Prepositions after "absurd"

"absurd to", "absurd in" or "absurd for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases absurd to is used

That seems patently absurd to me.

It is really quite absurd to them.

Both arguments sound absurd to me.

Here is my top ten, which manages to encompass everything from the absurd to the tragic.

It seems absurd to me that a nation chooses to hold a game in such high national esteem.

The idea sceptics are connected with Russians, Chinese &; Arabs is just totally absurd to anyone who bothers to look.

This seems absurd to anyone from any place other than Barcelona, but the truth is, the police here aren't your friends.

Both of my kids are in elementary school now, 2nd and K, and they get one recess a day! This is completely absurd to me.

Much of what looks absurd to the observer may become quite meaningful if the hidden arguments of the actor become known.

In 22% of cases absurd for is used

This is absurd for many reasons.

That's just too absurd for words.

That desktop is absurd for starters.

But it is absurd for the NDP to want to re-write history to say there was never a plan.

Which, by the way, is absurd for most people, even those who can afford private school.

You also reject eternalness (as in you say it is absurd for the universe to be eternal).

I think it absurd for the head of the corruption agency to publicly admit corruption can not be eradicated in Nigeria.

I think it would be pretty absurd for RPS not to cover the game and the articles are totally open about the situation.

Certainly it seems absurd for him to claim that his parents had less influence on his eventual academic success than Mr.

It is beyond absurd for this reviewer or any other person not involved within the Clan to assert their view over our own.

In 19% of cases absurd in is used

You spot the absurd in everything.

The debate was absurd in hindsight.

Its absurd in a much more general sense.

The accusation of foreign intervention looked utterly absurd in the face of real facts.

All these characters are very significant for the novel but are quite absurd in reality.

Both preconditions for a search warrant are irrelevant and would be absurd in this case.

I live in suburban Chicago - I can not afford the CSO - their ticket prices are absurd in an effort to offset costs.

The comparison, much like Nurdy 's, leaves out so much relevant context as to make it almost absurd in its wrongness.

A rule that badminton players must wear straw hats with any odd number of feathers in them would be absurd in this way.

That is backward and absurd in 21st century Africa - and Nkrumah's Ghana must make that point strongly to Gbagbo &; Co.

In 7% of cases absurd on is used

This argument is absurd on two counts.

Richard, your question was absurd on its face.

In fact, the proposition is absurd on the face of it.

They will lose because their argument is absurd on the face of it.

If it seems absurd on a bike then it is just as absurd on your feet.

Those were hardly understandable on a basic PC, but become absurd on a 386.

However, to anyone familiar with medical care, the statement is absurd on its face.

It sounds absurd on paper, but the sheer power of the band behind Gira is breathtaking to hear.

To dismiss the article with such an argument strikes me as absurd on the level being lampooned in this Colbert clip.

And James Clapper's fearmongering letter -- which was liberated by Sam Stein -- is particularly absurd on most counts.

In 4% of cases absurd about is used

Nothing absurd about that question.

Just look at all the things that are absurd about it.

There is therefore something absurd about firing rockets at Israel.

Exaggerating stereotypical behaviour suggests that there may be something absurd about it.

There is something absurd about a love of country, an ill-defined place with artificial borders.

I think there's something slightly absurd about boycotts in general; and something horribly smug, as well.

In his conversations with Corin he explores what is so charmingly absurd about the debate of court versus country.

They're skipping along and clopping coconuts together and exchanging dialogue as if there is nothing absurd about any of this.

To touch on something that repeats my first piece on this very site, there's something absurd about this way we go about our fandom.

There is something vaguely absurd about the tenacity with which Republican partisans are trying to turn the September 11 attack on U.

In 4% of cases absurd at is used

An Obama win is absurd at this stage.

The comments about his being politician are absurd at this stage.

The talk of inflation, no less hyperinflation, is absurd at this point.

This reinforcement of the proverbial glass ceiling is seemingly absurd at other levels.

It can be aback canada goose clothes are absurd at accouterment aadded and alms assurance.

To me at least, it is not absurd at all to imagine this loop lasting close to 1,000 years.

The house market in Perth is quite absurd at the moment, since business here is booming and people can't move here fast enough.

The quality of exaggeration, of thinness, which had made her passionate eyes and down-turning mouth absurd at eleven, was gone now.

In my experience it was always a playful thing -- silly at times, absurd at others, but certainly never scary, dangerous or abusive.

In 4% of cases absurd of is used

I don't know if you will think it absurd of me.

This is probably the most absurd of the three supposed sources.

Every single day people are being killed for the most absurd of reasons.

No, my purpose was to underline the absurd of the reply Google sent to his reconsideration request.

