Prepositions after "violate"

"violate in" or "violate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases violate in is used
    One of the most controversial questions is the question of religion and the freedom of belief which is claimed to be violated in the proposed articles.
    The heads of the children were cut of and their bodies torn to pieces and their limbs dispersed and the honor of the women violated in front of everyone.
    If the terms and conditions or the general usage policies are violated in any way we reserve the right to immediately terminate the service without prior warning or notice.
    We ask that publishers confirm that no copyright is violated in the extraction and reuse of factual information by robotic methods where the user has legitimate access to the information.

    In 35% of cases violate by is used
    For it will enable us to account for the wrongness of Wilma's act only if we can identify some right that someone has that is violated by her act.
    Secondly there are other ways women feel violated by the same culture which may or may not encourage rape and one of the biggest is street harassment.
    For many, they are: the rights of minority people are routinely violated by the clan-based warlords and political parties that helped create the formula.
    In India this power was flagrantly violated by the central governments until the Supreme Court stepped in and held such dissolutions motivated by political considerations would not be valid.
    That equates to 180,000,000 hours of law enforcement services hours a year in FL and pointed out that there are no complaints or cases where Muslim Civil Rights have been violated by LE officers.

    In 8% of cases violate with is used
    But there are suggestions that some Electoral Law could have been violated with this deal.

    In 4% of cases violate during is used
    Citizen rights are also being violated during the process, according to the statement.

    In 2% of cases violate at is used
    Loughner's rights to refuse unwanted commitment and medication were being violated at the Missouri facility, defense attorney Ellis M.

    In 2% of cases violate because is used
    Name one American citizen whose rights were violated because of the ' patriot act '.

    In 2% of cases violate before is used
    On the flip side, it? s also important to recognize that just because you? ve been violated before doesn? t mean it will automatically happen again.

    In 2% of cases violate due is used
    Even going to get it in as a matter of record how the Federal Settlement has been violated due to this action.

    In 2% of cases violate for is used
    But observe: the rights of health care providers have already been broadly and routinely violated for nearly five decades now -- since at least the mid-1960s -- also with no legal redress.

    In 2% of cases violate of is used
    Between 1982 and 1992, the UN General Assembly or Security Council asked the secretary-general to investigate alleged uses of chemical weapons that violated of the Geneva Protocol twelve times.

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