Prepositions after "abhorrent"

abhorrent to, in, for, of or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases abhorrent to is used

They are abhorrent to the rule of law.

Sins of the flesh are abhorrent to Me.

Paedophilia is abhorrent to all normal people.

The idea that anyone could have considered tearing them apart was abhorrent to him.

The use of violent methods by those embracing terrorism is abhorrent to any society.

Lineholder didn't post something that was abhorrent to the philosophies of this site.

And, as (you may have guessed ), one of them, the thought of working alongside an abusive person is abhorrent to us.

That action is abhorrent to our society and quite frankly it is embarrassing we have let it go on as long as it has.

I wonder if this means Muslim women with veils can not be lawyers or judges, an idea abhorrent to any lawyer or judge.

Amica, June 2001 James Joyce There is no heresy or no philosophy which is so abhorrent to the church as a human being.

In 11% of cases abhorrent in is used

It is abhorrent in the eyes of Allah, and is unnatural.

Euthanasia became morally abhorrent in organized religion.

Cuomo has absolutely been abhorrent in reporting on this trial.

The Meat House deal reeked of town politics and cronyism, which abhorrent in this town.

I think sexual assualt by either gender on either gender is abhorrent in equal measures.

This statistic is abhorrent in light of the fact that we can immunise a child for less than 30 cents.

The laws, more of which are to be introduced by those atheists amongst you, will be abhorrent in My Father's Eyes.

But hatred, gluttony, jealousy, stealing, cheating on your spouse, lying, are all sins just as abhorrent in God's eyes.

This ' meanie and tightwad ' policy of the government towards the locally born and bred citizens is entirely abhorrent in my view.

Why should I forgive God of behavior I would find absolutely detestable and abhorrent in a human? Again, my faith slipped just a little more.

In 5% of cases abhorrent for is used

General warrants, abhorrent for a host of reasons Camden and his contemporaries identified, are formally prohibited.

The sulphur effluvium alien during the heating adjustment can be adverse to advisers and actual abhorrent for passers-by.

While I accede that DRM and onband-alone DRM band-aids are atoneletely abhorrent for the boldr (not the buckg apple, or industry, wow gold.

It is both detrimental and abhorrent for the national airspace and time to be spent discussing obvious un-intelligent ramblings of a manic man.

However, the other side of such a dichotomy is quite abhorrent for anyone among us who might have health issues and other problems beyond individual control.

He promotes cheating, diving, feigning injury, provocation, anti-football, boring spectacle defensive tactics and anything else about football that is abhorrent for the neutral to watch.

On the one hand, I instinctively find it abhorrent for a white man in in a considerable position of power to decide, on the part of women, what they should and should not wear, on whatever grounds.

In 4% of cases abhorrent of is used

The most abhorrent of deeds according to Allah is to associate partners with Him, then to cut the ties of kinship.

The muslim dude was extremely abhorrent of anything Islamic and used to mock me in front of these cadets alot, tagging me with different names.

Leakey was born in England, raised in large part in France and appears to have been independent, exacting and abhorrent of tradition from her very beginnings.

Qatada's solicitor, Gareth Peirce, said the Government was sending a message that it did not object to countries ' continuing violation of one of the most abhorrent of international crimes.

In 2% of cases abhorrent about is used

There is something abhorrent about the face of capitalism here in America.

There is nothing abhorrent about politics; it is not another four-letter word.

Our very fragility the cause of so much that truth-seekers find abhorrent about our existence.

In 2% of cases abhorrent as is used

State terror is equally abhorrent as the many repercussions damage all aspects of the life of the nation.

The whole idea of spectator sports is abhorrent as the aim is futility and taking away from the Remembrance of Allah: taala:.

In 1% of cases abhorrent at is used

Meanwhile, the principle underlying the command remains relevant and applicable: religious persecution is abhorrent at all times and in all places.

Both of these concepts aren't abhorrent at some levels, but when you take them too far and make them a binding obligatory part of our contract with ICANN they result in me losing sleep.

In 1% of cases abhorrent because is used

While many seem to think that cheering a Marlon King goal is morally abhorrent because of his criminality, that opinion doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

In 1% of cases abhorrent due is used

Not only is the material abhorrent due to the fact that, in order to make it, children are being abused around the world.

In 1% of cases abhorrent from is used

Child abuse is abhorrent from wherever it comes and in organisations that have control over children it is often difficult to bring it into the open.

In 1% of cases abhorrent on is used

Sure, emailing racist messages of hate to the family of a murder victim is not, in fact completely abhorrent on any objective reading, but instead a subversive undermining of PC principles.

In 1% of cases abhorrent with is used

From making deals he found abhorrent with Crowley, to literally killing himself so he could meet Death and try and bargain with him.

Morally bankrupt financiers, empire builders and leaders in their pockets make capitalism abhorrent with their predatory or crony capitalism.

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