Prepositions after "vie"

"vie for" or "vie with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 81% of cases vie for is used
    Angels (West) are vying for the two Wild Card spots.
    Thirteen CCM members have shown interest to vie for the post.
    Unlike the plethora of consulting firms vying for your trust, Stolz truly is different.
    Hundreds of thousands of young Indians like Awasthi vie for a coveted Infosys job each year.
    However this week there are even more reasons to head south with bikes, fascists &; punk all vying for your attention.
    So any melodrama in the last round of matches must come from Division Two, where three clubs vie for two promotion places.
    Meanwhile, the CCM Central Committee will today approve three names of its members who have applied to vie for the post of the Speaker.

    In 16% of cases vie with is used
    Whoever vies with Me for either of them, I will punish him.
    Small and inviting beaches vie with rainforest-clad hills for attention.
    Daily, they vie with the established undertakers and the man who is just ' trying a thing '.
    And the variety of pubs is phenomenal with trendy late night bars vying with traditional Victorian hostelries for custom.
    It's one of many dialogic gems in this volatile film, which vies with Straw Dogs as Sam Peckinpah's greatest movie of the 1970s.
    For decades India had set its face against foreign ownership of local assets and enterprises was now vying with the rest of the world to attract foreign investors.
    BG Mealer has already been here for over a year, but GEN Austin (currently vying with GEN Odierno for tallest 4 star general) extended her tour to make her the Deputy of this particular staff.
    As I look up from my home office, I see trees laden with ripening oranges, lemons and avocados in my organic garden, while the roses in the flowerbeds are vying with them for abundance and glory.

    In 1% of cases vie at is used
    I'd then going to use a little bit of this product, it's called vie at home.

    In 1% of cases vie under is used
    Vying under the Sudan People Liberation Movement, Arman, will battle it out with nine other candidates approved by the National Elections Commission.

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