Prepositions after "abandon"

"abandon by" or "abandon in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases abandon by is used

He feels abandoned by the Irish Government.

He came out to her - and was abandoned by his own family.

They feel abandoned by the international community and need your support.

Recent emigrants may feel, as Byrne said, abandoned by Government -- and with reason.

Often widowed or abandoned by their husbands and families, they had no means of protecting themselves.

Children feel the impact as many live on the streets or are at risk from being abandoned by their families.

Similarly, many young Muslimah converts who have been abandoned by their non-Muslim husbands need Muslim husbands.

But, Iraq, as a critical piece on the Middle East strategic chess board, will never be readily abandoned by the US.

RELATIONSHIP IN CRISIS You don't look at me anymore Our research showed that consumers feel somehow abandoned by big brands.

Many of those cottages were crumbling in ruins and abandoned by their tenants, who had emigrated to some more hospitable shore.

In 26% of cases abandon in is used

The story was that he had been found abandoned in a field.

The road was abandoned in December 1867, and donated to Placer County.

Buckingham House was abandoned in 1799 and finally permanently closed 1802.

It's in this way that five factors are abandoned in the first jhana, and with five it is endowed.

It was closed 1807, reopened in 1819 but finally abandoned in 1821 in favor of Rocky Mountain House.

The separation of powers has been abandoned in favour of an absence of limits for Presidential action.

What it has abandoned in principle is the representation of the kind of space that recognizable objects can inhabit.

In the year 2009 about 209 ships were chopped and there are about 2000 ships are about to be called abandon in Europe.

Nothing prevented candidates from moving to politically expedient cantons, though, and the rule was abandoned in 1999.

Description has to be abandoned in favour of revealing characters and the trouble they're in, and how they overcome it.

In 6% of cases abandon to is used

South Vietnam was abandoned to its fate because of the war's political costs at home.

In France, on the contrary, it has been considered, until recently, as a rather minor subject, abandoned to journalists and amateurs.

Fabian Ferguson, his wife and two children now live a two-bedroom home they have transformed from damaged and abandoned to full and cozy.

Further inland I discovered a roofless warehouse with three perfectly intact, albeit rusted, old-fashioned steam engines, abandoned to the elements.

Its construction had been approved by the Congress, and other projects had been abandoned to permit it to go forward under the budgetary limitations.

In 6% of cases abandon for is used

The fort probably lay abandoned for centuries.

The building is just abandoned for the moment.

The park entrance had been redone after it had been abandoned for several years.

Later the tallow candles were abandoned for sperm candles made from oil from the sperm whale.

The house has been foreclosed on and abandoned for about a year and is now starting to fall apart.

The old town, which was renamed Ampang Pecah (broken dam ), lay abandoned for the best part of a century before houses started being built there again.

This may have been exacerbated by the fact that female employees remained protected by compulsory arbitration procedures which had been abandoned for males between May 1932 and May 1936 (Unwin, pp.

In 4% of cases abandon as is used

Black: a deliverable has been cancelled or abandoned as no longer possible, even though it is still required.

Many people don't get the luxury of reducing race to a footnote that can be brought up or abandoned as the writer sees fit.

In 3% of cases abandon without is used

The vehicle used, possibly a van may have been abandoned without it being torched, so clues could still be available.

In 3% of cases abandon at is used

DARREN AND JUSTINE Darren was abandoned at birth and left in a Romanian orphanage.

Countryman (2002) is a meditation on leaving ones homeland, distinguished mainly by Narkevicius ' sequence of vivid, brooding long takes of the city that is being abandoned at the films ' end.

In 2% of cases abandon because is used

No one is alone dealing with this, but there are days where you have never felt more abandoned because of this anxiety.

In 2% of cases abandon on is used

Two years ago in October, we found Bella abandoned on a street in Bellevue.

In 2% of cases abandon after is used

The job had to be abandoned after 19 years, without the goal of reaching the mantle having been attained.

Annexure C, which was agreed to by the President as the basis for negotiation, was later abandoned after objection to it was raised by Buddhist organisations.

In 2% of cases abandon with is used

Cities came up on banks of rivers and abandoned with the changes in the flow of the water bodies.

In 1% of cases abandon near is used

We think she was an indoor kitten that was abandoned near us.

Tents have been set ablaze and tanks abandoned near people's houses.

In 1% of cases abandon outside is used

As for rational thinking--logical thinking--it is left abandoned outside the stately front entrance of the the Hall of Evolution.

In 1% of cases abandon since is used

That position has been abandoned since December 30, the day after the general election.

In 1% of cases abandon about is used

Both were likely abandoned about 1801.

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