.

She is not saying these to be abusive towards men/boys.

I was abusive towards my wife and also spent all our money drinking and gambling.

My dad was phisically abusive towards my mother and my brothers but never towards me.

At this hearing I was accused of being abusive towards my former partner and daughter.

It is possible she was a victim of domestic abuse from her father, Ed, since he was abusive towards her mother.

I can be very specific about how some writers have been abusive towards Watson but I'd drawing a blank on Grothe.

I was at the end of my tether, she was so abusive towards me and acused me of having an affair which wasn't true.

Anyone who knows me would knows that I'd abusive towards my handbags and they're often called ' poket Doraemon '.

In 11% of cases abusive in is used

It is creepy and abusive in context.

Some women are abusive in their nature.

Some will leave mails that are abusive in content.

They all have moderators! A person abusive in a group will be removed by the moderator.

If you were abusive in anyway then tough, she'll be fully supported! You're the father.

He hasn't been as verbally abusive in the last six months, but he still has his moments.

But from that we need not conclude that God the Father was somehow cruel or abusive in sending Jesus Christ to die.

But they can't force you to go back, especially if your parents or carers have been violent or abusive in the past.

Abusive in the complete lack of balance and charity and untruthful in your selective interpretation on many matters.

Having worked for years with men who are abusive in their relationships, I also know the value in using proper names.

In 8% of cases abusive of is used

But other forms of abusive of power were pretty rampant.

Abusive of either the content providers, or the audience.

But if he were abusive of the Prophet (pbuh) Muslims would be set afire and set fires.

That's also why Romney supporters are usually abusive of others -- especially to strangers.

Guleria: Please tone down your language -- there is no need to be abusive of the believers.

Two faces of the approved/posted if they are not abusive of the topic as well as the author and/or another commenter.

In fact, in many cases today, our State and local governments are as abusive of our liberties as is the federal government.

They should not be libellous or defamatory, abusive of individuals or groups, and should not make unsubstantiated allegations.

Kara Swisher's vitriolic, zealous and persistent takedown of yahoo is a blatant example of abusive of journalistic opportunity.

In 4% of cases abusive toward is used

As managers they become highly abusive toward employees.

Group sex is not automatically cruel or abusive towards women.

I've noticed you have a propensity to be abusive toward people yourself.

The roas system was abusive toward African farm workers even after slavery was abolished in 1875.

It was from this vantage point we got to witness the kitchen staff be abusive toward one another.

He has always been very controlling of me and physically, emotionally and verbally abusive toward me.

Some fathers can be abusive toward their spouse, and that will lead to a cycle of abuse when the child grows up.

More people may want to test this law, which would not find acceptance among those who are abusive toward the police.

Men are more likely to be violent or abusive toward women than the other way around, and with more devastating results.

I do nt get abusive toward my girlfriend because I am drunk, rather I miss dates, forget to call, waste weekends recovering.

In 2% of cases abusive about is used

There was nothing abusive about the claim.

WHy are you being abusive about the people in this story.

Moreover, Monbiot has also been rude and abusive about Furedi and Spiked.

Haven't we be vindicated in the fullness of time? What is abusive about such TRUTH? Nothing.

Despite Jack Carter being so abusive about the place, Geordies took the film to their hearts.

Ha Ha Ha! Howsomuch you may shout, you are beginning to realize that there is nothing abusive about what Agniveer has written.

Frustrations with a current employer are one of the most common reasons for moving, and if you're not outright abusive about them can be a positive statement.

So it is against the law to succeed in a mission to cause outrage amongst people who have beliefs which fall under a particular definition by being grossly abusive about what they hold sacred.

In 2% of cases abusive at is used

How many were abusive at home? How many were cruddy fathers? Mean bosses.

And while Archie may not have beaten Edith, he was emotionally abusive at times.

She maintains that the defence secretary turned abusive at this juncture and threatened her.

The whites in return were verbally abusive at times, but not one instance of a slave or even free blcak being mistreated.

Although he was physically abusive at times, it was the verbal and emotional abuse that stuck with me and traumatized me for years to come.

My own research, and that of others has shown that men who are violent or abusive at home are often also violent and abusive in the workplace too.

