Prepositions after "abreast"

"abreast of" or "abreast with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 76% of cases abreast of is used

Keep abreast of the latest news.

I was keeping abreast of the situation.

It is something we have to keep abreast of.

Always keep abreast of the latest in news, trends and laws as this can help you take.

We're abreast of things as they actually occur, so the defilements go running inside.

But Romney needs to get abreast of the transformational changes sweeping across Asia.

The Jamaica Gleaner features timely local political news to keep its readers abreast of the politics of the nation.

Moreover, as IT is dynamic and fast-changing, you will have to stay abreast of the trends in whatever ways you can.

Odumodu urged local manufacturers to always keep abreast of the latest findings in their respective business areas.

At the same time art history will have been kept going, and we critics and journalists will have kept abreast of it.

In 17% of cases abreast with is used

I always keep abreast with Jason's performance too.

I keep abreast with what is happening in engineering.

I still keep abreast with what's happening in education.

It is important therefore to try and keep all of you abreast with what is happening.

Moreover, they keep themselves abreast with the latest inventions in the agro field.

If we are to keep abreast with the latest developments we can not break with English.

He has been handed the task of keeping you abreast with the action in the Indian motoring sphere on a daily basis.

Get on the Malaysian Embassy list of press releases for you to keep abreast with current developments in Malaysia.

They too must embrace the challenge and take necessary efforts to keep abreast with the advancement of technology.

But Jugraj kept himself abreast with the game by playing it as best as he could, at the local and national levels.

In 3% of cases abreast on is used

And they keep them abreast on daily basis with the grass root sitreps.

Businessmen walk 3+ abreast on the footpath, not yielding when I pass.

Piaggio drivers also can fit three to four abreast on a single lane road.

Both are slow, and both are a significant hazard when positioned two abreast on the road.

You know you're a total geek sportsfan if you have to keep abreast on minor league baseball.

The actions were left in the hands of the CIDG and we weren't kept abreast on what happened.

In effect, this means you can ride two abreast on any road and up to four abreast when overtaking, if safe to do so.

Unless a rider is overtaking other riders, that person is not permitted to ride more than two abreast on a road (RR.

You can also receive free monthly Health Care Careers e-Letters to keep abreast on news and trends in the health professions.

We allow for 55 mins within the Selous your captain will keep you abreast on the progress of the flight and the destined route.

In 1% of cases abreast in is used

He launched Abreast in a Boat in 1996.

Two men can stand abreast in the entrance.

This is followed by elephants walking abreast in groups of three.

The company opted to hire more people to keep abreast in the information technology arena.

Museum visitors stood 10 abreast in long, snaking lines that stretched for nearly a third of a mile.

Cars seemed to take a special delight in overtaking me just as we were abreast in a lagoon-like puddle.

SEO Life Is Finally Good Although we're not fully abreast in our fight for SEO equality, the Panda-Penguin tandem has evolved to create barriers against optimization foolery.

When I approached the ground and moved over the bridge along which our supporters had squeezed fifty abreast in there tens of thousands to shout for us I could scarcely bear to look.

In 1% of cases abreast to is used

Martin's Island If you wish to become a allotment of attributes or appear abreast to nature, a appointment to St.

They alter in blush and weight, sometimes affected stones are about abreast to accurate stones so bigger beware about this.

Beats headphones, I'd basic this appraisal abreast to your third early morning of award these lamborghini beats headphones.

Periodically, our own staff undergoes teaching training to keep abreast to new teaching methods and developing active learning techniques.

Men should still accept to be accountable to yield a glance at for abreast to any abnormal actual their own Beats by dre college than would possibly specific.

Four air Longchamp Bag suspensions use an abandoned air Longchamp Bag amidst the arbor and the anatomy on the central and complete abreast to commemoration wheel.

Also, the disruption abreast to the cuticle prevents balmy absorption by agency of the apperception of hair surface, developing it abounding abundant beneath in all likelihood to shine.

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