Prepositions after "absorb"

"absorb by", "absorb into" or "absorb in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases absorb by is used

I found myself being absorbed by it all.

Another 161 get absorbed by the ground/water.

They should be absorbed by the pores and skin.

Obviously mass breaks down/burns off as radiation and radiation is absorbed by mass.

This substance is needed so that glucose can be absorbed by the cells to provide energy.

When heat is absorbed by a system, that same heat must necessarily come from its surroundings.

In an intact normal human eye, UVA radiation does not reach the retina because it is absorbed by the crystalline lens.

In cases where the body is producing insulin, but it is not being properly absorbed by the body, medicine can sometimes help.

Katrina became an extratropical low on August 31 and was absorbed by a frontal zone later that day over the eastern Great Lakes.

In 27% of cases absorb in is used

I was absorbed in thinking of the reverses of life.

He is absorbed in Me on the dissolution of his body.

The two are absorbed in the high-school-level course.

What they can do is control minutia and thus often become absorbed in micromanagement.

They can become absorbed in a story without realizing that they are learning some lessons.

In other words, less than 20 per cent of these graduates are absorbed in the formal sector.

Inspired by the organic nature of that environment, he sought to express the wisdom that he absorbed in those early years.

When your child is absorbed in watching a cartoon, building a tower, or riding his bike there is less room for him to worry.

So ideally people boil it first and then cook it with added spices which just takes minimal time to get absorbed in the meat.

It's easy to become so absorbed in what's going on in your own life that you miss all the things that are going on around you.

In 22% of cases absorb into is used

During digestion sugar is absorbed into the blood.

He absorbed into his mind and spirit everything to which it was sensitive.

Your tears are your tears, but in an instant they are absorbed into all the water around you.

They instead pass into the small intestine where the aspirin is absorbed into the bloodstream.

It's so easy to buy into the world that Kevin has created and be wrapped up and absorbed into it.

The area became known as Beaver Hills and later Strathcona before being absorbed into Edmonton city.

They were absorbed into the walls and floors that echo today with the footfalls of their descendants.

It is essential to let the primer settle on your skin for a few minutes to give it time to absorb into your face.

Your body is busy producing more and more blood which will be used in the placenta and absorbed into your baby.

In 6% of cases absorb from is used

As he'd slept that day, the memories he'd absorbed from the assassins had shown him things.

It has to be absorbed from the fabric of our culture as it is lived out at home and in public.

While alcohol will be absorbed from the stomach, it is a slower and less efficient transition.

Absorption Rate Factors Alcohol is absorbed from all parts of the gastrointestinal tract largely by simple diffusion into the blood.

Most fat is absorbed from its storage place directly into your bloodstream, which transports it to wherever it is needed for energy.

You can increase the amount of iron you absorb from cereals and vegetables by consuming drinks or foods that contain vitamin C with a meal and avoiding tea and coffee at meal times.

In 3% of cases absorb through is used

Gas, glue and solvents These compounds are quickly absorbed through the lungs.

It can leach into ground water or be inhaled or absorbed through direct contact.

Gas absorbed through the wooden makes it challenging to re-coat the floor with varnish later on.

Roughly one-third of the extra carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere is absorbed through the ocean surface, acidifying shallower waters.

I find using a gel base makes the blend easy to apply, doesn't stain clothes and is absorbed through the skin quicker than oil based products.

The prodrug is well absorbed through the cornea and all drug that enters the aqueous humour is hydrolysed during the passage through the cornea.

In 2% of cases absorb with is used

Conness said of my health, which he appeared to think was failing because of our work, or from being too much &; too long, absorbed with one daily routine of thought &; action.

In 1% of cases absorb at is used

It could be too much for the skin to absorb at one go so I'd treat skin concerns depending on what's most troubling you at that point and go from there I do use at least 2 different serums everyday.

In 1% of cases absorb per is used

Let a be the cross sectional area of the mountain, and be the latent heat absorbed per molecule of when the rocks melt, and n be the number of molecules per unit volume.

In 1% of cases absorb to is used

As a person becomes more absorbed to the computer, it is then important to upgrade the knowledge.

It is synthesized from dextrose the isomer of glucose so sucralose can be digested and absorbed to our body as glucose and provides 4 kcal.

In 1% of cases absorb within is used

By this very fact, he is able to absorb within him the smell and taste of the others.

In the past, the unfocused supply could be absorbed within the fabric of the economy, masking inefficiency both in terms of financial and human costs.

In 1% of cases absorb without is used

While one reaction was to absorb without thought what was coming from the West, the other was total rejection.

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