Just about every point can be reductively argued to absurdity, and so it was absurd of you to do so.

And it was absurd of me to excuse my drunkenness by pretending it was my wife's adultery that ruined my life.

One of the most absurd of the anonymous comments is: It's A***ea all over again! Clearly a reference to Andrea Hill, former Suffolk County Council CEO.

It was mean-spirited of Labour to have excluded those families, and it is absurd of National to ignore and punish them through the Future Focus package.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee have recieved little back lash over that decision, which is the perhaps the most absurd of the lot, and there have been many.

What does it take to write magical realism? A dramatic sense of imagination, I think, and the ability to be convincing, even about the most absurd of things.

In 3% of cases absurd as is used

It is absurd as a realist/mathematical concept.

It was as beautiful and absurd as an illustrated Victorian hymnal.

This on its face is absurd as the administration argued it was not a tax.

But he is not so absurd as the king, the conceited man, the businessman, and the tippler.

It is not, however, Camus's business in The Myth of Sisyphus to delineate the absurd as a philosophy.

I have seen in Ireland the most absurd as well as the most disgusting tyranny that any nation ever groaned under.

This assertion of his is absurd as the statement ' It was the Tamil language that helped in the formation of Sinhala alphabets '.

How could a thing move Upward, and not Northward? Upward and not Northward! Even if I were a baby, I could not be so absurd as that.

I have found these things happen to me more in terms of signs, but sometimes as practically as absurd as the screwdriver episode too.

To try to give you a power and torque figure would be absurd as the engine's been to surgery (of the re-constructive type) several times.

In 2% of cases absurd by is used

You know it's absurd by all measures in the life that's here, now, under your nose.

Flowering blossoms are rendered absurd by the presence of a small house with a smoking chimney on a branch.

At what point did you realize I was illustrating the absurd by being absurd? These percentages are right on the mark.

Our destiny is to end the absurd by terminating private ownership of the forces of production, through expropriation of the expropriators.

But these notions were considered as absurd by contemporaries and the local medical journals summarily rejected all of Crawford's articles.

The politicians made their contribution to the absurd by giving us Keith Vaz chairing a parliamentary committe and talking about integrity.

In 2% of cases absurd from is used

Details Tales of the absurd from America.

I think the entire thing was absurd from so many levels.

His accusations are utterly absurd from the first to the last word.

Directly Intuiting The attempt to explain intuition is patently absurd from the start.

Nevertheless, the question about homeopathy is more complex than whether it is absurd from the biochemical point of view.

Zeno claimed that as a result, the man can never catch up the turtle, which is obviously absurd from a modern logical point of view.

Such an interpretation is certainly by no means absurd from a purely logical point of standpoint; yet there is hardly anyone who would be inclined to consider it seriously.

In 2% of cases absurd like is used

I have never seen such an absurd like RS.

Don't worry, it won't explode and kill you or something absurd like that.

Then she says something absurd like what you just highlighted that proves she really isn't the expert she touts herself to be.

Ensure that you have every little thing looked after weeks upfront, or you could find you've overlooked anything absurd like blooms and can't discover one to provide it in the last second.

In 2% of cases absurd with is used

This proposition, therefore, can never be absurd with regard to perceptions.

This becomes more and more absurd with every passing year, yet we cling to it.

Israel is about the most absurd with 56 parties represented and nothing being passed.

The poems balance the absurd with the mundane so there is never too much of one nor the other.

THAT is the number you can pick on and say it's either fair, or absurd with respect to valuation.

In terms of the presentation, the State of the Union speeches have only gotten more absurd with each year.

Shakespeare also makes it so absurd with the first infinite first contact with Juliet and abruptly drop Rosaline as a hot potato.

An excellent interior-design suggestion is certainly not to obtain too absurd with all the images of your little ones or your family.

Yes you must! There is so much more hideous writing for you to rip the piss out of as this story gets even more absurd with every page.

In 1% of cases absurd beyond is used

Stubby: monkeytypist: 20 May 2011 1:17:34pm These arguments are absurd beyond belief.

The entire thing's pretty absurd beyond the obvious reasons because sexual orientation isn't necessarily a this or that.

So the idea that Mr Cameron should dry their tears with a present of legislation to wreck the Lords is absurd beyond all measure.

You'll get no debate from me on that, but the idea that we can explore the Solar System in absolute safety is absurd beyond belief.

Practically speaking, it's absurd beyond belief that it gets more attention from Congress and the White House than does China or India.

But it is absurd beyond belief to suggest that we should give up key values of liberal democracy because a bunch of pro-government fanatics are scared.

Perhaps the reality is otherwise? The entire situation is absurd beyond belief and doesn't honor the basic underpinnings and aspirations of this great nation.

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