On our way to Kyts a motorbike stopped our vehicle and was abusive at the driver as he failed to give side to the motorbike with his wife and the baby.

In 2% of cases abusive by is used

A beating was a beating -- it was abusive by middle class standards.

While some behaviours are considered to be abusive by almost all people (e.

The link you are trying to visit has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.

Hu was violent and abusive by nature, an alcoholic, always beating Liu Jinfeng when drunk.

Often sex is currency and so even if it is consensual, it is still abusive by its very nature.

If you are unaware of your rank, it is more likely to be experienced as abusive by someone else.

Twelve (12) men, including one member of the clergy, were identified as sexually abusive by witnesses in this context.

He then proceeded to assert that I was being abusive by shoving it in his face that women have it harder in the reproductive process.

It's revolting apart from anything - why are putting up with it? imo he is being emotionally abusive by witholding support and basic - basic! - respect.

Having awareness of your higher rank can lessen the likelihood of your using it in a way that is experienced as hurtful or abusive by someone of lower rank.

In 2% of cases abusive for is used

My father was emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive for most of my life.

They could get beaten and it would not be considered abusive for the owner to do so.

Edwards abusive for gods and and Jacob, like, forced himself on Bella twice, but they love her.

When my daughter was in kindergarten one Mother made me feel abusive for not teaching my child to read and do addition before she started schools.

In 2% of cases abusive on is used

He tends to be very abusive on the few occassions he talks to Kenyans.

There were very few players who used to get arrogant or abusive on the field.

Religious indoctrination is abusive on several levels and for several reasons.

I do nt want to do this as my ex wife is very abusive on the phone to anyone that is conected to myself.

I can see the *possibility* that this *may* be abusive on his part based on his BEHAVIOR, not his gender.

And there are bad partners out there who can be very close to you on many compatibility levels, despite being abusive on another level.

If someone is being abusive on the phone, then state that this type of communication is unacceptable and that you are going to hang up the phone -- do this in a calm, peaceful manner, and no drama.

In 2% of cases abusive with is used

My dad was very abusive with my mother and he was an alcoholic.

They actually become self abusive with their internal destructive inner critic dialogue.

I'd not going to waste either their time or mine, and I'd certainly not going to get abusive with them.

Though you have been pretty aggressive bordering on abusive with your argument but presented no facts or figures.

I mean I have seen some people out there who are just abusive with that and they should not go to anybody like that, okay.

Without more reliable sources than the one interview Jane gave, we have to take the description of Frances being extremely abusive with a grain of salt.

Then my life of hell started when the father of this new baby boy began being abusive with beatings, fights, stalking me as I tried to get away from him because of it.

The mother told investigators that Perkins and Belcher had argued just before the shooting but that Belcher had never before been physically abusive with her daughter, Snapp added.

Lately he has been verbally abusive with racial remarks and aggressive towards me and my own 2 kids (i had before i met him) and threatening to throw us out of his house (council rented).

In 1% of cases abusive as is used

But soon, the bold statement ' abused as a child, abusive as a parent ' became accepted wisdom.

He finds it easier to agree with his father, rather than argue, especially since his dad is abusive as well as a bigot.

It is none of my business if someone chooses to accept money in exchange for sex; however if someone offers money for sex, IMHO that becomes abusive as the consent is then economically coerced.

In 1% of cases abusive ex is used

In the first example, the abusive ex-boyfriend is the rapist.

Client 1 was coerced into a threesome by an abusive ex boyfriend.

I stuck it out because he was sweet (compared to the abusive ex ac ), he was always on time, called when he said he would, etc.

It comes after one of Rihanna's wildest weeks, which saw her vomiting in a club, sending good luck messages to abusive ex Chris Brown and Tweeting a picture of herself with a female stripper.

In 1% of cases abusive from is used

And yes, domestic violence /abuse may not be very easy to identify at first because some relatioships are clearly abusive from the outset.

In 1% of cases abusive over is used

Pfau, O'Connor's attorney, said that men like Adamson often abuse several children and become more abusive over time.

Seriously Russ, who do you think you are? Yes, I did write this to get a reaction, however I didn't write this to cause an excuse for a pathetic thug such as yourself to get abusive over nothing.

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