Prepositions after "validate"

"validate by" or "validate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases validate by is used
    A wide range of qualifications are validated by FETAC e.
    This assumption has been validated by the Researchers of Tomorrow study.
    The letter was received today, and has been validated by UTEP officials.
    All degrees offered by the Conservatoire are validated by City University London.
    I don't need to be validated by them, nor by some reactionary adherence to biological absolutes.
    He produced a birth certificate, which was validated by both the state of Hawaii and two newspapers in the state.
    At the same time, courses in the degree programme were validated by specialist advisors from British universities.
    Darren's experience and accomplishments in mobile marketing are recognised and validated by his peers on LinkedIn as.
    It is a good solution to be integrated in voice processing systems, has been validated by reliable methodology applied in the.
    If our true Self was not seen and validated by our parents, teachers, or other caregivers, it is likely to have gone underground.

    In 17% of cases validate in is used
    So far, the system has been validated in an animal model only 13.
    However, there remains a need for a properly validated instrument.
    The SCL has been validated in several languages but not as yet in Swedish.
    The most used and most advanced algorithms have been validated in a blind benchmarking test.
    Scales are available that have been validated in specific parts of the population, such as older people.
    To gain additional information, the items were also correlated with the SCL items, although the latter has not yet been validated in its Swedish translation.
    Well, I'd validated in thinking that YES it was a horrible time and YES his behaviour was way beyond normal and YES I was right to find it difficult and upsetting.
    Should all forms of collecting be validated in the same way, without distinction, in the context of a museum environment? The nature of collecting figures prominently in the People's Show.

    In 10% of cases validate with is used
    If you are a returning student you do not need a new ID card for the upcoming Semester, but you do need to get your ID card validated with a sticker.

    In 8% of cases validate for is used
    Having been to the school to meet everyone, especially the children, it has validated for me the need for more fund raising activities.
    This set-up was validated for the relevant range of blood and injectate temperatures by comparison of input temperatures with the temperatures read and stored by the PiCCO 2 T device.
    Of the thousands of biomarkers that are currently being discovered, relatively few are being validated for further applications, and the potential of a biomarker can be quite difficult to evaluate.

    In 5% of cases validate at is used
    It had however not been validated at the time of publication 2.
    The Asthma Control Diary was developed and validated at the same time as the questionnaire.

    In 3% of cases validate through is used
    The findings are validated through a case study in the financial services.

    In 3% of cases validate to is used
    Comments Off October 1st, 2010 Sometimes things do not always happen in a way that is validating to you and your experience.

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